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    high bp may lead to arrhythmia

    Hi linda2, I read a lot of information about erectile dysfunction (ED), which is closely linked with blood pressure. The numbers that you have mentioned 140 vs 139 I think is the systolic (top) number and you didn't mention the diastolic (bottom) number, which is the same important as the...
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    Viagra (sildenafil) not working anymore?

    Yeah, man... I think you should choose sexual activity or drinking. However, If you take moderate amounts of alcohol without mixing them, you can use these tablets. In addition, in the morning on an empty stomach even 25 mg works great while in the evening with a big dinner for the same effect...
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    New person trying to get some information

    Hi, you really can get a lot of information from this forum. What are you suffering from?
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    hypertension and ED medicines

    Usually, the main cause of erectile dysfunction is hypertension. Theoretically, you can use ED medicine if you experience high blood pressure. Viagra or Cialis are working by widening the blood vessels. On the other hand, you cannot take ED drugs if you are using hypertension medicines. One...
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    new ED drug

    Hi everyone, I found information that FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved a brand new medicine for erectile dysfunction (ED) and it is called Exoron Gel. The best part is that this medicine is over-the-counter and it becomes the first nonprescription medicine for ED. Exoron helps to get...
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    I’m new

    Hi, if you need generic medicines, I recommend choosing one of the top 3 pharmacies. I bought medication from
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    Does low doses of generic Cialis work well? How many mg do you boys use?

    Hi, I think you should follow the doctor's instructions about these tablets because otherwise, you may experience an overdose. The dosages usually are different for everyone that's why they come in various strengths. In your case, if you are satisfied with the result you get from the 20 mg...
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    Toradol and side effects

    Hi Warning222, I found some information about the side effects of Toradol. There are common and severe side effects, which you may notice using this drug. Common side effects include dizziness, constipation, diarrhea, stomach fullness, vomiting, nausea, stomach upset, flatulence, and sleepiness...
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    need advice

    Hi everyone, I have tried Sildamax and Cenforce-100 and both worked the same. Now, I want to try Vardenafil and I heard it gives fewer side effects. However, I think it will not work for everyone. This means receiving fewer side effects. Anyway, do not recommend administering Cialis due to its...
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    Someone has to start this - right?

    Hi Henry, If you need medicines at affordable prices, you can choose an online pharmacy such as Here you can find high-quality drugs, fast delivery, and excellent customer support. Try this online pharmacy and I think you'll find all medications that you need. If you still following...