honest advices on stopping alcohol intake?


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Hi everyone, I would like to get a bit of your help and advice. There is somebody who isn’t me (I am going to use this term pretty often so lets say swim from now on) who is hoping to have a long and frank discussion with all of you about his alcohol addiction and in case or how RC’s may or may not help him with that.


So well, here is a little bit of background for swim, it is the following: he has started to drink at the age of only 14 (now he is 44 years old) by stealing from my as well as his close family for spirits and after that he would hide outside in order to drink either with his friends (pretty much the same age, or a bit older) or even alone and also to smoke for that matter as well. then, a while later is parents found out about this, however it still continued like that and it caused all involved very much pain. Then later, swim left school with a set of 5 “o” levels and 3 cse’s and has joined the forces. Obviously, when he reached that point then drinking was already a way of life for him, and obviously swim fell into it. his career there ended very badly and a couple of months in Colchester saw the end of that stage of his live.


Now, to make his very long story a little bit shorter, he has lost absolutely all his contacts with extended family, of course, because of his addiction, and this even though his mother and dad are but one single call away and only wish the best for him, of course, since they are his parents, and they are speaking often. His brother is speaking 2 or maybe 3 times per year and some times by texting. And, no other than him and his closest family, there is in a hundred of miles radius that he can lean on for support, help or whatever else, he has absolutely no close friends or anything in this matter. nobody who can help.


Also, it is important to say that swim has 2 kids that are both under the age of 8, however they are both well clothed, they are both well feed and they are having a lot of toys and everything necessary, they are getting family time with him as well as with his wife at the park, shopping, playing around and so on. he is also cooking home meals every single day for all of them. besides, swim is having a nice clean council house, he has stopped to smoke 2 years ago and he is only vaping right now (vaping is smoking electronic cigarettes) and because of this he is saving about 9 £ per day, at least something, I would say.


However, on the other hand swim is, obviously, drinking and he starts after the kids are going to bed at 5 or 6 pm and it is lasting through to approximately 12 or maybe 1 or 2 am and this is why I am not very sure if swim is there to assist with their morning routine (having been drunk at around 20 units, plus or minus because sometimes it is less while sometimes it is more).


Of course, swim does not drive due to the fact that he is having 4 DUI’s under his belt (over a lot of years now) and he does not want to do this one again. at least, he always says that he is very lucky that other than him there was no one who has ever got hurt, fortunately.


So, very well, getting to the point. How can RC’s to help swim to reduce his intake of the alcohol?? Not so long ago he has got and used 5 of the 10 x dicklazepam (2 mg one tablet) from the Research Chemistry UK.


He has used them and drank 8 pints, the best thing was that he did not recall using the last 3 tablets (there was 5 in total), however he did take the kids and wife cups of tea / juice to bed at 11 PM and then he has forced himself in the bed and he slept until 10 am with absolutely no bad feeling or some feelings afterwards (he also has mentioned that he has had no bad dreams that were noticed either).


The good thing is that swim really just wants very badly to stop his binging and he really hopes very much that he may find in the end a way that forward here and that would make him stop. obviously, alcohol free is the aim. Completely free. So well, please, I guess this might not help only my friend but a lot of other people as well, what do you think? what it is your best and honest advise? Thank you very much!



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An honest advice about this? your friend really need to seek out some professional help because he won’t be able to do this all alone, or at least the chances are very small. A professional help might. There are lots of doctors trying to help people like swim getting rid of the this habit. Hope he’ll be fine. good luck!



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Indeed, that’s a honest advise Dirty Diana and I thank you for this. however, over the last 30 years + this path has been very well trodden so I doubt it is a way out. Copious visits to AA (where very often those participants would arrange to meet at a pub thereafter so..) swim has been all around the country and he can reassure you that it is living in the same in the deepest darkest hull as it is in the exact same in nice places such as for example Harpenden in the south, Hemel Hempstead, Manchester as well as at one time in Wales the people from the NA (narcotics anon) were peddling their wares as he has left from there. and still, AA it is also not the end of the road either, the NHS it is also there. Their suggestions for the “light drinkers” such as my friend are “meetings, plans, graphs, where do you see yourself in 10 years and where do you want to be in 10 years… and my friend is drinking approximately 180 units or so per week. He does work and as I said he is having a family with nice and lovely kids. There’s nothing more needed of a rehab for him. Indeed, you have some very good advice, that’s no joke or sarcasm, however the problem is that it is not suit all the people (unfortunately). When you add the kids, (well looked after I should reiterate) it is this path for a swim to go down? I would like to know what do you think about the benzo options, or indeed other options? Thank you.


