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    My brother suffers from anxiety and stress. He’s 35 and still affraid to use the elevator. He never eats mushrooms or take antibiotics. He’s afraid these things will kill him. Any symptom of a simple cold or flu literally scares the shit out of him. He panics because he’s gonna have to take some pills but his afraid to, he things his organism will suffer any side effects possible, then he will die and doctors will not manage to save him. He has this impression death is always at the next corner. He panics, doesn’t know what to do, just like a little child. I get so nervous at him, he calls 20 time a day, panicking, i just get exhausted of explaining that everything’s fine and it’s only in his head, that he’s healthy and safe. i wanna beat his ass off because he won’t listen, won’t calm down and relax. But then i realize he just can’t control it. He lost his job, his phobias keep him away from a normal life. 

    We’ve tried so many things, seen so many doctors, they’ve diagnosed him with a kind of panic disorder. he took 20mg of Seroxat for a little more than 1 year, and then he was about to increase the dose, he gave up…to afraid to increase the dose, said his heart was beating to strong. Well… endless fight with bringing him to normal.

    How can i help? what else can i do?


    Hey demetrius, there’s a serios problem your brother and your entire family is facing, depression is serios. This mental illness is affecting millions but the good news is that it is treatable. It is normal of you to feel helpless, frustrated, angry even sad, we’re talking about a loved person who is depressed. Yet, you need to remember to take care of yourself first, only then you’ll be able to help someone else. Remember the ailines advice: place the oxygen mask to you first, then to your child/dear one or anybody else.

    First, try to find out as much as possible about depression, learn about it and then you will be able to help. Remember that you cannot fix somebody‚Äôs problem, you can only help. Don’t take too much on you. 

    Second, seek medical help such as antidepressant pills, there are plenty: anafranil, cymbalta, celexa, lexapro, paxil and the list goes on and on. A depressed person has to take medication! Encourage your brother to visit a psychologist every week, go to therapy, group reunions etc.

    Third, if he’s afraid of taking medications, try alternate medicine such as electrical brain stimulation, but that has to be prescribed by a doctor, don’t do it without prescription! It is an inexpensive way to treat depression that has shown extraordinary effects, and no pills are involved. 

    Finally and again, remember you have your own life to take care of, be there for your brother and help as long as you really can help. Good luck and be healthy!




    Thank you for your reply, i’ve been very busy lately so i couldn’t get here. You are right about everything, we’ve been to the doctor, he’s now in hospital under medication, i see he’s a little better It’s a tough period, but thanks god there are results, small steps are also steps. The therapist prescribed diazepam and brain stimulation, to stimulate endorphines, the so called hormones of happiness. Can’t say enything else for now, will keep you updated. 


    You may prefer to take him on a group course where your brother and few other people with similar problems meet with a therapist every week to learn ways to tackle his anxiety. If these initial treatments do not help, he will usually be offered either a more intensive psychological treatment or medication.

    CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) helps him to understand how his problems, thoughts, feelings and behavior affect each other. It can also help him to question his negative and anxious thoughts, and do things he would usually avoid because they make him anxious.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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