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  • Midol is dangerous

    hey people, all I wanted to do is to warn you that you should watch out for Midol and the reason is that I have taken a Midol the day before I've got a urine test, and when the results came, it has said that I have had benzos in my system… I mean, I surely didn't used any benzos, only Midol, and the results were positive for benzos. that's surely not normal. the lab cleared it up, however I only wanted to let people know about this risk because I was clueless that such a result can appear.

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    wow, that's craziness, I've never heard of that ever happening and I wasn't even thinking about this. however, now that I have seen your post I have started to search about this on google and I've seen that it is, indeed, true because it does seem like there are quite a few other people who have had this problem either (and also I am pretty sure that there must be other people who had this problem and they simply didn't wrote about this online).


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      oh yeah, I do know what you're talking about since I've also failed a UA test from using it. now I am completely done with this Midol… do any of you have any recommendations?


      oh… sorry, that's a dumb joke…


      but I did have actually read that somewhere else in the past when I have been skimming through some things and yeah, it can happen. but I also wanted to say that it is pretty amazing of how there are some common drugs and foods that can cause you to fail, either by the fact that it is a false positive or they do have something in them. shoot - even poppy seeds. yeah, I do realize that you surely may need to eat a lot of those in order to cause a positive result, however I am still darn sure that one's a fact and that's enough.


      In fact, from all the reading that I've done… there are a lot of stuff that I would recommend you guys to avoid if you need to do a UA for a job and such things… but anyway, I am quite sure that only one single google search should let you know at least the most common and regular problem makers in such situations.


      I could most likely use some Midol as of late I am being said, LOL!


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        oh wow, who would have ever thought about this? I would surely not… that's when it seems that they have no connection between the 2. I would also like to ask you… can the lab tell the difference between a traditional (normal) benzodiazepine and the midol though? I mean, there must be something that would differentiate the 2. it seems that you could very well always claim that it has been midol. plus, if that's known that midol can cause such UA test result then they should take it in consideration and look up if that's indeed midol (when it actually is).


        I can only guess that I never really believed in such stuff, in the military, a fellow soldier has tested positive for the opioids and that test has specifically identified that he has used vicodin. I mean, they did have seen that specifically she has used (not only opioids as of general or a mistake or something like that) so I still think that you need to have chances to get through it. as of her… she said that it has been only one pill that she has gotten from her father for a really bad headache she was having and ibuprofen wasn't enough to kill the pain… needless to say that the military has kicked her out…


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          thinking about this part you've mentioned: *I would also like to ask you… can the lab tell the difference between a traditional (normal) benzodiazepine and the midol though? I mean, there must be something that would differentiate the 2. it seems that you could very well always claim that it has been midol.* I can say only that I can guess mostly, and I guess that midol would show up pretty lightly as a benzo in the time that a traditional (normal, as you said) benzo I guess would show up as a strong benzo which wouldn't have much of a doubt that it is an actual benzo. however, as I said, this is only my guess, I am not exactly sure on this one, maybe I'm wrong? either way, I am not sure that they can see the brand you've taken, but I am pretty sure that they can see the levels and according to those levels they can make conclusions. am I wrong?


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            that's really crazy how things show up so weird, that's indeed VERY weird, or at least that's my opinion about it… I can say that I have started a new job a few years ago and as usual, they have had a drug test on spot on me and I was completely SHOCKED AND FLOORED when the results came back and they told me that I have had methadone in my system (I've never even used methadone in my life, never at least tried only once). in fact, I can say that I have never even taken any illegal medications and nothing what requires a prescription and I used without a doctor's agreement. it is still nowadays a mystery to me what caused me to test positive for methadone but I would really like to find out… I guess it is obvious they didn't believed me that I never ever even tried methadone so I was walked out and stumped… too bad because the job was really good…


