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Torsemide Brand And Generic Names

What is Torsemide?

Torsemide is a diuretic drug that helps the organism eliminate unnecessary liquid. There are plenty of diseases nowadays which lead to retention of big amount of water and salt in human body.  As a result, there is need of such drugs to lessen that quantity so the organism could face the illness without any complications. People who suffer from liver illness, increased level of blood pressure, kidney failure are more predisposed to have body liquid problems, as far as the water is retained in organism provoking edema and swelling. Torsemide expels the water out through frequent urinating. Most often Torsemide may be found under name of Diuver, Demadex or Examide.

How do I Take Torsemide Correctly?

Torsemide comes in form of a “water pill” which you have to take once a day, preferentially in the morning. You can take it with or without food. As Torsemide is prescribed by your healthcare provider, you must take the drug exactly the way he appointed considering your health condition. As a suggestion, it’s recommended to take the pill at least 4 hours before getting asleep at midday. Meanwhile, the drug finishes its activity so your repose won’t be disturbed by frequent urination.
Regarding high blood pressure disease, we have to make clear that Torsemide DOES NOT cure the illness, it just helps the body get rid of too much water in the body.
Usually, it can take up to a month until you feel whole benefit of the drug. During this period you must report to your physician every change you come across. He must monitor your condition whether it’s getting better or worsens.
You must not decide by yourself whether to stop or to continue the treatment, even though you feel the benefits (or vice versa) of Torsemide. It’s up to your healthcare provider to make this decision taking into consideration your medical results.
Don’t worry in case you missed a dose. It’s not a problem if you take it a little bit later than usual. Only remember that it is not recommended to take a double dose in order to catch up the missed one. In this case would be better to skip than to overtake. 

Side Effects of Torsemide

As it is known, every human body may react differently to several drugs. Consequently, there is a rather high probability to come across some adverse effects when taking Torsemide. The reaction may vary from person to person; therefore, it’s absolutely essential to pay attention to every reaction. It may be very important for your health even if you don’t find a certain side effect in the list below. Further on, we will focus on most common negative effects which should be taken into consideration:
  • Felling thirsty (water is eliminated from the body while frequent urination, as a result the organism gets dehydrated);
  • Deep, shortened breathing (more often met while treating high pressure of blood);
  • Confusion\dizziness\fainting
  • Stomach\headaches
  • Severe weakness\loss of physical power
  • Vomit (bloody vomit may be met in rare cases)
  • Constipation\diarrhea
  • Some allergic reactions (rush, red skin, strange face swelling)
Remember that this is not whole list. Check with your health care provider for any other strange peculiarities you notice on both mental and physical condition.

Safety Information For Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women

It is highly recommended to inform the doctor if you intend to be or already are pregnant. Torsemide has been tested on pets only and there are no relevant studies which would approve (disapprove) its risk on human babies. Referring to pets tests, they’ve shown that Torsemide, somehow, spreads influence on fetal development. It was expressed in under norm weight. However, this statistics cannot be assigned to human pregnancy. Thereupon, Torsemide is to be taken by pregnant women exclusively when benefits surpass the risks and when the physician assumes responsibility about it.
If we speak about breast feeding mothers, it is also recommended to consult the doctor first. There are no statistics regarding Torsemide getting into milk so it’s better to avoid the risk. However, your doctor will prescribe the right drug according to your health state.

What Should I pay Attention To, Before Using Torsemide?

You must take into account some precautions if you intend to use Torsemide. There are some aspects that may hinder or even block drugs activity. Be careful if:
  • You are an allergic person. No matter what components you react at, tell your doctor everything regarding allergy;
  • You intend to have any surgery, even smallest one. Torsemide may be incompatible to some anesthetic medicines;
  • You suffer from liver\kidney illness. It may bring about acute renal dysfunction as a side effect of Torsemide;
  • You have cirrhosis. Combined with Torsemide, cirrhosis drugs can lead to severe hepatic problems;
  • You suffer from diabetes. The drug can negatively reflect on blood sugar level;
  • You are not able to urinate. Torsemide clears the body by eliminating water through urination. There can be serious renal complications if having urination problem;
  • You take different medicines simultaneously. As a matter of fact, Torsemide is allowed to be taken in combination with other drugs. BUT, there is high necessity to post your doctor up with all the drugs you take. This way you avoid negative interaction.
  • As a conclusion, don’t forget to keep your health provider updated to all your background which refers to your health situation.

Important Issues regarding Torsemide

While taking this medicine, don’t forget to check on your blood pressure periodically. Renal functionality should also be exposed to monthly monitoring. Even if health characteristics of other persons are similar to yours, so not share Torsemide without medical prescription. This drug is prohibited to children as far as there are no reliable conclusions regarding its safeness among them.

Storage of Torsemide

Be sure that the medicine is kept far away from children. Don’t store the drug opened and throw it away once its usage term has expired. Try to maintain it in a dry room which would protect the product from direct sunlight.
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