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Alcloxa Brand And Generic Names

What is Alcloxa substance?

Alcloxa (aluminum chlorhydroxy allantoinate) is aluminum salt of allantoin. It has a mild antimicrobial effect, protects the skin and has a slight calming effect. This agent is often used in antiperspirants to reduce sweating without irritating the skin. It is also widely used in the treatment of skin lesions or ulcerative lesions (even caused by bacteria). Because of the extremely low toxicity of the components, it is often sold without prescription. Not so often, but still, Alcloxa can be found in lotions, mouthwashes or toothpastes – it kills bacteria, kills bad breath (or in the treatment of gum from wounds).

Alcloxa is a compound of aluminium salts and allantoin. Under the influence of allantoin, rapid cell regeneration occurs after various lesions in the tissues, due to their proliferation. It is enhanced by long softening effect that helps to restore normal function of the treated surface. In most cases the pain relief is felt soon after the first application of allantoin. It is believed that the effect of allantoin is caused by the stimulation of leukocytes (local effect). The main effect of allantoin is in powerful stimulation of cell proliferation and enhancing tissue repair. In pharmaceutical practice allantoin is used to treat slow-healing wounds, burns and ulcers. Its therapeutic effects are manifested particularly effectively when applied topically to skin.

It is proved that allantoin has keratolytic action, promotes cell regeneration of the skin and rapid healing of abrasions and cracks, relieves irritation. It softens the horny layer, stimulates the removal of dead cells. Due to this effect, allantoin effectively prevents clogging of the pores, the formation of comedones and inflammatory cells. Antioxidant activity of allantoin means that it is an effective ingredient for anti-aging skin care. Cosmetic products with a high content of allantoin are especially recommended for skin care in a high aggressiveness of the environment (wind, sun, cold, high temperature and humidity in the high altitude), they soothe the skin after sunburn, mechanical or chemical irritation. Allantoin is a mandatory component in creams for the treatment of stretch marks, because it has strong regenerative properties.

Alcloxa is used at very low concentrations, although not highly toxic; it is allowed even in children's hygiene products or medicines.

Alcloxa is a widely spread cosmetic ingredient known for its tanning properties.

Aluminum salt of allantoin in cosmetics - the use and application prospects

Aluminum salts and other compounds of aluminum are widely used in cosmetics. Many of them have astringent action when applied to the skin in the form of solutions. Many of the double salts of aluminum as simple inorganic and organic salts have the same effect on the skin.
Use of aluminum salts in cosmetics is connected to the irritation and allergenic processes in the skin. Allantoin (aluminum hydroxide) is used to remove or reduce inflammation.

The combination of aluminum salts of allantoin has healing and antimicrobial activity of aluminum with healing and anti-inflammatory properties of allantoin. On the one hand, aluminum is used in medicine since ancient times as an agent improving the skin condition. On the other hand, recent studies have shown that a significant concentration of aluminum in some cosmetic products can adversely affect health. Controversy over the adequacy of various aluminum compounds in cosmetic products are conducted till now, and every year they become more violent - the latest technology allow to create drugs with similar "aluminum" properties, but, according to some researchers, more safer ones.

Nonetheless, aluminium salt is still used in cosmetology - as a part of natural clays, cosmetics, and as active ingredients of cosmetic creams and antiperspirants. Moreover, aluminum is used as the main active element during professional beauty treatments. Aluminum in one form or another is present in the composition of some cosmetics and creams - in some cases it is simply irreplaceable. For example, various aluminum compounds are the most essential components of sunblock creams. Therefore, tanning manufacturers add aluminum chlorhydroxy allantoinate - it "wraps" the titanium dioxide particles and prevents them from sticking together.

Where Alcloxa is used?

  • In products against acne;
  • In soaps;
  • In shaving creams;
  • In toothpastes;
  • In foot creams;
  • In care products for baby skin
Alcloxa is used in combined preparations. Combined products containing allantoin should be administered strictly in accordance with the indications for use. Consider the side effects and contraindications associated with active components.

How does Alcloxa work?

Alcloxa is a good antimicrobial agent. Alcloxa tightens pores, regulates the sebaceous glands, kills germs and reduces inflammation of the skin. Alcloxa’s antibacterial properties improve nutrition of cells, soften the skin and control its pH level.

Application of Alcloxa in antiperspirants and deodorants

The most controversial "aluminum" issue in cosmetology is the use of compounds of the 13th element in the production of deodorants and antiperspirants. Alum was used as an effective drug to combat unpleasant odor and excessive sweating since ancient times. The development of medicine contributed to appearance of a separate group of antiperspirants - aluminum compounds, added to deodorants. These include, for example, aluminum chloride, allantoin aluminum salt and other metal salts as astringent drugs. Alcloxa is used in deodorants to suppress sweating and odor, acting on sweat glands. Alcloxa is the active ingredient of antiperspirants (it makes up to 20% of the volume of the vial). At low acidic pH (which all antiperspirants have) the active substance is liquid. Upon contact with sweat, the antiperspirant’s pH is increased, which leads to hardening of aluminum chlorohydrate and occlusion of the sweat glands. As a result, sweating decreases of several times. However, recent scientific studies have linked the use of aluminum salts with the development of dementia, disturbances in the kidneys, and even cancer. The clear relationship between the use of antiperspirants and violations listed are not shown, but the constant contact with aluminum salts can be attributed to the risk factor.

Alcloxa possible side effects

Some studies show that Alcloxa can cause swelling of the lymph nodes, infection of the hair follicles, irritation with abrasions. There is speculation that this synthetic compound can have carcinogenic nature. Alcloxa may occlude the sebaceous gland.
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