tramadol is so popular and favorite, why?


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hi all, I guess I should start off by saying that I am not a pain killer drug user, at least not a regular one. to be honest, I am always thinking about vicodin when it is coming to pain to such a level that people need pain killers. generally, to be honest, to me - when thinking about pain killer medication I am always thinking about vicodin. I guess that this is because typically, this is the medication that the orthopedic doctors are giving, or in the ER emergencies or the medication that dentists are usually giving either. since I like to read a lot and since I am browsing lots of forums (especially medicine related forums) I have started to notice that especially lately, tramadol is the favorite pain killer medication by so many people out there (or at least this is what it seems). so well, I did have used one today, some hours ago, due to the fact that the MR's that I am usually using that are being scripted to me were not able to be helping me with that random strain that I am having on my shoulder and on my neck by over working out (what seems) and also doing some other work around the right that it has caused my upper right next to simply just ache very and very much and hard.


I have to say that I have had a car accident a while back and I have been given some tramadols, but I didn't needed them so I simply saved them up for moments like today when I thought that I would take them and I would be fine. I have used 50 mg of it in the morning with some food and I have got to work but the pain was still there and it didn’t helped me (seemingly, not at all). at approximately 10:30 AM or so I have seen that this tramadol isn't help me so I have decided to use 5 mg of muscle relaxer but I still had no relief as the ache was still going on as hard as it was… so then later in this afternoon (today) I was out of ideas of what I should do so I took an advil the regular dose but even so still no help at all, no relief from the ache.


but damn… I have been thinking that tramadol is going to help me with that kind of pain, I have been thinking that since it is so preferred by so many then it might help with nearly all kind of pains?! this has been on going I am going to have to rest my neck and my shoulders from too much of lifting weights, swimming and working around my house, I think that maybe I have over did it?! maybe I have pulled a muscle? I am not sure. but anyway, what is really making me angry is why the tramadol has not worked in relieving my pain? do you think that I have taken a too low dose? do you think that I should have taken more of it? thank you in advance for everything guys and I will be waiting for your responses!



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I am only thinking that tramadol it is so popular due to the fact that typically it is the easiest pain killer medication to get legally prescribed by a doctor. besides this, in case you are planning on purchasing a pain killer medication from an IOP source then tramadol it is by far the least expensive of them all which means that there are already 2 very important points why it is so popular. hydro (vicodins) that you were talking about it is very expensive, another thing is that there are not so much vendors that are carrying it and plus to it all, it is harder to get it from a doctor by prescription. there are a lot of people who are usually getting their medications from India, however any medication from India that it is marketed as being hydro it is fake due to the fact that it is not being manufactured in that country. having this said, it is no wonder why tramadol is more in favor to many people. there are some people that are finding tramadol to be very useful at controlling their pains, however there are other people who do not. it is either the fact that you have taken a too low dose for the medication to be effective for the level of your pains or this specific medication isn't good for you as it won't work regardless of the dosage you take. mediations really seem to affect everybody differently because of the variations in the body chemistry and maybe your specific body chemistry does not accept or something in this matter what tramadol delivers to you. but usually, majority of people do find it being helpful, another point as to why tramadol is more and more popular. hope this answers your question!



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hello OP, from reading your post, it does seem to me that you have been prescribed tramadol in the past, as you have mentioned that you have had some left over from an car accident you have been involved in (which I am very sorry about). I want to say that unless you do not remember this, you need to know how well this specific drug is interacting and is working within your system and with your body individually. I am not very sure if I have got it right or not, but maybe you haven't used any of it? I couldn't understand it for sure. but I am pretty sure that you meant that you used only some of them and then you didn't used all of them, otherwise why would a doctor give them to you?


so, having that said, maybe just subconsciously, you might have been comparing the results that you have been having while using hydrocodone, which I am quite sure that they could have been much more stronger and better at relieving your pains effects for you when comparing to the effects that you have got from tramadol. if you haven't used tramadol at all (which I doubt) maybe you were expecting the tramadol effects not to be so good as hydrocodone's, which, is pretty much the same thing. but as I said, I doubt that you haven't used tramadol at all in the past.