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Hey there deidaru, for the sake of your friend / loved one (if it is not yourself) then you should stay away from benzos. As farer as better. trust me. it does sound like the alcohol intake (and by the way, what it is an “unit”?) already has you on a path to the great unknown. in case you are drinking 180 beers (or the equivalent) per week (it is damn 25 beers per day?!) the last thing that you need there is to add a drug problem to all this mix and you’re good to go. in the other world.


You do need help and you do know that very well since you have posted this, however, searching out for an “even honest” advice on a pharmacy forum it is not the way to go for you, definitely. As stated above, you really need to see a doctor, a professional help, you should find out whether your liver function is compromised because if binging for such a long time then liver numbers surely won’t be “normal” and then to get to a detox facility, stat. now, I do know that you may think that either your family or your life or whatever can’t handle this, however, let’s face the truth – they can and they will do it, or do you think that would they be better off if you would have been dead?


Since AA did not work then there is no reason to think any other self help approach would either. stop the meetings and whatever, you need some heavy artillery, you need professional help and that’s right now!!



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hello there deidaru, I’ve gotta mention that you really do not need to use swim here, that’s definitely not needed here. that story that you have mentioned up there is a lifetime of some bad choices, addiction, alcohol abuse and pain. Besides, there also really seem to be a pretty well underlying mental illness there as well starting at a young age. Many of those bad choices were taken because of that.


first of all I guess I have to mention that this is going to take a multi pronged approach. There is not such a thing like only gobbling medications and then it is magically goes away, no addiction no anything. Voluntarily going into the facility (and doing it before it is already being mandatory) drying out and then getting straight first and foremost.  Outpatient therapy from now to kingdom come. Supports system, behavior modification, psychiatrists, psychotherapy, both short as well as long term meds that are prescribed from MD’s. a totally and completely lifestyle change. And the biggest one is the self discipline that you should be daily trying to learn it.


And I mean various, RC’s, benzo’s etc. etc. really can help short term, however in case the person is still continuing to drink on them anyway then it is completely fruitless and they are going to get to the point of hurting themselves or / and other people either pretty quickly. It is an extremely and extremely dangerous behavior out there. so, pretty much depending on the country that you re living in, the docts are going to prescribe Librium, valium as well as others for the alcohol withdrawal (seizures, DT’s) but usually it is only for short term. As well as maybe some antabuse, naltrexone and so on for the recovery part.


That’s pretty much everything that comes into my mind, however I am sure enough that there are lots of other members who could chime in with some more experience and knowledge about it and help. I mean, you need to know that the bottom line is truly very much of work. But I still think that for his family and for himself then it is very well worth it.


I am having an aunt and uncle who has been in the recovery for the last 40 years and they said that the temptation and this “disease” is never going away, however it does get better, a lot better than how it used to be in the past.


I wish your friend all the best and I sure hope he would win this battle.



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Hello OP, yeah, as it has been said there is no need to swim in here, however in case swim is more comfortable with that then that’s fine, no problem.


So well, swim really should check into a detox first, because of that length of the swim’s alcohol intake it is going to cause some very big problems, that’s for sure. He is surely going to have some very severe withdrawals, possibly even delirium tremens, which is in 50% of the cases with a fatal outcome unless it is being treated in the hospital where he can get immediate and professional help. In a detox program, they are also going to get you off alcohol safely with the benzos as you asked and pretty much as the previous member has mentioned, depending on the country, it is most likely that it is going to be with either Librium or Valium (at least that’s most often in most cases) and it is going to take approximately 1 to 2 weeks. As said, it is short term so I truly doubt that the doc would continue more than that. so, then they are going taper you off from Valium or Librium (whatever you would be put), and they would get you off slowly and after that you should be already physically free of it. that’s obviously the hardest part. Then there’s the second recommended step which is also hard but not as hard as the first one and it would be a long term rehab for swim, in order to learn how to live and solve you every day problems and issues without going back to the alcohol for getting that “help”.


