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Hello guys. I have heard about Dianabol so I would really like to know whether is Dianabol for any good? I have heard some really amazing things about it and that is why I got so intrigued about it. I have started to work out once again for the first time now in like half a year or so (half a year I’ve been not doing anything, but I do like to work out and so on) that is why I really want to get back on my game and to gain some shape I have been dreaming about for a long time now. do you think Dianabol might help me? what are the pro and what are the cons? Also, I would seriously want to talk with somebody who has ever used it, that would be helpful. is here somebody who has ever used Dianabol?



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Man, Dianabol is a steroid and it is darn near the king of all the steroids at that. this is why you have heard so much about it. it is believed to be one of the most (or maybe even the most) popular steroids out there. it does have a 17 methyl alkylated bridge, however so it is considered to be very toxic to the liver and this is the reason why it should be used with extreme caution (if you do intend to use it). almost always, for every person out there who uses it, this seems to be the case.  the most noticeable exception to this would be the good overall mass builder Deca Durabolan or the Nandrolone decanoate by its generic chemical name. because of this reason most of the beginners (and as much as it does seem to me, you’re a beginner either) would do pretty well to use the Deca as their main gear and only to fulfill it with some bit of Dianabol. There are also other common side effects of the Dianabol which is Gynecomastia (which is also known as “bitch” tits) where your breasts are growing. There are also lots of side effects that you might experience from using this drug so I would suggest you to be careful on this one. you need to keep the levels in a modest range or supplement with an anti estrogen (best you should do both of them). I have been told that the OTC anti estrogens are equally as effective as the prescription gear though I can’t be sure as this is only what I have heard so additional research should be done here. if you do like to look into it then you should know that Nolvadex or Novedex by the Gaspari Nutrition should help. or rather “may” help. I wish you good luck and I really hope that this is going to be helpful.



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Hi there. to be honest with you, by boyfriend went on those at the same time as roids. He really has started to put on some weight as well as muscle, it could be very easily noticed and he really looked quite ripped after a while of being on them.


He has been honestly believing that it has been the Dianabols and not the roids that have got him in that amazing shape he was. He could be right because his friends were also doing the roids as well, but they were not on the Dianabol (they said that it is too risky, reasons that are explained above) but they were hardly gained a thing.


Mind you, he did stick to a very protein, carb diet as well as weight lifting regime during his course and he did seemed to get some help from the dianabols. He thought that he has got some amazing help with the dianabols. So this is why, yeah, we are both thinking that it is helpful and it would make you reach your goal. Truth is that it really needs to be used with care otherwise your liver might suffer from it. so far, my bf is all fine, but he uses it with care.



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So look, Dianabol being an oral androgen, it is an amazing stuff at what it is designed to do. Dianabol, you might have heard that lots of people even used to call it “the breakfast of champions”. It is of course, most of the Dianabol that you are going to find today (other than the Russian or maybe Eastern European varieties) some under dosed versions , however even that may not be a very bad thing because guys has been prone to use way too much of it on a cycle anyhow and hence side effects started to appear, of course. This is why they started to under dose it so people won’t over dose from it.


So, the classic usage for Dianabol is for the first 3 or 4 weeks of your cycle and at anywhere from 20 mg per day (which is a lot, if you would ask me) to about 50 mg a day (needless to say that it is more than a lot). I one have heard that there are some guys that are using up to 100 mg per day (searching a bit about it online you’ll find it either) and this is, again if you ask me, pure madness. At such  high dose side effects are inevitable and your live suffers a lot from it. it is has already been mention earlier in the thread that Dianabol (or D-bol) is an 17 Alpha Alkylated (like most of the oral androgens) and this means that it is making 2 passes through your liver to be effective and I have to say that this is truly very much of work for your liver.


