Marijuana withdrawal


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I’m begging here for some help because I can’t go anywhere else to seek it. I’m feeling down and I don’t know how long it’s going to last. I guess I just need to know that what I’m passing thru right know it’s normal and how long it’s going to continue like that. My story is not worth following or telling kids about it but that’s why I’m here: I try to change this. My first pot I tried about 3 years ago in a group of “friends”. I started smoking it significantly frequent with each week and for the past 2 1/2 years I was a truly daily pot smoker. With time I tried much kind of other drugs like cocaine to LSD and others. For the last half a year I finally get it that this life will sooner or later kill me so I started thinking about quitting it. I’ve stopped doing other drugs for this half year, but smoking marijuana I thought it’s not a big deal. Only for few days, about 5 days, I’ve totally quitted it for health reason and money savings. I don’t regret it at all but I noticed that I have those unpleasant marijuana withdrawal symptoms: I feel really anxious and I’m afraid of my mental health. I don’t feel like myself and I’m continuously thinking that I’m getting into deep stress. I don’t know if this is normal but I have no desire at all talking to other people, I’m sitting home alone most of the time: not the type of person I’ve used to know myself. I think that because of this I have suicidal thoughts, but I really don’t have any willing doing that. I’m healthy and I have a little progress in quitting all bad habits, of course I don’t what to do that, but these thoughts invades my mind and I’m worried about it. I am and I feel alone right now and this is O.K. for me but I understand that it’s O.K. to feel so. I don’t know what to do about it, all I know is that all these symptoms are related to stress and anxiety. I’m clueless if this is normal or how long this is going to continue like that. Please, someone how knows such cases as mine suddenly quitting to smoke marijuana, or maybe you already passed it, help me with an advice, with some useful info. I try my best but a little help would be nice so I really hope for your support. Best wishes!!!!!!!!!!



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yo dude, i hav been a pot smoker like you for many years already and few days since i quitted it. how to y feel now? today is the 4th day since i quitted it and man, i hav withdrawal symptoms too. many people say that we ar wrong and its impossible to hav withdrawal symptoms. there ar people who smoked a little bit and they really dont feel these symptoms, but they dont smoked so much as we did, that's why they dont hav anything like that. As you i tried a lot of drugs like cocaine lsd heroine and extasy but it's a year since i smoke only pot and as i said 4 days i dont even smoke. i feel really bad and im going through similar things what y've described. i hav, what they call, hard anxienty and im having a really bad time sleeping and i dont know what to expect next becuz its only the 4th day. i feel soooooo restless and im very very exhausted all the time. b4 i stopped smoking everything was fine, i didnt hav all this - im worried. i dont want to smoke again but if everything is going like this i dont know how long im going to tolerate. im feeling broken, alone, deppressed, i dont have any wishes and im like 24/24 dizzy, always angry and i realize that im too aggressive! i really want to make all this stop. can someone say how long is this going to last? 



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So i don't know what you are talking about... I think that everything you have is just in your mind, seriously. I also smoked weed for a long time and recently I just quit doing it. Less than two months. So more than feeling bored first weeks I didn't had any withdrawal symptoms. I didn't feel like I used to feel before, but it wasn't so bad at all. However I do believe that it depends, for each individual is different. Try to visit a doctor, I'm sure he or she would be glad to help you and don't forget that is their job to keep everything confidential so don't worry. I will try to help you too by answering some of your questions if you pm me. I will try to help with everything I got. good luck guys with that. By the way, excellent decision: quitting smoking ;) ;) ;)



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Hello bios and contrast, all the symptoms are almost the same as for simple cigarettes withdrawal symptoms and the nicotine is mostly a mental problem.


I suggest you to look more on the positive part of everything: you finally got free of the marijuana which I can openly congratulate you for doing this step. I know that first few days, maybe a week you may feel bad and boring, but this is just your body and mind trying to get used to a new life style. I am sure that you need some strength to endure this, after that you will feel better than ever. You also might get strange or bad dreams, but how I already said - it's caused by your stress. Everyone who experiences stress (doesn't matter what caused the stress) he might get these dreams. These symptoms will quickly disappear - you might get pills to calm down first period. I can help.


Furthermore, your withdrawal symptoms are mostly in your head, to help passing thru this easily you have to think that now is your recovery process from that bad time you used to live in. The bad part of your life is in the past, the doomed life passed already, it doesn't wait for you in the future. If you will understand this you won't find any problems dealing with it. You might feel fatigue, void or dizziness, but that's all in your head! That is a regular process of when a human is quitting doing something regularly. Of course for those who smoked more and for more time they find it harder dealing with it but remember - impossible is nothing. Find something that will fill your goal with a much healthier activity, beside pleasure it will give you a much healthier, social and in general a better life. The symptoms you are going through aren't real and I shall tell it one more time - everything is in your head! Everything you experience is because of the stress, but everyone can be stressed out - it depends only on you whether will you overcome it or no. I suppose that's how upocand didn't really feel any withdrawal symptoms. I advice you guys to talk to him, maybe he will better help you.


Enjoy yourselves with other pleasant activities, there are a lot of them in this world, just endure this few more days, then you will have a newly life! Good luck guys and be healthy! ;)



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I'm sure all of you will get over it in case some of you still have the symptoms. Anyway, what you've described doesn't sound anything like "severe" withdrawal symptoms to me at all. Definitely it is something you can easily go through. I suggest you to watch a heroin addict when he's going through withdrawl  phase, that is what I call really severe withdrawals. I've had an acquaintance addicted to heroin who lately quitted. I've started to search a little bit more and I've saw him. It's horrrible.


When I was in high school I also used to smoke pot occasionaly until I was doing it every day. Thanks to my parents who noticed it and helped me quit. I remember that I've got the same symptoms you are describing. I would say that it's no big deal, with time it is going to pass away, trust me. Just make sure you don't try to drink in order to get rid of what are you feeling otherwise you will find up that you've just switched the addictions. You've made a very good thing by quitting, get used to it and you'll be on your way with a step closer to a better and decent life. You have my good wishing and respect for doing that.