so well, taking in consideration the fact that you did have used them in the past, I really think that it is pretty much possible that by taking just one single pill of it, it is simply not enough to call the pain and manage it, but this is obviously pretty much depending on how severe your pain is/was. I am only stating your prior prescription so in this way it is showing how much safer it is for you to be self medicating than for somebody who has never used the tramadol medication before to try it out.


now, the reason as to why tramadol is used to be so popular (and it really seems to be growing in popularity) it is because it has been known as a pain killer by the masses which means that it is simply has not been classified as one, as it has been easy to get it and to keep in amounts of it and on hand just in case you need it. but you should know that those who just kept on ordering it and kept on using it like that they have had a little secret that nobody knew and it is that they have been addictive. however, then later a new classifications has appeared and this classification has made it much more harder to get it, it made it a lot much more harder for a lot of people out there who were depended on the domestic OPs for them, and not to keep a secret further I can tell you that many, most likely, still have not found a solution to this problem.


however, this is not everything. another thing that has made (that played an very important role in) the new uptake in the tramadol use to grow so much it is also the new classing of the hydrocodone which has made this medication to be extremely hard to get. one of the hardest medications to get I would say. so having all of this said, more because of the forced situation than by their own choice, I am thinking that there are a lot of pain killer users that have turned to tramadol as one of their best resort from which is left… as it is most likely be their one of the very few or maybe even their only recourse (or the best compared to what's left but I don't think that anything else is left). therefore… just in case it is all that there is that a person is able to get, and it is either this or nothing at all, then I am pretty sure that a lot of people would choose them… as I said, this is because the only other choice for them it is no choice, or better said - nothing or tramadol.


I would say that the one and only thing which tramadol is having in its favor, and also, depending upon the situation in its disfavor as well, over some other pain killers out there, it is the anti depressant, which it is (to me) so so overriding it sometimes becomes the biggest and the main reason for its use by so so so many people out there. again, the reason why it becomes more and more popular.


it is kind of it is having a tendency to make a specific person who uses it to feel at least a little bit better overall about things, and that's along with some pain relief either. but, as I said, this is also in its disfavor either depending upon the situation and the situation is the time when you want to get off of it. as with absolutely everything in this life, there is a catch to a positive and to this positive it is the time when you want to withdraw from it… if and when a person is trying to withdraw from this medication, then because of that effect, there is most likely going to be a type of a double withdrawal (in severity) in the same time. that’s because the person is withdrawing from the pain killer and from the anti depressant simultaneously, having this said - it is surely not a very (not at all) pleasant situation to be in. there are some people saying that the withdrawal from tramadol it is the worst withdrawal ever, being harder and worse than withdrawal from heroin and other banned substances. I can't say either this is true or not, but this is only what I have heard about it.


but there's one thing for sure… just in case you do find yourself to be in that specific situation of withdrawing from it after some lengthy periods of tramadol use, then you are most likely going to forget about absolutely all and any of the positives that you have been feeling from using them and most likely you are going to curse that single day that you have tried them for the first time. and even if you do succeed on withdrawing from them (because there are people who do not, they accept that they are dependent and use them continuously) then you still won't remember those positives but only those nightmare days that you have went through when trying to withdraw. and yeah, it is obvious that after you are going through those very painful and long and drawn out withdrawals more than just once then you are figuring it out that this is one very addictive little pill and it is probably one of the hardest substances to stop using, but even so, at the current point in time, it is still one of the easiest drugs (pain killer) to get your hands on.


so, as a conclusion I would say that the reason and the secret as to why tramadol it is so popular at this point in time, it is because it is the easiest pain killer to get access to. this is what I am thinking that it is going on at this moment (just my opinion), but yeah, also, as it has been said up there by another member… another very important factor it is that the price for tramadol it is drastically less when comapring to any other pain killer medications either in the USA or anywhere else in the world. best regards to you!



