I feel weird - everything is fake?!?!


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I'm feeling very strange! I have weird feelings like everything is fake! I stay in my room and look around and I feel like I'm alone in other dimension from our real. Sometimes I can be surprised because I go outside and I can simpl touch things. Seconds before touching them I have the feeling like I'm going to pass thru them. I'm alone most of the time and I keep questioning everything, like talking to my self. I keep asking what is life? what is reality ? Who am I and what's my purpose in this life? I know this is normal - there is a time when everyone is asking these question to themselves. But after some time everybody just keep living their normal life. I can't do it. I continously keep asking these questions and being far away from reality. All this can lead to anxiety and stress - if I don't have it already. I'm scared... I don't know how to express my self clearly so you could understand. I feel that slowly I'm going crazy because of this and everyday more and more detached from my self... from reality. Maybe someone faced this already and you know how to escape this sensation? Please do not try to help by encouraging me with useless words like "you have to be strong", "life is beautiful", or "just look around how many beautiful places". I need a certain answer what I need to do. Or maybe some drugs can treat my anxiety?


I also am experiencing similar syptoms as you. Whenever I try to explain this to my relatives they just turn around and leave like I didn't say nothing. I was at hospital trying to discuss with different doctors but it was useless, they looked at me strange saying I need to sleep, they probably thought I'm on drugs. I cannot understand why nobody is taking my problem seriously? I want to live a better life but no one not even look in my direction or listen to what problem I have. I just am an educated person who's trying to get a better and healthy life - I'm trying different kind of diets I'm not doing drugs and other bad habits. I'm just really sick that everyone around me are looking at me like I'm crazy. We both should try to find out how to fix this out and how to escape anxiety. PM me and maybe we'll discuss about it more.



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Hey, I want to say that you do not have to be strong, you both already are!


I really consider that you two are much stronger than you ever thought. You realize what issue you have, you realize your position and you’re not afraid of facing it, you are looking for answers, you want to get rid of it, that's good enough for me to say that you both are fighters. Many people with issues like this, people who have or they are close enough to have anxiety do not admit it, they are ignorant. You are not! You are strong! Weak people cannot do the same. I also want to inform you that ALL people experiences anxiety, but there are some who experience it more than others. Unfortunately you are some of them, but you want to fix this up! Anxiety is like cold or flu, everyone can have it, but only strong ones are dealing it, ignorant people have consequences. I'm 100% sure that you are not crazy and I want to say that you are not alone! You are a part of this world. We all are humans and it happens to a lot of us to feel weird and to question things. I am myself questioning strange things, even though I am a fully healthy person. Sometimes it bothers me!


I can give you an example of a friend of mine. He is suffering from anxiety since he was about 10. He is 26 now and he still has the symptoms, he also says that sometimes he's feeling detached from himself like he is in a different dimension. He first experienced a heart attack at 17 years and he says that he's really afraid of getting another one, but he keeps living his life. However he said that greatest fear of anxiety is “not knowing”! These thoughts and questions are triggering anxiety but he affirms that there is something that keeps you alive: knowing that you're not alone. He always thanks God for every single friend he has.


Well, I would like to say that none of you two are alone! Remember that you always can make new relationships and new friends. At least I'm here and I will always try to help you and to keep reminding you that you are not alone and there is always going to be someone who will help you, who will understand, support and love you as you are. I truly hope that I encouraged you and you will get over it as soon as possible! Be healthy :)



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I feel the same way as you guys, you explained better everything. Know that you are not alone with this and you are not crazy. I wish we all could make a chat so we can be in touch with each other, I think it's going to be a pleasure talking to each other than with all those people who all they can say is "you are crazy".  I'm tired suffering froom this and feeling like that, but knowing that there are people like me is somehow giving me stregth endure everything. At least thank you all for your posts and thank you MBernic for trying to support us.



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i am surprised! i see that we are a bunch of ppl. having this! i am experiencing this weird feeling for ages! i remember being in the 5th grade with this! it results that i have it appr. all my life! and all my life i was questioning myself what i have and what is wrong with me! i believed that i was a little different from other children and it was truly hard for me to make new frends! b4 i thought i am crazy! only few yrs ago i was diagnosed with anxiety! i am not an expert but i never heard someone being treated from it completely... but i do know that ppl can deal with it making the symptoms less seen. as everyone out here, i am also wondering what can help me! if someone have answers i will be truly happy!