Now, we are using Dianabol for the first 3 to 4 weeks due to the fact that it is producing immediate results for person who is using it, like for example: water retention, strength increase, positive nitrogen balance in your muscle cells, aggressiveness as well as all the stuff that you read (or I suggest you to read) about in those horrible tales of the roid rage. I’ve gotta say that it is pretty nice to have a fast acting oral for those first 3 to 4 weeks due to the fact that the injectable androgen and / or the anabolic that you are starting at the same time is going to take at least 2 or maybe even up to 3 weeks in order to build up in your system and then finally to take an effect and you to notice any changes. In the meantime, this drug Dianabol is bulking you up and it is making you to be stronger, so that when the injectables finally “do” start to kick in, you are already pretty well juiced or “warmed” up. so well, this is pretty much the time when you are stopping to take the Dianabol because of multiple reasons: it is dangerous to take it for a prolonger period of time and also it is not even necessary to take it any longer.


You need to know that the drug was never meant or designed to be run by itself like that, arguably  the only effective oral only cycle it is a Winstrol (stanozolol) run, due to the fact that this drug is not building mass, but it is building only strength alone so you can lean and have dense muscles. This is pretty much explaining why Sprinters and Gymnasts are loving this stuff so much.


That is why, you’ve got to keep in mind that a Dianabol only (or Anadrol only, or Turinabol only, or Halotestin alone) cycle it is simply only a waste of your time and your money. whatever the size and the strength that you are going to gain, it is going to make it gone about 2 weeks after you are going to stop to use the drug and this is going to happen even if you’re going to have a proper PCT. Trust me.


But now, if we would return back to your original question about if the Dianabol is for any good? then I could tell you that yes, it is in fact a great drug that it is doing exactly what it is meant to do. and I can say that I would even recommend it, however, I wouldn’t recommend using it without being prepared that is why I would tell you that you need to do a little bit of more research into the anabolic / androgenic steroids before you do anything like simply by starting to pop them like that. doing so would be a very big mistake that you would regret unconditionally. I hope this helps.



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Hello there sportsman, here are a couple of points for you, that I guess might help.


The first one: as Suffes has stated in his post, Dianabol indeed is effective, however is not maximally effective by itself alone (it is so important to point it out since there are a lot of guys doing this mistake trying to get the “max” out of Dbol alone).


Second one: I am pretty sure that it is going to be near the impossible (or I think that impossible at all) to make any further recommendation without having some more information concerning your self. As it has been already said it, some examples are: age, some basic stats, goals (your goals are very important), your workout plan/ AAS history, even diet plan and so on and so forth.


The third one: there are truly a lot of sports for which AAS are counterproductive. You’ve just got to be sure that you are not shooting yourself in the foot.


And also, I could not pass by without mentioning this: Jaxon, I sincerely do not mean to impugn your well intentioned and thoughtful post, I really do understand that you wanted to help, however you’ve gotta know that it is containing a couple of potentially harmful errors that I would try to explain them below:


The first one: yes, it is true that ND (an injectable AAS) is causing less liver stress, however this is the case for almost all (like 99%) of all of the injectable AAS.


Another one: ND and Dianabol would definitely not be a good choice for the first cycle as you have said. and this is true for many reasons. In case there is someone who would like for me to elaborate then I will.


The third one is that OTC AI’s are not even near as effective as their prescriptive counterparts. OTC AI’s are much less effective, are much more expensive and sometimes they are much more harder to find them.


And the last one, you should not use Nolvadex as an AI, indeed, it has its uses, however more modern drugs are much much more effective and they are even coming with some fewer side effects.


Trust me, I have no intention to be mean or whatever, everything I want to do is to help you and other people not to have some misinformation and do mistakes, really hope it helped.



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Lots of research, you should research very and very much, for a couple of weeks before you are going to make any decisions about it at all. trust me that it is for your own well being. You’ve got to do as much research as you can before anything. A woman could suffer irreversible male side effects while a man can suffer some permanent shrinkage of the genitalia from this drug so, are you sure that it is well worth the risks? If you do start taking it then at least, please, make it the safest way possible. All of this might happen among some other things as well, some horrible things. it has lots of side effects. and as it has been said here it is toxic to the liver, but I would say that it is even more than toxic to the liver. I guess that there are a lot of us who remember hearing that cancers were a result of the steroid usage and so, I’ve got to ask you: do you think that it is well worth the risk? moreover, when you are stopping to take the steroid ten you do start to lose the muscles.