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              well, hi there everyone. I can only say that I have been working as a risk managed for a couple of years and I did gave some urine tests, both pre hire as well as random ones where I would pull an employee from the floor to administer. having that said, I only tried to say that I have seen a lot of tests in my life and I've seen as much results for those tests so I can tell you that I CANNOT tell you how much (if counting) and how many of the false positive are appearing! there are a lot of them! and you know… because of all of those false positives (if there were false positive) then the employee could not return to work, not at least until the lab had done some further testing and found out that it is a false positive (and that's the worst part - a lot of time has been spent in vain because of this!). the good part is, as I said, there are further testing which shows if the testing was false positive or not so if you surely didn't used benzos and only midol, then an further test would show this up without any problems. in fact, I can tell you that there was our Director of Nursing who has failed hers after she fell down and has been given one as a standard protocol for accidents. oh my god… I would really like to photo her face when she has seen her results… I mean, I would never forget it… her face was priceless when I have showed up her results… you know, the test didn't had a false positive… that test came back with 4! (yes, four) positives needless to say that her testing were sent further and the lab said that she has been all clean and all 4 positive were false, so we all have been teasing her relentlessly after that. either way, what's still in the 'unknown land' is what is actually causing any of those false positives that lots of people had! at least in your case you know it was midol.


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                indeed, I also do know very well that there are a lot of those false positives for a drug screen and I also have no idea what makes them appear. either by what we are eating/ drinking or some other OTC (over the counter) drugs that we take. or maybe a combination of all 3. not sure. BUT, that's only in case of a drug screen and the good side here is that I personally have never ever heard of a false positive for drug confirmation MS/GC test which means that if your results were indeed false positive then you have the right to ask that your test to be sent to drug confirmation MS/GC test and there you're going to be safe. the MS/GC test won't be making any mistakes because the drug screen is basically a qualifier while the confirmation (MS/GC I talk about) is quantifying positively what and also how much! if you ended up being said that you have a substance in your system from this confirmation then you, doubtless, have it in your system. I just saw that a lot of people say drug test and they are not distinguishing between a screen and a confirmation.


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                  there are just so so many variables with the 'lab results'. I would say that if it depended on the jail time or the loss of your job/ family or whichever else that's truly important then all you have to do and to get is a really good lawyer in order to make sure that the company it is following the standard procedures as it should be done. this is not including on how the other end is storing the test equipment, or how they are sending it off to the laboratory and so on and so forth. but if you are willing to spend some of your time and you are going to google this nonsense then you are going to find out and see how many of the companies and their test equipment is producing false positives and things like this… you're trying to tell me that there is no other chemical combination in the world that it is turning that color strip you store in a non moisture free environment is producing a color that is showing that I am using some drugs? if not the strips then how do I know for sure (I mean, what guarantees?) that the cup I have filled has been all sterile and clean and not tampered with before sent to the laboratory? also, how credible has been that technician before handling the urine (or the blood or whichever else was sent)? plus, I would also want to get the answer to was that urine or blood result (or again, whichever else) sent across the country in a temperature and humidity that is proper to be in? I mean, a controlled environment at all? as I am quite sure that these are playing an important role on the final results either.


                  one time I have been asked if I have had energy drinks to drink before my exam and I have said that yeah, I do and that's because I have been said that those can create some false positives at the results, not sure but most likely it is because there are some energy drinks that are containing alcohol and the color on the strip has been really really faint… which has told me that he needed his eyes check.


