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Tadalafil Brand And Generic Names

What is Tadalafil?

Tadalafil represents an efficient medicine that includes a broad usage spectrum. One of the most important directions of Tadalafil is the treatment of impotence. To make the sense clearer, impotence, or as it is also called - erectile dysfunction, represents the impossibility to get and keep an erection. It is not a big problem if men face this situation from time to time, this might be caused by several mental or physical fatigue. However, if lack of erection occurs oftenly, it is of the most importance to announce the physician (even if it seems to be rather uncomfortable to speak about this situation) for assessing the cause of erectile dysfunction as soon as possible. A specialist will also be able to set a special treatment, so men could be able to handle their sexual activity when needed. Most probably, the doctor will prescribe an erectile dysfunction drug. Tadalafil is one of the most efficient and well known medicine against impotence. Tadalafil makes part of the PDE5 inhibitor class, drugs that help the blood flow into the penis, so the erection occurs. The tablets are to be taken orally, swallowed with or without water.

Remember that Tadalafil is not the remedy to cure impotence and it does not increase sexual appetite; it just stimulates the erection and prolongs the sexual lech.
The active ingredient of Tadalafil may also be met in treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia. This disease affects adults and is characterized by frequent and painful urination. As a matter of fact, prostatic hyperplasia takes place when the prostate gland gets larger and as a result the urine flow considerably narrows, so it gets extremely difficult to start the urination, especially at night.
Another important direction Tadalafil is believed to help is pulmonary arterial hypertension. People that suffer from this illness are rather limited in day-by-day routine activities as far as they get exhausted instantly and might feel acute chest pain. Subsequently, all these symptoms are directly related to the lack of oxygen in the lungs. In other words, the blood vessels that interconnect lungs get tightened, so it gets very difficult for the heart to pump the blood through them. As a consequence, the blood pressure considerably increases and brings about several outcomes. These outcomes vary from leg swelling or fainting up to heart failure.
Unfortunately, pulmonary arterial hypertension has no cure. The physician may prescribe Tadalafil because this component is to widen the lung vessels so the blood flow gets much easier; hereupon you can keep your condition under control.

What do I pay attention to when taking Tadalafil?

As any other medicine, Tadalafil is to be taken with precaution. You must not take this drug without talking to your doctor first. Even though you are highly recommended by a very close person to take Tadalafil as a rather good medicine, remember that your health condition has its own particularities that may be NOT compatible with PDE5 inhibitor. See below some of the essential moments to pay attention to when taking Tadalafil:

  • if you are allergic to some food\drink or to some other medicines that you take now or have taken in the past. Tadalafil contains several inactive components that may bring about allergic reactions. Inform the physician or ask for help the pharmacist to guide you how to use it correctly.
  • If you suffer from some diseases, your doctor must be instantly aware of them so he could prescribe or modify the dosage you have to take to possibly reduce the side-effects you may feel. Especially inform about recent vision loss, low\high blood pressure, diabetes, gastritis\stomach ulcers, some pulmonary diseases, high level of cholesterol, leukemia or some other blood illness, heart attacks or arrhythmias. Also tell if you have recently had diarrhea or vomit.
  • If you intend to take this medicine be sure to make the difference correctly. First of all, the brand of Tadalafil to treat erectile dysfunction is Cialis and the brand for pulmonary arterial hypertension is called Adcirca. Secondary, take into consideration that in any case you must be treated by both products at a time, your physician will indicate the right component according to your health necessity.
  • If you take or plan to take some other drugs in parallel with Tadalafil we highly recommend you to mention the list to your doctor who will carefully reconsider the prescribed dosage for you. Here a small list of the drugs your doctor must know about: Cordarone (Pacerone), Uroxatral, Cardura, Diflucan, Cardizem, Biaxin, Sporanox, Ketozole, Fulficin, Sustiva, Erithrocin, Ridafin, Zoloft, Serzone, Keteft. Of course this is not the full list, so we h2ly suggest you to mention absolutely every single element you take, so the doctor could monitor the usage of Tadalafil, excluding as much as possible the side effects.
  • When taking Tadalafil, your health care provider should also be informed if you ever felt some chest pain during sexual lech, because sex, as physical exercise, produces a rather h2 impact on your heart activity. As a result, dizziness, nausea or heart pain may appear when having sex. Immediately suspend sexual activity till your physician recommends you otherwise if such situation occurs.
  • Women are also prescribed to take Tadalafil when treating pulmonary arterial hypertension and we highly recommend you to interrupt the course prior to become pregnant. Everything related to pregnancy and breast-feeding has to stop the treatment with Tadalafil. Nevertheless, consult your doctor prior to take any decision.


Which are Tadalafil side effects?

  • you may feel dizziness\nausea
  • stomachache, pain in the muscles, arms or back
  • you can suddenly lose your vision or hearing
  • difficulty in swallowing or breathing
  • your erection may last for more than 4 hours

If you suddenly have these symptoms or any other strange effects stop taking neither this medication nor any other drugs similar to Tadalafil (Levitra, Viagra) until your doctor reviews the recipe.

How should Tadalafil be stored?

The medicine is to be stored in dry, dark room. It has to be kept away from the reach of children. Pay attention to validity date when taking Tadalafil tablets.

Good to know!

Always ask your physician when having questions about this medication and consult every step regarding Tadalafil. So the doctor can adjust the treatment as needed according to your health condition for a better result.

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