Also I think that there is one more other very important thing to recall in case you are thinking about starting on steroids: yeah, road rage allegedly can ensue, however LE is really really frowning on steroid usage. Research prosecutions as well as the potential side effects carefully. These things you are being prescribed for the anorexia, for disease that are atrophy muscles or keeping one bedridden or something like childhood growth. However, the drug companies do kickbacks to the doctors and the industry it is so powerful! Even the thalidomide it is back on the market in the third world countries.


I wish you good luck to everybody who is considering to use the same thing, I just thought that it is important for you to know what you are getting into. You also should know that you’ve gotta do some more research.



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As somebody else said that Dianabol is good for the “initial” result – I totally do agree. In fact, I also know that the use of Dianabol is currently very popular only for jumpstarting a bulking cycle and by doing so to see and notice some immediate results from the outset of their cycle. In the past the people where doing lots of mistakes on how to use it, however with time people learned how to use it and although I do agree with the fact that even nowadays they are doing mistakes, it is by far not how it used to be. now people learned that it should be used for jumpstart and for this reason it is very often stacked with some longer acting injectables like for example the Testosterone Cypionate or Enanthate, and Deca Durabolin. The rationale here with this it is that the Dianabol is going to give the user a very quick and rapid build up of the weight and strength and then those gains can be compounded  when the injectables are beginning to produce the results. you’ve gotta know that usually this is done in the first 2 to 6 weeks of a cycle, this is why people are often recommending you to take this drug for pretty much that time and with 4 weeks being the most typical time span.



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I think that people have said pretty much everything you need to know about it. they have made some very good points up there that I totally agree with. you should make no mistake as dbol is a steroid and unless you really are looking into screwing with your bodys natural order of the chemistry then you should never ever even think about running a cycle without using some form of a test as a base while the most common being the test enth, cyp as well as the prop. And yeah, you need to be sure that you are having a solid PCT (if you don’t know what this means: Post Cycle Therapy) in place to recover and to block the unwanted estrogen more.


Besides, as I have said, very good points about the fact that you should be researching a lot in the first place, you need to research as much as you can about it. and trust me I am now not trying to lecture you or whatever, I just really want to help you by keeping you away from making some potential mistakes that a lot of newbies are doing to AAS and running a proper cycle. You should know that you can really very easily screw up your body by running come certain compounds without test being a base. And Dianabol is definitely enough potent to screw it in no time if using it improperly. I do know personally some people that ran deca alone and now they are not able to get a hard on and yeah, they told me that they do regret doing that and taking some decisions without informing themselves enough. Do you really need to have such kind of a problem? and besides, this, it is true that there are lots of other problems as well…



