Need a BP med that really works


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Hi everyone.  I really need your help please. I am now trying and I have been trying for a couple of months now to find a blood pressure medication that would really work. I mean, I’m not simply trying to have a medication for blood pressure because I know that there are a lot of them and I have tried a lot of them. to be most specific, I am currently on number 6. So well, I have started off with lisinopril, then I went to Benicar, then benecar HCT, later myocardis and diuretics. None of them have worked or either those that worked have had too horrible side effects, they were simply intolerable. Currently, I am trying clonidine, both for the bp as well as hot flashes (I simply can not tolerate hrt). I am using .1 mg in the morning and the same dosage later in the PM. Today is the 7th day that I have been on it and I’m not sure how to tell how it works for me… it does seem to help a little, but it only helps with the bp (a little) while my fatigue levels is extremely high, it is simply overwhelming me completely. I am not sure if I would be ever able to function again. I am not sure but I am building a tolerance to the fatigue or what?? please help.



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Well, I have quit to use blood pressure medications, all of them because they are all horrible. You may know that absolutely every single medication for BP is having side effects, if you are not having side effects then you may know that you’re one of the luckiest persons out there, and that’s just a way your body reacts. Most noticeable side effects are: fatigue, weight gain, water retention which later is resulting in edema as well as sexual side effects but there are a lot of other side effects too. lately I have been searching and I found a very good alternative between using Apple cider vinegar (ACV) and the natural alternative to the pills and this is blood pressurex. I suggest you to google this name and to see yourself. You have asked for a good way to reduce your blood pressure without having any side effects, I hardly believe that you are going to find something else better than this. they are having absolutely no side effects since they are natural and they do help. yeah, the only down of this thing is that it is costing a little bit more than medications, however, this is surely worth it. you pay a little bit more for not having all of those awful side effects we used to have, don’t you think that this is worth it? and besides, this, it really works very well!!


In the past I have been taking Metoprolol and I took it for a couple of years but I also took it after I have tried a lot of other medications before it. because I was using that drug, I have started to have some diabetes symptoms. I have gained a lot of weight, about 50 pounds back again, this weight appeared back to me after I had previously hardly lost them and besides all of this: I have had a terrible, awful and ugly rash on my both legs. I have found out that all of this was due to the fact that it is lowering the heart rate and therefore it is lowering your metabolism. It took me a little bit to figure out what the fff was going on and what’s causing all of this. After that I have done an extensive research, I have been trying very hard and very much to find myself a natural alternative because I knew that if I would use an natural alternative I won’t have side effects.


So, after all, as a conclusion I can say that now I am finally fine, I can easily control my blood pressure, I am also starting to lose that weight again and finally those horrible legs rashes are almost completely gone (more than 90%). Plus, I am hardly ever tired now, especially if compared to how I used to be in the past, I was ultra easily tired back then. I really think that this is awesome, especially when I remember that in the past I could never get anything done either because I was sleeping very and very much or because I simply started to do something and I already was sleepy. This is very bad…



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hi, Loynes I think you should consult a doctor. You have tried many drugs and I think it's not normal. You are experiencing side effects due to overconsuming. Take a doctor's recommendation I think it's the best way to solve your problems.
I bought Aceon from and these pills helped me. Anyway, I think you should consult a doctor.