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frompleat, yes indeed, tramadol it is so popular and it is so preferred by many because of the ease to purchase it (especially when comparing to other pain killers out there). I really doubt that it is because of the pain killing effect itself since as much as I know - there are much stronger pain killer medications. but besides this, tramadol can be purchased from nearly all IOP internationally and it is very and very easily found nearly all over America. in fact, it is so much so, that you could have it right the next day. but, from as much as I have hard, this has been until LE has found some of the local pharmacies in USA (as much as I can remember, in Jersey as well as in some other locations) that have been multimillion dollars were made by selling in an illegal way.


in fact, I should say that Suffes  has said it all just perfect! I also think that one reason why it is so preferred it is because there is just more than simply its pain killing properties (since as I said, there are much stronger pain killing medications). but even so, I need to and I will repeat what he has mentioned in his post and that's due to the fact that what he has said needs to be remembered very well and which is why it should be said once again and more.


there it is more to tramadol than it's binding to opiates, that's it is first action. the second action in bearing on the uptake of serotonin and norepinephrine. it is also a SNRI either. this is the reason why people, shortly after using it, are finding themselves to be dependent on using tramadol. it is making some productive on it. in fact, there appeared a point that to keep the productiveness stops, and so the user need to use more, more than the 400 mg that it is being allowed to use per day. however, there's a really big risk at doing that and it is that using more than what's maximum allowed per day (400 mg) then can put you at a seizure.


I know it all because I have been dependent myself on the American brand (as it has been before the time everybody sought out for IOPs). and yeah… I did have had a seizure on it either… I have then slowly gotten myself off from it, and had PAWS for like 2 years or so on it. but what has been said by Suffes up there is true, talking about the fact that you would be cursing the day you took it… I really wish that I had never used it. there are a lot of people here on this board and on other boards as well (and generally all over the internet you can find) who have had the exact same experience, an experience that I wouldn't call it pleasant at all! but there are also other people who wouldn't ever say this because often people think of dependent people as of weak people. it is just up to them individually whether they want to share this experience and story of their life with you or not. but to be honest, I personally think vice versa - those people who ended up dependent on something and got out of it then they are surely not weak - they are the strongest! the irony is that even though I am one of them - I still don't consider myself to be strong :D anyway, I am open about my past drug experience and here you go with it. I just think that these experiences SHOULD be shared because they can help other people and here's what I am trying to do now here.



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oh yeah, it has already been said here but I wanted to say that I also tend to attribute the popularity mostly to the legal status that it has when comparing it to the other pain killers out there, both in this day and in the past as well.


if analyzing this drug based on history, it has been one of the only opioid pain killers that has not been a controlled substance in the United States of America, in the time that all of the other opioids out there that most of the people know of (and here including the one that you have mentioned - hydrocodone) have been scheduled, either schedule III or schedule II, and this makes them to be much more harder to get. those domestic suppliers out there could provide both a prescription as well as a next day mail supply of tramadol either when it has been scheduled this way, assuming the fact that you have given them a quick review of your symptoms. it has been recently re scheduled again, as a schedule IV medication, this means that it is controlled enough in order to make those domestic suppliers to be illegal, however they are not as controlled as those well known pain killers and so it is still relatively easy to purchase them through IOPs. if they would have been schedule III or even schedule II then this would change a bit. but all of this meanwhile, hydrocodone has been bumped up to the schedule II which is even harder to get than schedule III medications (and it has also been put there along with oxycodone, morphine as well as other pain killer narcotics out there) and thus making it to be even more difficult to get reliably than it would have been in the past.


but, it is also true that maybe you were expecting to get the same properties of pain relief. no, that's not a good thing, you should not expect this tramadol, which is a synthetic opioid medication with some SNRI effects (antidepressants, this is pretty much how Effexor/ venlafaxine is working) to be having the exact same effects as other opiates as you have tried, they are rather very big chances that it is not going to have them. but you should be very careful on increasing your dosage, that's because too much can (and it will) cause seizures, be sure about that. besides, you might think that you are in safe zone since you would use a relative low dosage of it but it also can cause seizures in case it is combine with some other meds out there. you should be very and very careful about these things!



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it is true the fact that tramadol is not for everybody. in the time it might work very well for somebody, it might not work at all (or even doing only side effects) for others. I am among the second kind of people who cannot take tramadol. for me, it is inducing headaches, and muscle cramps and I am also all sweating! I have tried them to times with my PCP and both of the times I have called his office and they have had a paper scrip for 10 mg of oxycodone that my wife has picked up and got filled. but I do know that for others it works fine... 