In case that it is not available then swim really should do the 90 day program, he definitely needs it, which is AA every day for 90 days or so. In case swim is not able to do or he is not able to afford a long term facility, then (not sure how elsewhere, but) in my country there are some several half way houses and they are giving you a sober house and then they are feeding you but in exchange you do work for them, nothing hard, something like house chores, in case your therapist does feel safe with it, then they can even let you go to do outside jobs. I am pretty sure that there must be some sober living facilities like that in your local area as well, you’ve just got to search. Really hope that this would help because these are my honest and strong recommendations for swim regarding his problem. just keep in mind that the safe detox is a must be. and then go from there and search for your options.


Look, I know all of this because I have been in the recovery for the last 16 months now so I do know what I am talking about, however, I have got sober in the last few months only. A moth tops and they gave me antabuse medicine. I really think that should a very last resort for a very self disciplined person after the therapy. Sometimes indeed it might help some people, however there are others times when if you are slipping just one time on antabuse then it is not only going to make you violently ill, but also it can kill you. I am sure that no freshman sober guys should be prescribed antabuse as a lot of care need to be taken with this medicine. In addition, you’ve got to remember that the first half a year is the most crucial of course, but when you’re going to be past that you’ll be much better. also you need to know that about 80% of the relapses are happening in the first 90 days, that is why it is important to have the 90 day program. And after that, swim might want to bring it up to his doctor when the chances of the relapses are significantly getting lower. And sadly for me, I am now talking from my own experience as I have been that dumb to drink while I have been on antabuse (please do not do it as I have had only a half of a glass of beer and it put me in the hospital immediately). that’s just not a worth risk. while being on antabuse I’ve been thinking that one single glass of beer won’t make me anything, but only half of a glass made me go to the hospital. So please, make swim go seek a professional help, as Dirty Diana started with.



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Alcohol free, it is only a dream for me! at the end of the day I find that it is my only comfort! Yeah, that’s sad but it is true and better to see the ugly truth isn’t it? after all, I’m just trying hard to be honest here, and to be quite frank with you guys, alcohol goes pretty well with any benzo to numb oneself. Swim, I am thinking that it is time as it has been for me. I am getting by now and then, however I always seem to go back on it…? smoking, drinking and doing benzos are doing pretty well together, however in the end of the day you are going to die young because of them. I truly hope that this is not being the case, we can all be strong when it is coming to life or death, but, unfortunately, most of the time when we’re just in front of life or death. I just hope that you’re going to be all fine and facing the ugly truth again, being an alcohol drinker for so much time I doubt that you would ever get rid completely of it, but I hope that you’ll make it be much easier.



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Hmm. Professional help. I really think that it is a cliché, however it is true that the first step it is knowing that you are having a problem and it is very important because there are other people having issues with their drinking habits and they don’t think that they have a problem, that’s even worse, I think. and clearly you do know that you need help since you have a problem and this is also great because there are also other kind of people who do know they have a problem but they think that they can do it all themselves. I’m glad that you’re none of those people. and you sound to me like you are from the UK (isn’t it?) so I think that seeing your GP would surely going to be a good step to take into your rehab. Those people are able to refer you to outpatient facilities or to whatever that you think that it is necessary. Besides there are plenty of links online for charities and for groups that may be able to help you. if that’s comforting for you then you could search for them in the UK. You don’t seem to be but I still need to tell you that you should not be and feel ashamed or embarrassed to reach out to people and organizations, people do know what’s alcoholism and there’s surely nothing funny about that.


Besides, even if you do feel that you are not having any close friends, then it still may help to talk with somebody that you do know personally and you care about. most of the people are decent and they are going to try to help and support you, your loved ones would try their best for doing that!


And finally, I am going to give you one piece of specific advice that I hope a lot it will help. in case you slip up, like for example things are going great and then (sometimes, suddenly, out of nothing) you end up failing to drink one night, then do not consider this as an failure. If it does happen, then that’s nothing, do not say that you lost because you haven’t. you just need to try to get back to where you were. It happened one night, let it be, just continue strictly with your program. Don’t start again. there are a lot of addicts that are remaining addicts specifically because of this reason: they are relapsing and then they are giving up and they see themselves as having failed, while they haven’t. if they would have continued with the program it would be fine. so please, if this does happen to you then you need to pick yourself up once again and try your best to forget about it, it does not matter, try thinking that it did not even happened. Keep saying that you will win.