                  but then again, my recommendation here, as always in this field… since most of us are being forced into it from our medical conditions we suffer, or maybe by choice some, it is better to have a lawyer on hand, and I guess I shouldn't explain why it is preferable to have a good lawyer. what we are discussing here is drug business and it is never a funny thing and often - might get into trouble because of it (in terms of our health, financially, law etc. etc.). and a fact is a fact - most are considering us to be abusers even though most of us aren't and even if we did a drug one time. that's enough. for most people - using a drug (regardless if it's for a serious legal condition) already means you're a drug abuser. however I do think that society has yet to indicate people who are abusing food, are causing health premiums to go up. I mean, seriously, do you see how many overweight policemen and agents are in the field? many of them being on some drugs as well. others indeed abusing drugs. but nevertheless, we still, all of us, need to pay for their medical insurance down the road. this is the drug war, we all know it, and this drug war is the longest, ongoing war net to religion and I honestly think that these will never ever be either won or lost. because it just can't be lost or won. we all know that you can make indeed a lot of money in the drug business, lots of people already made a lot of money there, depending on which side of the fence you are there. but hell… I'm really thinking that now I should have established a drug screening clinic, market it and to sell it. this is how you make money. it has used to be 2 certainties in this life, it is death and taxes. but I really think that we might as well add drugs here to this list and that's mostly beucase this is what every single commercial in the USA is pushing down out throats even including our doctors. I just wish you to take care.


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                    um… I have to take about 3 times per week… I just have got a call which was saying that I have tested positive for the opiates which, I am damn sure that I have never used it in my entire life… of course I disagreed with them and I have told them to send it back for the confirmation because such a thing can't exist, however to be honest, I am still worried a little bit because I have ingested some poppy seeds so I am worried that the results might show positive even on the confirmation because of those poppy seeds… I mean, if these poppy seeds are truly what has showed the false positive on the test then wouldn't they be able to show the positive on the confirmation as well? or on the confirmation such thing can't exist? I'm worried. thanks anyway!


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                      hey, I wouldn't be worried if I would be you and if you really haven't taken any opiates but only poppy seeds. I mean, they have seen that the poppy seeds and false positives are a problem so they have increased the confirmation level for poppy seeds to where you would need to ingest 5 lbs of those seeds in one single day in order to test positive. since I am sure as hell that you haven't eaten 5 lbs of those seeds then you are all fine. but again, if you really have ingested only poppy seeds and no opiates, then you are all fine, no worries. stay calm because confirmation it is about as foolproof as it is getting. stay calm.


                      oh yeah, there is one more thing that I nearly forgot to mention… why are they calling you after drug screen positive? I mean… it is a very common thing to get a false positive on drug IA screen, and this is why there is that confirmation step. it does seems like they don't have any idea of what they are doing or do not have a formal procedure or something… I do know that most of the companies are following the DOT procedures even though they are going to expand the panel as it is needed.


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                        well, it is not employment drug screening and that is why the levels are set to 300 ng/ ml, this is for probation… employment drug testing it is set at 2000 ng/ ml… however I am just being worried, still worried…. I am currently waiting on the results from the confirmation test…. everything that I have read online is telling that even one bagel can give you a false positive (I mean… c'mon…) however I really do hope that you are right about that 5 lbs of seeds thing per day. and yeah, I surely didn't ate 5 lbs either way, when I get the results I will let you know!


                        also, I want to say that I do know this guy in drug court who has been drinking the energy teas from the store, it has been like a gnc, however not a chain. well, this has caused him to get tested positive for alcohol and that's a really big problem because he has got sent to jail!!! but yeah, the drug testing place really need to be able to tell the difference as it can't be like that! we all do know that there is just way too much wrong with the entire drug testing practices… so do not even get me started… those people are very corrupt and unfortunately for us, simple people, they do not care about people's (ours) freedom or jobs are on the line… I would so much want this to be changed…


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                          so well, thanks guys… I have got another call today with the results from the gc/ms and everything is fine. I mean, the gcms test came back be negative… as I said, I never ever tried opiates so I am not sure why the initial test showed positive, I guess from those seeds, whichever the case, sure thing is sure: the initial test has been a false positive doubtless! but anyway, I am now just so so relieved, I feel so much better now as I was truly scared that the gcms is going to show a false positive as well. but anyway, I can guess that you were right about the 5 lbs of poppy seeds a day. so I can guess that we can still eat them?