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so, talking from mostly a psych stand point, I really have become a huge fan of them. I just want to say that personally for me, it is working much better than benzos for panic, for my anxiety as well as for my sleep. and besides, it really does feels so so much more nicer than benzos, and besides everything with this one I am able to function normally. I am having yet to have some experience withdrawals, I am going to take it for some months at and time and I guess I am going to stop with when the money situation is not going to allow me to order any more (do you think it is just dumb luck?). I can say that I am feeling exactly the same way about the soma either, they are both some god sent drugs to me for my psych issues that I have. frankly, the worst withdrawal experience that I have ever had in my life has been from antidepressants and since I told to my self that I won't ever use them if I could finally wean myself off. that's the biggest problems  I have now. those antidepressants and they withdrawals that they had on me has literally cut some years of happiness from my life (in the time they should have given me happiness)  and they still do since I am still not able to get off of them or even wean to an plus or minus normal dose. I can't say anything here from personal experience, however the withdrawals must be up there with the heavy narcotics pain killers either (pretty sure about that) and I think that it can last some months up to maybe even some years (that's pure hell in my opinion). to be honest, I really really wish that the tramadols and/or soma could be somehow considered an alternative to the benzos, however I do accept the reality which means that I know this is never going to happen. pain wise, I do find them to be quite effective when they are being used along with the Motrin. in fact, to be honest with you guys, I would ever take it over vicodin due to the fact that it does seems to me to last much more longer, however I am pretty strange (that's because oxy is doing so so little for me and there are only sometimes when it is giving me some panic attacks, hwoever there are not very much things that are not giving me them… unfortunately). and yeah, regarding what you said up there kintman, I really do not know seroquel has been potentially addictive, in fact, this is the very first time when I see someone saying this about seroquel. I always thought that seroquel is addiction free drug. I have taken seroquel for my sleep many years ago and I absolutely despised the stuff with no problems at all. not sure… maybe it is just me, though I doubt about this.



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"but damn… I have been thinking that tramadol is going to help me with that kind of pain, I have been thinking that since it is so preferred by so many then it might help with nearly all kind of pains?!"


frompleat, I just wanted to say something regarding this part. when I have been firstly prescribed tramadol in my life for my spinal condition, for a short period it did give me some good (better) pain relief effects than codeine and acetaminophen, however I still have stopped from using it because after a while of being on it I have found out that the side effects  are generally outweighing the drug's pain killing benefits that it has…. In my opinion, that's a really great shame that dextropropoxyphene, which is very often being branded as Darvon and Darvocet N or sometimes also Di Gesic (when it is being combined with the acetaminophen), has not been available in most, if not all of the countries for a number of years, that's due to the fact that I personally did have found out that has been much more effective than tramadol, that's for my particular condition.



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it has made me to blackout… and I think that it is most likely from the serotonin syndrome (scads of tests that revealed nothing at all) or maybe because of low blood pressure (that's because my blood pressure is usually running quite low). so, having this said, for me, it has almost been the kiss of death and this is because I have blacked out on an interstate that has been under construction. you just have to be careful with these things



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yeah, what has been said up there it is true and I am talking about the fact that I did have ordered some of the indian hydro which turned out to be a fake one (indeed, all of them are fakes) and I have ordered mine from a particular vendor that it is popular, that it is known being as reliable and which I am quite sure that many of you might know about it since it is so good. turns out it is not so good at selling hydro. not going to say its name since it might be against the forum rules, however I just tell you that anything else that I have ordered besides hydro is good. and again, I have seen that many people order with it. anyway, as I said, there are some other (many other) products that are really good, however yes indeed… those fake hydro that I had looked like one really massive pill (that barely gets through your throat), somebody out there had once said somewhere on the internet (not sure where, maybe even on this forum, I can't remember) that it has been mostly tramadol and as he said some of the muscle relaxers that are being combined together and sold as hydro. which is obviously, by far not the same. they at least tried to recreate a little bit the effects that hydro has.