I really hope very much that this is going to help, I truly hope a lot that it will!



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Hello there deidaru and firstly I really wanted to say congratulations on taking the first steps to a tee total life and this is, I think, amazing. these are the first steps, the most painful when you do know that you are this “sick”, this self torture you’re living in. but the rest is awaiting just awaiting for you. I do know all of this because… as a fellow very heavy drinker who has been tee total of 3 and few months now I do understand very well how hard and difficult it is to put down that bottle and finally to say NO. so, my first port of call would really be to see your doctor, he is most likely going to prescribe a weeks worth of (already been said there) either Valium or Librium. Other people who said this are definitely right and we’re all telling you about these drugs because these are used to be given to people who are having alcohol addiction issues and they are going to get you over the initial period which is obviously the hardest one. then, after that I would seek out a counseling service who is specializing in drug and alcohol. It doesn’t matter what excuses you have but you should do it. if your drinking is very and very heavy, by telling that I am talking about the shaking in the morning a dry retching, the he may consider an in house treatment facility. Only in case it is not that bad yet then I emphasize yet due to the fact that it is going to get only worse, so you could do an outpatient program.


About the AA, it is great for a lot of people out there. personally I was not too fond of it, however I did attend meetings daily for about 6 months or so (half a year) before deciding that it was not for me. but, I still done it, and it took me a while to realize it. so maybe you should give it a try. If anything, you are going to meet some fellow people that are suffering for the exact same affliction as you and it could be very handy to get some other members numbers for those kind of times where you are feeling the compulsion to pick up it is too strong. You should ring those people, that’s what the numbers are being for. and besides, especially since you said that no close friends, I’ve gotta say that although I do not attend meetings any more, still, some of my closest friends are some people that I have met during those meetings. This is why I don’t regret at all that I have went there, although I do know that they have been not for me. I can even say that I am happy that I did, otherwise I wouldn’t met them.


I think that you should try giving the above ago, and hopefully it is going to give you some hope and at least you are going to feel that you are not alone with this, which is also important to know. I mean, I do know that you know that you’re not alone. But seeing and feeling it on your own does change things.


And yeah, one last note, I have seen that there is somebody who has mentioned the intake of antabuse and I really must stress that in case you to get some of those then please, strictly, DO NOT drink on them ANY alcohol at all! as the other person who said that he drank on it – I also did it and I have almost killed myself and I would hate to see that happen to another person too. I wish you all the best and I really hope that this is going to work out for you and you’ll benefit from it all.



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So well, not sure but if it is of any help then I personally have used RCs (diclazepam 2 mg x 2 a day) in order to counter the effects of the alcohol withdrawals and they did have helped me an amazing deal, and then eventually tampering down to weekend only, however at the same time, I did had a very physically exhausting job and it has been too knackered in order to feel like drinking, which I did like a lot because I was often falling asleep as soon as I was eating (8 pm or somewhere that time).
Also, because of the social anxiety I have been having, I have started to use a mild RC and this has been slowly progressing into a daily mix of the RC substances that are having by far much more harm than good at all. a blanket ban by the UK government that it is due any time won’t do you many favors at all due to the fact that RCs are not chemically the same as the legitimate medicines out there. in case you are addicted to an analogue of a legitimate medication then the outcome is definitely not going to be pleasant and vice versa, believe me. they are chemically similar, however they are not having the exact same effects on your brain’s receptors and this is why no addiction specialist is going to prescribe any type of RC. In case you can find yourself stranded in an entire world of hurt then as much as I can think of, there is no professional that can help you with.


So well, my personal advice is going to be to tell swim to immediately seek medical assistance due to the fact that it is extremely easy to switch from one addiction to another one and neither of them are good for your health or for state of mind. To come off RC benzo’s is truly hell on the earth and I have only just started to taper off. At least, under the medical supervision with an alcohol detox, the benzo side of the things is being very closely monitored (I one have went through a medically supervised detox a couple of years ago) and I did have stayed off the booze for a very long time and the counseling  really did helped me out! you don’t that with the RC’s!