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To be honest, I really do not think that I would want to take such kind of risks of putting this into my body. I’ve researched a bit and I do know that Dianabol is having a very high propensity for the estrogenic related side effects in the high doses, however in case the doses are being kept low like for example 15 or 20 mg per day then those side effects are being less pronounced and sometimes they are not even seen at all. but even then, side effects might occur and by using a low dose like that then the effects would not be so promising either which means that most likely you would need to go up which again – side effects. lots of people here have warned you about the liver (and very good that they did) due to the fact that Dianabol is falling in the class of the 17 AA steroids. Dianabol is truly one of the most liver toxic drug and it can cause you considerable strain on the liver in case you are going to use it in some high doses and over extended periods of time even if it is going to be used in the doses of only 10 mg per day then increases in the liver values may be seen either. some other of the Dianabol side effects are the following: the increase of the blood pressure and the heart rate and in case there is an extreme case then it may even require the use of an antihypertensive drug like for example the catapressin. Besides, gynecomastia is always a possibility to happen, it may also cause some serious acne on the face, on the neck, back, chest, as well as the shoulders due to the fact that the sebaceous glad is being stimulated because of the dianabol’s conversion in the dihydrotestosterone. Acne appearance is one of the Dianabol common side effect either. in fact, all of these side effects that I have mentioned are common for Dianabol, however, there is one positive side effect that I think of about the Dianabol and it is that you have a “feel good” steroid that it is being known to improve your appetite, your mood, self confidence as well as self esteem. Even so I doubt that it is worth it. either way, in case you do start to take it then at least try to take as well as in between of 1 to 2 gallons of water per day with it in the time you take Dianabol due to the fact that the water intake need to be kept very high while you are being using Dianabol. Whether or not this information would help I am not sure, but I hope so, as other people who posted here. Dianabol is definitely a drug that you should not be playing around with, otherwise you could badly regret about doing so! Hope you’ll be fine.



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I personally would surely say that it is surely not worth taking it. I do know that there are a lot of other much safer choices out there and I think that they are having much bigger pros and less cons. Than this one. testosterone for one. I one had taken Dianabol and I indeed had some quite massive gain with it, however this is about it, I have had no good feeling or anything as on testosterone and I have also been constantly feeling extremely super sleepy on it and I was just been waiting to get off from it.



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From as much as I know Dianabol is going to allow to you to gain in mas very quickly (I have personally seen people who gained up to 40 lbs in one single month!) however you should be prepared because it is by no means a cake walk! By achieving some good results on it your workouts really must be intense and you need to eat mass quantities of food in order to build that much mass quickly. Anyway, it is truly a great drug in case you are going to use it with responsibility, generally I would say that although it does have side effects and some even very bad, it is still a drug that has relatively low risks only in case you use it properly. So for those who are thinking about getting it then I would recommend you to opt for the injection one due to the fact that the oral version is taking its toll on your liver. Besides, you need to keep in mind that the muscle loss is being inevitable as soon as you are cycling off of it so you should be prepared for this. but, the body builders are having some tricks in order to minimize those losses so I would really recommend you to do some research about it before you’re going to chime in. talking about the body builders and Dianabol, it is the steroid of the choice among most of the body builders.


And yeah, I have noticed that most people are enlightening the side effects a lot. of course it does have side effects. it is a potent steroid. But it depends on how you use it. everything has side effects. if you take too much vitamin c it is going to upset your stomach. But it is a vitamin. Anything, any drug, any medicine is going to give you side effects if not being used correctly. And the side effects with the Dianabol is going to, of course, vary from one person to another. Like for example, that super sleepiness that the previous posters has posted about is true, some people might have it, however it is, most of the time, wearing off after about 1 week or so of using it due to the fact that the body tends to adjust to the increased testosterone within this amount of time.



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About this part:


“And yeah, I have noticed that most people are enlightening the side effects a lot. of course it does have side effects. it is a potent steroid. But it depends on how you use it. everything has side effects. if you take too much vitamin c it is going to upset your stomach. But it is a vitamin. Anything, any drug, any medicine is going to give you side effects if not being used correctly. And the side effects with the Dianabol is going to, of course, vary from one person to another. Like for example, that super sleepiness that the previous posters has posted about is true, some people might have it, however it is, most of the time, wearing off after about 1 week or so of using it due to the fact that the body tends to adjust to the increased testosterone within this amount of time. “


Oh yeah, however as in my case the main ingredient has been probably methyl testosterone, it is cheap however it is having more side effects than the original product, however good gain on it. this is the main concern when ordering steroids, at least for me, this risk of it being just a fake. Currently I am looking for the testosterone ena. And preferably it would be Galenika.


And yeah, to add some more information here on the thread I would definitely say that you could find some much better alternatives to this Dianabol. Like for example the testo that I am talking about it is not as toxic to the liver and it is surely making you feel like you’re a champion.