I have then threw away those trams that remained in the garbage, I remember that I had 5 of them left and I remember because I was thinking that maybe I should save them. I am now going to stick to heat warmer on my shoulder and my neck and I am simply not going to lift this week and I will see what would be the results then. I did have strained it doing something rather stupid, however yet I am just so good at doing it, i find it to be so strange. besides, I am also having a tens unit as well and so I am going to use this in order to send some of the electrical shock stimulation. I can say that in fact, it is just a bit better now, but I still can feel that it is there in case I am not stretching anymore. I just guess that I need now to get back to format of stretching again.


I can say that in case there is someone like me then I am quite sure that you would be surprised to see how much of a difference the stretching is doing, I am having a rather very bad sciatic nerve pain. the stretching really does a good job. I really do not use anything else for it than just stretching, however when I did have stopped to do so I have noticed that the pain is coming back so then I understood how much stretching helps and that's why I recommend you people to do the same. besides, I have also purchased the copper fit lower back belt and I can say for sure that the compression is absolutely making sitting at a desk job with the sciatic nerve pain not to be so bad, surely makes a big difference, therefore I can recommend the belt either along with the copper fit. I should mention here that I am not using any pain killers and the only time that I have used some of the hydros it is the time when I had my wisdom tooth extract and my attempt of getting them from that particular indian vendor that I have mentioned initially, that has taken approximately 2 months (or maybe just a little bit less than 2 months) in order to finally get them. extremely slow.


also, I have noticed that people here started to talk about the antidepressants so I have to say a little bit about them either, that's because I have also been put on the antidepressants so I have a bit of experience with them. however I said only a bit because I have been on them shortly for like 3 months, I did have then threw that away in the garbage either after I have read a bit more about them and I have found out about the bad side effects that it was having. truth is that I do prefer my alp', the doctor has made quite a bad judgment call if you ask me for trying out to see how Lexapro would work on me, and I do know that I should have asked some more questions about it, like for example what's that again?! or at least I do know that I should have learned and researched a bit more about it either.


I got really made in the end because the doctor has seen me for less than 10 freaking minutes and then told me to walk away. how could he diagnose me and know what I need in 10 minutes? then the nurses brought the script in those 10 minutes very quick and even quicker to take your money, however although I did have asked some question, there was nobody who would inform you more about that specific drug, what to do, what to expect, what side effects etc. etc. nothing. in fact, that doctor was useless at all, I have got the impression that those nurses where doing even more than the doctor himself. I just think that the health care system is blown away these days and there is nobody else left who wants to save people and to really help them, I just think that all of them are looking at you as if you are some walking money. I doubt that doctors really wish you to be all healthy because if all people would be perfectly healthy then nobody would pay them so deep inside they have absolutely no interest to help you and to properly treat you. I got the impression that they just want to pretend that they are treating you so you can come back to them over and over again. ughh



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umm.. I just think that that it one very and very good question up there! and that's even though all you have to do is a quick search on google ""trying to stop using tramadol"" and you are going to be given the most terrible and horrible stories of withdrawal hell on this earth, as well as some lifelong and endless battles while trying to get off from this medication, horrible horrible stories with the monster of a drug. it is gaining popularity even though this is indeed a devil's drug if you ask me. that's just not right, but yeah, exactly as others have said it - it is so so popular because of its price and because it is so available nearly to everybody. while other drugs are getting next to impossible to get them (and even if you do you have to pay a sky high price) - this one is nearly anywhere, besides, the prices between this pain killer tramadol and the second most cheap pain killer is a huge difference. that's why it is so popular. not because people want to use it IMO. it is their necessity. as has been mentioned - either this drug or nothing at all.


