Paranoid with tracking


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Hi there everyone… I am hesitating to track a usps letter since the first item on their list of things that they need to do is to link your IP to the parcel that is being tracked. Having that said, I would really appreciate if you, experts, could answer me a few questions such as: is that unreasonable??? What do you think? Another question is: are there any kind of different/ alternative/ various ways or methods to make it more difficult to connect a to b?? and one last question… or better said a statement that I would like to discuss about. I have use tails with tors network/ browser using a third party site a time or maybe 2, however anything on that system it is bound to raise some flags and that’s regardless how big or how meaningless the letter actually is.
Then again, all that I am trying to do here is to search for some experience opinions on this. please and thanks.



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Very well, I do know this. like about 90% or so of the time it does gets there. if you know how I know this? well… I know it from all the years of reading tracking threads and from my personal experience.



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Hey there anaesa, thank you for pointing that out, however I should say that I did have read the rare post of where the IP has been used from checking the TN on the USPS which therefore is connecting recipient to the letter on subject.


An aside, there is somebody out there who has not so long ago posted about the DEA coming around their houses re as well as some kind of indian or maybe thai or whatever other vendor getting busted. Not sure if that’s only me but on the internet there seem to be more and more posts etc. that claims people getting busted and with DEA at their house doors. This does reminds me of that dr. in the AZ back approximately in 2004 or so that has inevitably got taken down by the different agencies and that’s because of the fact that he has been wildly off the chain. In the end I have heard that what they actually wanted from her has been the PC that she has been using and that’s because they could use it as evidence against the focus of the bust. The doctor and guys that were running the warehouse. That has been everything, not to take her down. But anyhow, this, obviously, does not have anything to do with tn’s.


That’s so true it is a rarity, however as a risk factors this does remains and would wonder if using the tor network (or browser) would be worth here, talking about this problem (while associating with this problem) given the issue. Please do not get me wrong however I just really hate to expose myself at all, if possible. I’ve just got to say that I truly enjoy walking out the front door at will given my age.


And yeah, I did meant to point out that I never (in fact, I do, but very and very rarely) check a tracking number… that’s unless I am having a specific reason or maybe mistrust of the vendor or something like this… then there are some occasions where something it is going wrong, or maybe overdue… whatever and curiosity compels you to dig deep what transpired. Then later, in case there is something that has legally went wrong then that’s one very real and specific reason of why you should not try to connect yourself in the clear to the thing. Anyhow… that very thing just has came up with BS… and if I had not checked then I would not have gotten my refund because of providing what happened to it. and yeah, I do know that I did use a way that obfuscated me. what is your opinion upon all of this?



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My honest opinion is: I would not track it if I was really worried/ concerned about all of this. generally I wouldn’t do anything at all if that’s creating discomfort or concerns to me… and yeah, they can tell, however do they care that much? I honestly think they do not, in fact, I can bet that they do not. They don’t actually know what it is carrying the inside of that letter, however what they know for sure is that the letter is on its way on to your address. Do not get me wrong, I do agree with you on the fact that we should be taking precautions the way that you do if we really want to be safe, however my fears have been really really big time calmed down by reading the advice from some other members here on this site as well as on other different sites (I really love forums, lol) who are discussing about the possibilities and about the consequences and stuff like that!


I’ve just got to say that personally for me, I can live with that, I honestly can. I just let them look at me looking and ordering and receiving, not a problem for me, and in my (personal, of course) opinion, I am not doing anything that wrong etc. LE might disagree with this, however I really doubt that they are going to do anything at all more than to send a LL if it came down all to this. I also have seen some of those threads were people said they have woken up with DEA/ FDA or whoever else out there at their house door, but I doubt that they would send any more of their resources than to send a LL to me.


And yeah, I do know that might be breaking their laws as I do know what that legally means, however I just know that I am not breaking my laws. And yes, I also do know that apathy of the law it is not an excuse or something that would save you, however I am just trying not to worry too much about everything and I am really trying not to track too much due to the fact that it does makes me be more stressed and anxious, however it does not help with anything at all as it does not make it get here any second faster, so over some time I realized that this tracking does more bad than good (in fact it doesn’t do anything good) so I stopped.


To be honest, I would really like to order from a site that it is carrying non controlled meds as well as the controlled ones. I don’t know but maybe the package is containing birth control pills or something like this, that would still be illegal, however that is being supposed to be overlooked, I guess…


So well, when I am ordering my regular medications then that it is not being controlled, I am having no concerns at all. nobody will ever care about it. anything that it is even a little bit scheduled it is a completely different story out there, however I just know that unless they are going to open the package that comes to you, they just don’t know and they can’t know what actually it is inside of it.


Unfortunately, I can’t really say much about your protections as I don’t actually know nearly anything about it. to be honest, I do think that it is good to take them, in case you are being worried about being observed/ noticed or whatever else if and while you are tracking a package coming to you, then why to track it, especially when you know that nothing good would happen by doing it? simple as that… just don’t do it and problem solved. You either get it or you don’t, will you check it every hour over the entire period it comes to you or you will not check it even once – the time it comes to you is exactly the same. But an interesting idea, IMO, is that they will know that somebody who has had an interest has been checking it. if you have no interest you won’t check. But if you do have it then there’s something interesting. And especially if you check it every hour. I do believe that this is true, and that’s even with the protections which I absolutely don’t have any ideas at all!


I just think that there’s also the possibility of asking the vendor to check the tracking for you if you do not want to have absolutely any associations with the tracking. He would have an interest and that would, again IMO, obfuscate even more. To be honest, I do think that it is fine either way, however I do understand very well the reason you would want to leave a few clues as possible. All that I have written up there is just my opinion based on speculations/ what I have read and what I have heard. I can’t know if any of that is true so please, don’t think of this as something ‘bulletproof’.