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Ibuprofen Brand And Generic Names

Ibuprofen has radically changed the modern idea of a painkiller and has brought ease to countless numbers of people in pain. As with all drugs, there are unfortunately negative effects, but Ibuprofen still remains a valuable advance in our civilization.

Ibuprofen was originally tested as a treatment for a Hang Over, moreso the drug has become commonplace in the modern market for hang over drugs as well as amongst college students with the well known bacchanalian attitude. Ibuprofen is a carboxylic acid like the anti-inflammatory ingredient in aspirin, however an acid was found  to be much stronger than aspirin and eventually developed into ibuprofen.

As such a simple drug that targets an incredibly broad range of issues, Ibuprofen became quite the product. Ibuprofen has been known to be the most prescribed drug in the United States. Ibuprofen’s over the counter access (In some countries) and its painkilling success has made it a “must” for every medicine cabinet.

Ibuprofen Dosage

When taking any kind of medication, a Doctor’s word should be law. Always take Ibuprofen in the reccomend dosage of your Doctor or as noted on container’s label. An overdose can be extremely dangerous and should be treated immediately, too little of a dose and the drug may not provide the desired affect. ALWAYS use ibuprofen as directed by your doctor or as explained on the label.

To serve as a reference, here is the “Directions:”  listed on the label of Advil 200mg Ibuprofen Tablets.

Ibuprofen History

Ibuprofen is a derivative of propionic acid that was patented in 1961. Ibuprofen was developed by the Boots Group in the 1960s. Discovered by Stewart Adams (along with John Nicholson, Andrew RM Dunlop, Jeffrey Bruce Wilson & Colin Burrows), Ibuprofen initially served as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis in the UK in 1969 and the United States in 1974. Ibuprofen moved forward to win Stewart Adams an OBE ( Order of the British Empire) and the Boots Group the Queen’s Award for Technical Achievement for Ibuprofen’s development.

The Boots group originally licensed Ibuprofen to two large drug companies. The first was Whitehall Laboratories (who sold the product as Advil) and the second was Upjohn who used Bristol-Meyers to market their product “Nuprin”. Boots held the patent until 1985 along with the rights to market it until 1986. Afterwards new products entered the market creating multiple new “generic” brands.  The industry to a small swing towards the promotion of a medicine geared toward menstrual cramps, and resulted in Sterling Drugs introducing its commonly known product, Midol 200.

Ibuprofen Side Effects

If you are experiencing any of these side affects it is best to seek medical help as soon as possible!

  • Bloody or unhealthy stools
  • Coughing blood
  • Overall Swelling
  • Worsening overall condition ( including stiffness, sensitivity, headaches, rashes, or seizures)
  • Muscle weakness
  • Reduction in Urination
  • Chest discomfort + Nausea

Some less dangerous but still important side affects may be:

  • Vision + Hearing disruptions
  • Minor itches and rash
  • Minor headache
  • upset stomach / gastrointestinal discomfort

It is very important to be aware of all the side effects of ibuprofen if you are going to be using it, just as it is important to be aware of the side effects of any medication you intend to use. Ibuprofen side effects can appear all together, or seperately. Ibuprofen side effects can appear and dissapear at different intervals. Regardless of how the side effects may present themselves, it is important to notice them and notify a doctor or poison control center as soon as possible. Ibuprofen side effects may not be as severe or life threatening as other medications, however they can be just that: severe and life threatening.

Side effects can be a huge misconception when using medication. It is important to understand that the beneficial effect you are attempting to obtain by using the drug is just as much as a “side effect” as the negative effects it may has. Ibuprofen has become a very popular drug because its beneficial effects on a person can and usually do outweigh the negative effects. Just about any drug you can take has some sort of negative effect on your body and your health, but it is often very minimal and easy for your body to deal with in return for the bonuses it provides. Drugs that do not provide these beneficial effects and are largely destructive to our bodies and offer little to no beneficial affect are labeled as poisons and / or outlawed by the FDA or local government.

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