but yeah, something else that has been mentioned up there but IMO not very explained - another fact that is playing an important role in its popularity it is the fact that tramadol does different things to different people and different effects. it is also acting like an antidepressants either. but not for everybody. someone might be happy on it, others don't. having this said, in case you are lucky enough then you are going to love it (p40 ctochrome enzyme or whatever it is called, I am not sure it's name as I have forgot it, but not so important I guess). but if you are not among the lucky ones then you would absolutely detest the way it works on you. in fact, I think that it is vice versa. I mean, those who absolutely love it on an instant are not lucky at all while the others who has taken it and it didn't work (they didn't liked it) from the very beginning then these are the really lucky ones. doesn't sound to be very logical? let me explain - those who do love it start taking it and take it for long times and maybe even with high doses and so, then they eventually end up being addicted to this thing. and again, in case if you ever on this earth end up being addicted to tramadol then God help you… again, just type in google ""trying to stop using tramadol"" and you'll be given those horror stories which would make you not ever take tramadol in your life. while those who didn't liked tramadol from the very beginning do not take it at all and won't end addicted to it. that's a bit more logical I guess.


and yeah, it is one sure thing that tramadol it is not par with hydrocodone for the traditional opiate mu receptor agonist properties that they have as hydro is, as you already got it, much more better, but this is what is giving the most pain relief to people, what it is giving the pleasure feeling, the euphoria that addicts are looking for.


but even so, many people are judging tramadol by this information and this is, if you ask me, wrong, that's because you should not underestimate tramadol - you can end up very addicted to it and getting off of it - as has been mentioned by tons of people - can be extremely hard. tramadol can kick your ass off in case you won't be using it with extreme care.


I should tell you that mainly, it is affecting 9 chemicals in the brain function, i have read about this a while back and I am not very sure which one of them because I haven't really paid much attention which ones, however it is obvious that each chemical in the brain function matters and it is very important. you may believe me or you may not but that's a really big deal! you should simply google it if you're interested in this or just in case you do not believe me! but yeah, one of them which is the most significant it is serotonin (SNRI, SSRI, SRI etc.) which means that it is an antidepressant, and this is the reason why I personally just need to let it to come into my life.


but yeah, now, having all of that said, I just want to say that in case your neck hurts because you have been pumping iron like that then trust me, especially in the long run, you would be doing so much more better by using advil instead. so good luck man and I hope that you would be fine!



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so well, exactly like all of the other opiates out there… it is making me constipated and is itching like crazy… however, it really does make me feel at least a bit better and I did have had tough withdrawal period from using it. and now with the withdrawals I do know that I must take the pain as it is. just simply the way that it is. simply the more that you fret about the withdrawals the worse it is becoming.


also, I should say that it really does help with the pain SOMEWHAT. now that I did have found the beauty of the  Neurontin (finally) I am able to relax my entire neck, my back and my legs and to sleep like a baby, painless!



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I am not sure how does it works for others, of course, however I just know that tramadol does make me feel tweaked out and feel absolutely crazy and because of this I do not like how it works on me. I am grinding my teeth, I am jerking awake each time when I want and I am trying to sleep and I am generally feeling all panicked while I am taking it. generally, I have just some feelings of unwell on it. like something is wrong. grinding my teeth, panicking and not being able to sleep definitely isn't good. I just think that it is one dirty medication, at least personally for me. not sure why it is so popular. I guess because of what has been said up there. but if it would be after me - it wouldn't be anywhere near popular. besides that, it is also having nearly no opiate effects for me either, I mean, it is not doing a good job with the pain, not at all and that's even during the time when I have had no tolerance on opiates at all. I really do not like it. but beside all mentioned - there are risk of seizures and serotonin sydrome, and even though they are small, it these risks are simply icing on the nasty cake so I personally do not feel comfortable risking with that and especially for WHAT?


but yeah, I do know and it is obvious that people are reacting differently to the medications which means that there are those who love tramadol (otherwise it wouldn't even be popular). in fact, I do know some people in person who do love tramadol. I think that it is most likely so popular here due to the fact that it is in a lower schedule and it can be talked about openly here, compared to some more tightly controlled medications out there. but I see that this has been said. but something else is that this medication is in tons in the IOP land. every vendor has them. I guess one feeds another. since it is popular - all IOPs has it. since all IOPs has it - it is gaining popularity. unfortunately, the "good" thing it is much more harder to come by these late days. however even if it seems to you that you go lucky then in most cases you don't. I mean, that they are very often being counterfeit in case you do come by some good stuff. seemingly good stuff. I have heard about the tramadol being much more less likely to be fake and that's especially if compared to some other things. in fact, I have heard about the fact that it is extremely hard to come by fake tramadol. that's because of mainly 2 things. the price for tramadol is so low that people simply won't have financial benefit from counterfeiting it and second thing why is so hard to come by fake tramadol it is because there are so many vendors who sells good tram that you would have a hard time finding something fake. but this is only what I have heard about it.



