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ways of beating hair follicle test?

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  • ways of beating hair follicle test?

    Hello everyone, they are hiring out here in the state where I am living to work in the oil field, however the thing is that they want a hair follicle test done. I’ve tried to get some information on how you can beat this test but I’ve seen that people claim that this is one of the hardest test to beat, in fact, unbeatable… I mean.. c’mon, is that for real? I mean, isn’t there any methods at all to beat it? it is indeed an unbeatable test? I would really like to make this thread with as many methods for beating this test or with that one bulletproof method that surely works. So I would really appreciate a lot of each one of you would share their ideas.

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    Oh well… I think that it pretty much depends on what you exactly need to clean out of it and how often you are have been using it as well. plus, it is important to know how much do you have, do you know how much?


    I think that sometimes, your levels may already be so low that even if you are going to test positive then the result is going to be disregarded because of false positives or if not then you’re going to demand a second test which would occur days later which would surely show a negative.


    You know… in fact, there is a bullet proof method – you’ve simply got not to use anything… I do know that this is stupid, but IMO this is the only bulletproof method!


    But anyway, if you really want to get some more help then you could send me a pm and I am going to try to help you out as I am having 2 pretty good methods than might be working quite well with a good success rate. best of luck to you!


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      But, can’t you just simply post your methods here? I am not having anything against PMing or anything like that but I would also like to know them, plus the OP said that he would want to make a thread where everybody would know how to beat hair follicle test.


      Exactly as the OP, I’ve got to say that I am also pretty nervous about this upcoming hair testing that I would have. I am applying for the post college full time jobs pretty soon in the professional world and I wouldn’t want to get rejected or something in this matter. while I am not being worried about a pee test (it is pretty easy to clean up before) I am pretty worried about this hair follicle test. Exactly as OP, I’ve also already tried to search on the internet something and I have seen that there are a lot of methods that simply do not work. Regarding the pee test I’ve seen there some good methods and that’s why I am not quite worried. And I also have to say that I do not like the time window that they have to test for. and also, pretty much depending on how soon they are going to perform this test (in case they eventually do)… they  are not going to like what they are going to see, I’m quite sure about that.


      So, do you have any public recommendation for me and everybody else, or I really need to PM you as this is the only way that you could help me and share your methods?


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        Well, the main reason why I have said to send a pm so he could share with me his story without posting it publicly… I do know that there are people who don’t really like to post them so everybody could see them… I do know that there are people who would rather not share their history in an open thread. So I just wanted to say that he can feel free doing it privately and in that way I would try to help him more. you can’t help a person without knowing his story first.


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          well, pretty much what you’ve seen on the internet is true and I am talking about the fact that it is an unbeatable test. You can’t hide it because it is a hair follicle test! I do know well that unless you are using someone else’s hair then there is nothing that you can do to defeat that test, I mean… there is no way! and I assure you that anybody who is claiming the otherwise is wrong, definitely! Just please… do not fall for the “stripping” shampoos! They are not working, and nothing else works. The test is made that way that you can’t beat it, as I said, unless you use somebody else’s hair and then, of course, the test shows the results the other person had. Well, you do not have to take word for it, I’m just trying to help, not scare. So if you need prove then just use the method and send in a hair test with GC confirmation and you are going to see it yourself. I know that walgreens is having them, so you’ve just got to go and do it. I’m really sorry…


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            So well.. I do know that this is not the answer that you have been searching for, however I came up with a 100% guaranteed way to “beat” absolutely any drug testing: I have started my own business. As I said, this isn’t what you wanted. But this is surely going to make you “beat” them all. we are not drug testing our people and this is mostly because I consider that this is an invasion of privacy and they shouldn’t be done at all. what I am trying to say is that as long as people are doing their jobs in time and they are doing their job well then I personally really do not care at all what they are doing in their own time as it doesn’t even affect me… and I consider that it shouldn’t affect me or that I should care about it… that’s their own time. if the person is not doing his job then what’s the point keeping him? but if the person does the job extremely well, like nobody else, but on the drug test he comes up positive, why would you fire him as long as he does it so well?? but it is obvious… this is making too much sense for corporate America…


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              Well, I honestly don’t think that it would be THAT hard to hide a portion of somebody else’s hair and to give it to them, instead of yours, of course… you’ve just got to hide a bit of… hair. should be the easiest thing to hide, I guess. if you give them your hair and you’ve used something then I am quite sure that they would detect it and I am quite sure that there is nothing that you can do it as long as it is inside of the hair… I do know that hair can tell about substance usage for a pretty long long time… I have big doubts that you can clean it somehow…


              But you know… I’m thinking right now… how are they testing hairless people? LOOOL


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                Yeah, you might hide somebody else’s hair, I also don’t think that it would be a hard thing to do, however, don’t they walk up to you, pull one hair out by the root directly from your hair and are putting it in a little plastic case? I honestly think that it would be a really hard thing to convince them to take those few hairs that you are having in your hand because I don’t think that they are so stupid. It might be your hair, but I do think that they might very well realize that it might not be yours.


                Regarding the fact if there’s a bald person that has no hair then they are getting a pubic hair so that wouldn’t save you. however, in case you are going to shave absolutely all of your hair from your body then I am quite sure that they are going to assume that you are having something serious to hide so they are not going to test (of course, since they won’t be able) but there would surely be consequences as well, that is why I would not recommend OP to do that either. I am not quite sure what you can do about it… maybe you could become a bleach blonde to strop the hair of chemicals and then to color it back to its natural shade? I am not sure if this would work, but that’s, at least an idea… and yeah… I do know that this is pretty damaging on your hair, however in case bleaching works (again, I am not sure if it does work or not, but it is an idea) and the job that you’re trying to accomplish is important enough, then I surely think that it is worth it (or especially taking in consideration that you’re trying to stay out of jail, that’s important enough isn’t it?)


                I guess I can see it now… they are telling you that it is a hair follicle test so you are doing all the right things so that your hair is being “lean” and then they are taking blood or urine… oops… IMO that’s a real screw in there. I guess.