Topamax Vs Neurontin – differences, similarities


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As many people here, I also have used both of these medications… I have been started with the Topamax which has been given to me by a neurologist for my nerve pain that I used to have in my neck and in my shoulder areas, and therefore these pains have been leading me to have some extremely bad headaches that were intolerable, especially since I was getting all those pains at once. Sadly and unfortunately for me, it has not helped me a bit… I instead have got a better relief from using the Fiorial. The Gabapentin has been given to me later by my pain med doctor for the nerve pain that I have been having in buttocks which has been all running down my leg basically sciatica. This thing did has worked well, but it did worked for only approximately a year or so, during the time that I have been at the dose of 300 mg 2 times per day. After that, slowly but steadily, it started to be more and more ineffective until it was useless as it really did not helped me anymore at all, however what’s strange is that in the time that I have been using it, I have found out that for some still nowadays unknown reason to me, it has been working for my insomnia. To be honest, I am clueless at all if this thing should or can be used as only a medication for the insomnia alone. The best for insomnia which did has worked quite well for me for more than 9 years has been temazepam. I have no idea how I didn’t developed tolerance to it for that long but it kept on working. Of course, I have also been recommended and of course I did have tried them – anti depressants medications, however, not sure how for others, but for me those are totally some sh*tty medications! but I guess we all have already noticed this: they are all out there being much more worried about their own @sses than to really do whatever it takes to help their patients to live a normal life. If doctors would really start thinking about their patients as if they were their children then world would be a much better place to live in. my previous doctor has had absolutely no issues with me using that stuff for 9 years as long as he knew that it was helping me and provided me a much better quality of life than I did without it. however, then there’s this one, this new doctor that is claiming that this is a ‘benzodiazepine’ and they are no good for me. oh wow… thank you doctor, you really saved my freaking life. They did worked with absolutely no issue for me for all of those many years that I have been on them, and now, out of a sudden (since I was given a new doctor) they don’t work anymore! How I couldn’t notice that before??? Oh… very addicting no good doctor I have been prescribed 30 per month, one at night uct me right off them with no ween down and I have been on 30 mg. no withdrawals at all from them. To be honest, in my opinion, these young new doctors out there are all some kind of a joke, bull sh*t or something… whatever the case they are definitely not good for anything. That’s how I feel about them. I am sorry I know that I went off topic in there here in the end but I just said what I am feeling about it.


I am wishing you all people to have an amazingly great day and to be honest, as far as I am being concerned the best doc for me as far as knowing what kind of medications out there are that I truly need then it is me, LOL.