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I would say that it is, in fact, pretty good for something like for example arthritis where you do not want those heavier pain killers that might be more dangerous but in the same time naproxen and ibuprofen (or even together) alone are not just enough for you to take care of the pain that you have. I am also having pains… I have a vertebral issue in my neck and I did tried tramadol for it but it doesn't even touch this pain when it is flaring up and this is the reason why I should take something else. this is why I can say that I totally do agree with those who said that it is not such a strong pain killer (or as strong as OP expected it to be) compared to other heavier pain killers like hydro or oxy. that's why when the vertebral issue of mine is flaring up I am now using oxy or hydro since tram won't do a thing. this is why I can say that in case a person is used to use hydro or oxy for their kind of pain (when that pain is so strong that it needs it) then tramadol is going to seem to you like a vitamin or something like this. to my understanding, tramadol is the kind of pain killer when the person has a moderate pain level. for light pain level - ibuprofen or naproxen and for heavy pain level - oxy or hydro. might be wrong, not sure, but that's how I understand them.


but there's also another thing… an unfortunate part of the tramadol and it is that physicians were handing out some scripts for this thing much freely than they should while they were thinking that it is not, in fact, an ""real opiate"" and so they were thinking that the addiction probability to this drug it is low. they were wrong. so wrong. in the past, people didn't knew what this pill actually is and what it can do. I just think that there were a lot of physicians who simply did not believe it or maybe didn't even wanted to believe in it, however as soon as it has been out there and they have seen that, in fact, this is a very addictive pill (and many ended up in withdrawals and in addiction of it) they have scheduled it and have tossed a lot of people off of it and this is where the drama started for a lot of people… they used to get it with no problems and after that they couldn't - but they were addicted. the withdrawals started for most of these people but the withdrawals from this drug is hell on earth…


but also, there are some other ways that people came upon tramadols as well. not so long ago I have met somebody who has been kind of misusing the percocets that she has been prescribed by her dentist. the thing is that she has been afraid of getting withdrawals and she has heard somewhere (not sure where she heard such kind of info) that tramadol would help her with this and that she simply could jump off of tramadol after a few weeks of taking it when she won't need it anymore. that's what she has done and very well… as much as you can understand… when she did have tried to jump off the tramadols that she has been taking for weeks has told me that the withdrawals has been far much worse than what she would have had to deal with the percocets (and the withdrawals are the reason why her dentist gave her percocets instead of trams, he wanted to save her from the withdrawals, but she got into them without him knowing it…). she has found her own way into the world of the online medicine and currently she is stuck on them like so many other people out there. yeah… she cannot get off from them because of the too harsh side effects. there is no need to mention that she regrets doing it and not listening to her dentist and the fact that she has ever tried this medication.


as anything in this world, there are pros and there are cons of this… the pros are that it is cheap and it is pretty easy to get it, it is also having some antidepressant qualities that some people find them very effective and for the less severe pain problems (as I said, moderate level of pains) it does a good job.
but the cons are alike to the pros as the fact that it is cheap and that it is so easy to get are cons as well… but some cons that are even bigger are that it is addictive and it is very prone to abuse and as many people know it - it is one drug that's very and very difficult to stop using it.


I really wish that I have never taken them and never been prescribed these pain killers… I got off from them but it was one extremely bad experience… that I never want to get through.



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hi everyone I'm really sorry about your situation but maybe it doesn't help you because pain killer meds can't help everyone
if you really have severe pain and you have tried different pain killers and none of them helped you I think you need to consult a doctor because he can assess your situation and prescribe the drugs that are right for you it may be a stronger drug compared to those that you are taking now
I never tried any of them I wish you to find out that pain killer that you need good luck