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Yeah, we're truly a bunch of people with this feeling! Hello everyone, I'm one of you suffering from the same weird thoughts for the past 5 or 6 years! Since then I always get weird feelings that rush through me and I have absolutely no control upon them. Sometimes I even think that I'm about to have a heart attack, even so I never had a heart attack. Thank you for your postings because it makes me understand that I am not alone in feeling what I feel and obviously it's much better knowing this. I'm feeling disconnected from my life, as you said: detached from myself, like my body is apart from my mind or my soul. I'm always lightheaded and I feeling spaced out. When I'm alone it gets really uneasy because I am afraid that every minute I'm going to die either to have a heart attack with the same result and I'm always thinking that I'm going to fly after that and I will look down to see my body left there lifeless. Some days are worse than others and when I'm with other people everything seems to be fine but it's not as near as it should be normally. This is because somehow I'm trapped myself in thinking negative even though I'm always trying to get a better life. I don't know... Sometimes I feel like I cannot accept who I am and this is the root of my problem. It feels like I can't undertand where I am even though I live here all my life. My health seems to be fine but I'm constatly thinking that something is going on with me, like I only disguise in the person who I am now but this isn't really me and this is why I keep thinking that I'll get a heart attack. It's hard to explain this but I think that someone can understand me. It's very sad when you feel seperate from the world around us constantly and you have no idea how to make it stop. I am always able to hear silence even though there is a lot of noise and people talking around me. I am just glad that I could share my thoughts with you but to be honest I don't really think that someone can help me. I guess I just had this wish to tell somebody my story and to make it known.



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I am questioning everything too especially lately. I was visiting some doctors and they said that this is triggered by my bad anxiety from which I'm suffering lately. I agree with him and I think everyone here is suffering from it, I guess. To be honest I haven't had this problem but for about a little more or less than a month I was getting these feeling and I was and I am still scared. I know for sure that something isn't right because I was thinking that I'm going to die but before this I was fine and nothing bothered me. Now I am here writing this and questioning why I'm writing this. I also question why do I feel this why. In fact I question everything: What is the purpose of life, why I'm living, why do I get this feeling in my chest, why do I have that sensation in my arm, leg and any part of my body, why I am feeling dizzy, why I'm always questioning everything? This is crazy! I can't get why I can’t get rid of this! But in fact I am just not trying! Frequently I'm just suddenly sitting down and thinking about all this and I can go like that for hours! I feel much way better when I'm busy with something and I don't think about this but most of the time I'm free and that means that I'm anxious and depressed. I even started to think that my body is going to stop working and I'm going to die, or my heart is going to suddenly stop. I came to that point that I need to do an EKG in order to check if my heart is working properly. The results were O.K. but I'm still living with this fear. Lately I'm always reading all kind of articles about different diseases, mostly related to respiratory and cardiovascular problems but I can't find a reason why I'm doing this. Nobody in my family either can understand me nor to help me, but in fact I said that I was visiting doctors who cannot help me. Do you think that thinking too much about death and other issues can actually happen? To be honest I don't want to die, but I just don't know why I'm about to....



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Lately I'm feeling the same way and I'm developing the feeling that I'm never going to escape from it. For the last few weeks, it happens to me to feel this way more than 30-40 times a day. Not less than 2 times per hour! It's very hard to deal with. At first it started to happen no more than about 2 to 3 times a day or even less, but now it got worse and it continuously is getting worse and worse and I have no idea how I should stop it. What I feel is that I am doing what I usually do every day and then suddenly, I realize that I am real, that I exist and I'm there. Man, it feels very weird, I don't know how to explain that but those who can understand me, they will. Then I feel tired and not like myself, it feels as if I see life in a different way, like I'm somewhere apart looking at myself, at my life, at everything and I feel like I'm about to go crazy, it feels like I'm going crazier and crazier with each day. Can anyone relate to me? I'm sure that this isn't normal but..



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Hi everyone.  I have a strange problem that I never had before. I always feel alone even if there is thousands of people around. I started to fell like this some months ago and since then I don't feel any better. Every day when talk with my friends or parents I fell like there is something wrong. I feel like people that I need and I love don't need and love me like I do them. Also, there are those strange feelings when we're a group of friends talking and joking and in these moments I feel like I actually don’t exist. Like I’m invisible and no one sees me, and I'm all alone, just me and my thoughts.


My friends also noticed that I’m very strange lately and they tried to change it but with no results. My sister said that I’m depressed because of too much stress. She said that I should take care more about myself but I really don’t know what to do. In my opinion I don’t have any problems because I don’t feel myself stressed or depressed, I just feel... strange. Is there someone that had these problems, or something similar? What do you think, is my sister right about my situation? Do I have to talk with a doctor? Is this thing serious? Sorry, I have thousand questions and I’m really confused and scared.



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Hi everyone.  I also have this strange problem. I always feel alone even if there are thousand people with me and around me. I started to feel this some months ago, and every day when talk with my friend or parents I feel like there is something wrong like people that I need and I love seems that they don’t need me like I need them. There are also times when we are in group and speak about something but in these moments I feel that I actually don’t exist like I’m invisible just me and my thoughts. My friends also saw that I’m very strange and they tried to change it but with no results. My brother said that I’m depressed and that I’m also stressed and there can be a lot of factors that can be responsible for this. I really don’t know what to do. In my opinion I don’t have any problems and I don’t feel myself stressed or depressed, but something is definitely wrong. Is there someone that had these problems? What do you think is my brother right about my situation? Do I have to talk with a doctor? Is this thing serious? Sorry I have thousand questions but I’m really confused and scared.



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hello everyone, I think this problem starts when you have a lot of free time I think you need to begin certain activities such as sport, reading, or working, or traveling
I think if no way to solve this problem you should consult a doctor for treatment but for begin try to do something really interesting for you
Good luck !!