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so well, hi everybody again and thank you for the answers. So, swim is no longer here , just me now and I wanted to say thank you all for all of your words of encouragement that really helps, I think that it is most likely the most encouragement thread that I have ever had, most helpful and it really sound advice too. truly thank you a lot for all of this help! I truly appreciate a lot!


I have taken the last 5 dicklazepam the next day and come 5 PM I have been out like a light, up at midnight and on the bottle again until the 3 AM, that is why in some respects it did reduce my drinking which is already good, I think. so far, I have not ordered any more benzos.


So well, in order to answer some of the questions out there before I am giving any more details. Yes, I am living in the UK. In case you are visiting a doctor where I am you are always referred to the exact same organization (Last Orders) and god bless them they try very hard for you. however, they are not going to medicate in anyway until you are going to hit a certain limit of the alcohol intake (they are not going to allow your doctor to prescribe even the Prozac until you are on or under the government recommended limits which is going to be 3 to 4 units per day for a male) and I currently average 150 to even 200 units week (and by the way, somebody asked this – it is units of alcohol, not 150 drinks which means 25 drinks a day).


Also, I’ve gotta say that I have been as low as about 4 pints of beer per day (which is about 11.2 units of alcohol per day) which I have been thinking that it was some achievement that time, but it turned out – no, they would not help me in taking the edge off what I have been feeling, and those nightmares as well as the lack of sleep during that time has been truly awful!


And now, regarding that medicine you’ve been mentioning about: antabuse, it has been some years since I had that, however I drank straight through it, a day or 2 of being sick and after that it was simply carrying on as normal and I was all fine. seem that it worked kinda different than how it worked for you. yeah, as I said, I did felt a bit sick for a day of 2, but never near death. When I am talking about this with some people I have always been feeling like as I am saying something: “hey there, look at me, I am able to drink this much” however I am only trying my best to be as honest as possible.


Now, more details…. Regarding my circumstances then I can say… as I have already said this, I have young and small children, however not mentioned was I have a total teetotal wife, does not smoke or taking any drugs and so on, however we are known to social services because of my drinking (there are no open cases, no case worker, all is good regarding that right now) but to be honest I really do not want to ask the “Last Orders” to find me a safe place in order to detox (but I doubt if they will either way). in addition, I was made redundant this years and I am currently a job seeker, that is why I would need to see how that detox is affecting out income (during the detox time I would not be a job seeker as much as I can understand).


In fairness, it really does start to look like I need to go and bite the bullet and to go cap in hand. Is it so? Hell, frankly, I would even go homeless and then turn up with a brown paper bag of vodka if I thought it would help however I doubt a lot that my wife and my children would agree with that… of course.. who would?


And now, to answer some of the questions and comments that I have read throughout your posts up there:


The one of 25 beers a day. one of my beers is having 2.8 units of alcohol in it, that is why I am drinking 8 to 10 beer per day (the evening time, kids going to sleep and I am staying on PC). It has been a very long time now since I drank during the day, however come 6 pm at home.


The comment about a life time of bad choices… maybe closer to home. I have been adopted when I have been only 6 weeks old and I have always known about this (I’ve never been sat down and told about it, but I have always known this) and my mother is thinking (not blood related) that this may be a part of the problem, that my real parents were alcoholics… however my brother (who it is also not blood related) also has been adopted and he indeed does not have this issue as I have, even though he does have some broken marriages in his past, if this does changes anything.


About the day drinking. As I already said it, fortunately it has been a very long time since I drank any alcohol during the day, however again… come 6 pm at home and…
Also, regarding the giving up on giving up and always being and ending up addict, I am in what they are calling here some kind of a circle. You may leave that circle somehow briefly, that is a relapse and it is to be expected by the professionals, however as long as you are going back into the circle (and then acknowledging your problem is putting you back in it) and after that you are on the right track. I’ve gotta say that I am firmly in the circle, just failing to move on in it.


Now I am going off in order to check some links that have been recommended to me to check, however before I do that I wanted to say a sincere thank you to all people out there who are suffering from the same issue as I do and for your honesty and once again, to all of you people for your help or at least trying to do so.


I really hope very much that this is going to be my last post regarding this problem as I hope a lot that the next post would be: how I got rid of alcohol addiction.
Blessing you all and I truly wish you all the best!



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Hello up there. I’m having some experience with alcoholism so I am going to try to help you, hope it will. I have experience with it because my mother has been a true alcoholic my entire life and I can tell you from experience that the first he has to want to do it. if he does not want then I doubt there would be anything at all that would make him stop. secondly, since he does seem to want (and I hope so) then you should know that it is extremely dangerous to even cut back or to stop on his own, he shouldn’t play around with this because seizures or maybe even death can occur. You shouldn’t. that is why, please make sure that he is very aware of these risks… it is truly dangerous. Besides, he definitely needs to be medically supervised… for the reasons I have said up there. it is a must, not a choice or something that would help. it is something that it is mandatory. I can’t be sure here since I am not an expert, however I one truly believe that alcoholic detox it is the worst out of them all and even if it is not worst then I’m pretty sure that it is most dangerous out of them all, that is why you really need to approach it in the most serious way and please, be very carefully, for your own well being. I am wishing you best of luck, to you and swim who really needs help. trust me, he is not able to do it all on his own I stress that and it is nothing to be ashamed about, I truly feel for you due to the fact that it is extremely hard to watch somebody that you care about being hurt and desperate, however if it is what swim wants then just know that anything it is a very hard road the kids may have everything due to the fact that he is functioning, however I can truly say that they would rather have a healthy parent than the next day knew fad or toy and it is going to follow them their entire life as it did mine and so a lot of us. You’ve got to try and in case of fail try again and so on. I wish you good luck and I really hope that you’ll be fine. don’t forget to update in case anything of it is working at all.



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I personally am using alcohol for my panic attacks and it does help. I am totally dependent on the alcohol for some years now and nobody could help me until I have been mentally ready to stop it, that is why I do agree with the statement that if he does not want to stop, then there’s not going to be anything or anybody that would do it. I do take medications for panic attacks, however it is nothing to being drunk all the time, it has been truly awful and hard to deal with. as soon as you are committing in your mind mentally then you are done it will happen either. you should not forget to love yourself and should not let the demons in your head not make up any reasons to drink. There shouldn’t be any. And keep remembering that there indeed, isn’t any. You should tell them all that they should shut up because now you are in charge and you control your life. it is your life and you are only getting one, so stand up and fight with those demons. Also, try not to be too hard on yourself for the mistakes that you have done. we’re all humans and we are all making mistakes, it is not that bad that you have done mistakes, it is bad if you don’t see them. since you do seem to realize that you have done them then you’re already on the good path. Also, remember that every morning it is a new day and a fresh start in order to get the things done, to do the right things. if you’re going to beat yourself up, you’ll never reach that “new day”. I wish you sincere good luck and I hope you’re going to be all fine.



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Hi again. there is a drug that it is called Nalmefene which is reducing the brain’s cravings for the alcohol intake and it is nullifying the pleasure that you are receiving form the alcohol. It is being like champix (or Chantix) for the ones who are wishing to stop smoking (also by reducing the cravings in the brain and getting the pleasure lower from the cigarettes).


I know that it is a relatively new drug (since about 2015 or so) and it is still under license. I do know that it is expensive, however it still may cost you a little bit less than your daily alcohol intake and even if not, a little bit more, then I doubt it would be a lot more and the good part is that you’re getting better. I think it might help.


But then later, if you are suffering from DT’s then medical assistance it is the only way forward and there may be local rehab clinics on the NHS that you could receive treatment for without paying or having to see your doc. I’ve got to say that I did have used one on my first detox and they have been truly great. It is very important for you to remember that you should not go mixing RCs with alcohol on that level that you have mentioned as you could very easily end up as a static. I really hope that this is somehow going to help you.



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So well, I really do not know whether swim is a preferred term or if RCs are being open discussion here, however my personal honest advice to you is not to try any RC at all without being fully aware that you are being a human guinea pig and all that entails. We  really do not know whether those things are going to start to make people grow tails or whatever, booze is ancient so you would be better off actually tapering down with the booze alone as it is better, in my personal opinion, than to use any RC at all, or at least it is safer.


However, in case you are being worried enough about the alcohol dependence and DTs then please, I am begging you, please, go and check any resources in your local area for the inpatient alcohol detox. Yeah, they are going to make you go with Librium. And yes, I do know that it does sucks, however you should be safe, you deserve being safe and from as much as I know, you, this is the safest thing so that’s what you should go for. in your situation you should try the safest ways to go. as it has been said, alcohol withdrawals are very dangerous, that’s true and instead of trying RCs by your own, better go and seek professional help and see what they are going to tell you. when going off long term alcohol you really need to take care being on the safe side.



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Hey there it is me again deidaru. I just thought that I need to say sorry because I have not really understood what it is swim and talking in third person was only confusing me. then I read your post once again and I got it, finally. So I just thought to let you know that regardless whether it is you or your friend again, like I have already mentioned this before, the absolute medical attention is needed, it is really necessary, mandatory, something that you can’t go without. I just share with you my experience and I also wanted to say that it is truly a very and very hard road, that is why please keep us all posted because at least I one, really am interested in how you are. If you are interested in anything else about this situation then please write me and I am going to do my best to help you. also, remember that it is getting worse before it is going to be better, but it will be better, that is why it is definitely worth it. try it your best. and also, if you would ever need any other advice then please do not hesitate to ask it here. I am a child of 2 alcohols and it has been like that my entire life that is why I do believe that I really could answer any uneasy questions… if you want so. I wish you good luck with that and I hope very much that you’ll be fine and I wish you a great day but what’s even more important: an successful detox period!



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hey there Erin Sweet, I am an adult child as well. thanks to god,  I have not had to face addiction (only except for the nicotine) myself primarily due to the fact that my mother went into recovery and I have been able to learn both coping skills for living with my family as well as ways to not follow in their footsteps either.


my stepfather not so long ago came off of the transplant list, his liver has recovered enough after a surgery that he had after a surgery to make it work a little bit better than how it was working and even though he is never going to be able to drink again, and he is going to take some medicines for the rest of his life – it is still better. and yeah, wanting to get better it is the crucial step in here. as soon as you have gotten in there then you should not be afraid to ask for help. you really should do so. Ask for help from whomever, from a friend, an anonymous crisis line, a counselor or whoever else. just remember that you do deserve to be healthy and happy. 



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Hello there everybody, it’s me again. I have discussed with my alcohol councilor today and do not have another meeting with her in a month due to the fact that she has herself been away poorly for the last 5 weeks (and therefore me getting lost and seeking help here as I had no other place to go( and she has other people more needy than me to deal with as much as I understood and I think that I am only classified as a heavy drinker but not a death’s door drinker or whatever. that it is all fair enough, I do understand.


She has given me the options of attending 3 sessions per week that are for the people at some various stages in their drinking lives, group sessions as well as I know that each and everybody of you are going to say that I really need to go to those meetings, I’ve already heard it. and I am being here, sitting and thinking and trying my best about think of some reasons not to go. I guess that one of them is that I really hate the “cups of tea, hi everyone, how are you doing?” approach as much as I am hating the AA (about the AA it is because of the previous experience I have had with).


I have discussed to you guys on here more than I have discussed about this with my wife and I really hope that one or maybe more of you who are taking or have ever taken this journey yourselves or who have seen it from some other side, I really wish to continue this discussion with me, for me. I do not need to mention those of you people above who have replied to me, you do know who are you and please, if you can do it then please stay here replying as I move forward (and maybe backwards) in this journey I have as you really help me a lot. I really feel that this is some of the help that I need, however it is surely not your role to do that so nobody is forcing you, of course, I am just asking.


And also, ErinSweet, your words really mean very much to me, I see it in my little girl every single day when she wants to with her daddy, to be with her daddy, but, unfortunately, her daddy wants (needs) something else. that’s definitely no good.


Turitch, I have read a previous post of yours and it does seem to me like your knowledge of how not to do things as well as your thoughts on how to do some things are indeed very helpful, you might not believe me, but you alone has stopped me from purchasing any more benzos and that’s a lot.


SimpleLinda, I truly think that your experience is going to keep me scared enough not to go way too far and this is also helpful.


As you can see, anything can and is helpful for me. that’s what I am asking for. simply put, all of your advise, from all of you has truly been outstanding so far which I truly appreciate a lot. thank you all for everything. You’re help is what I truly need now!



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hi deidaru, I can advise you to if you can't stop slowly you need suddenly changes, which means that you need to stop drinking now, not tomorrow or next week because as long you try to stop as long time you'll need to stop it definitely, one more method, try to do something when you are thinking to drink such as sport, play with your children, do something no matter what.
Good luck and don't give up !!