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Tretinoin Brand And Generic Names

What is Tretinoin?

The Tretinoin medication, also called Retin-A, is used to treat acne. Besides that, it is also utilized to treat and reduce the wrinkles and the discoloration of the mottled skin, thus, making the facial skin look and feel smoother.
This medication is a form of vitamin A, and it works by promoting the peeling of the affected areas and unclogs pores of your skin. Tretinoin is not a cure for the acne; it only helps you control it and renew your skin.
The Tretinoin medicine can be utilized for other purposes as well. In case you need more information about this medication or you want to get a prescription for it, you can contact your doctor or ask the pharmacist.

Before taking Tretinoin

Prior to taking this medication, you need to inform your health care provider about any of the following, and you must not use this medicine if you have any of the below mentioned:
  • In case you are allergic to this medication or if you have allergies to other medicines that are or are not related to the Tretinoin medication;
  • In the event you have other prescriptions at the moment or if you are taking other medications, herbal products, supplements, vitamins and other;
  • If you are pregnant, you have serious intentions of becoming pregnant in a short while or if you are a breastfeeding mother.

How should Tretinoin be taken and stored?

You must take this medication exactly as directed and for as long as prescribed. Do NOT make changes to your schedule and to your doses. In case you think you may need some adjustments, consult with your doctor. Try not to increase nor lower the amount of the doses you need to take. In case it happened so you forget the instructions and indications your doctor gave, read the prescription label which comes with Tretinoin or call your physician.
Tretinoin comes as a cream, as a gel and as a topical liquid. You need to use this medicine once a day before you go to sleep, or once in two to three days, depending on your condition and the doctor’s indications. You must not take this medication by mouth; you need to apply it on your skin. Moreover, don’t use it on your open wounds, dry or irritated skin, sunburned, etc.
You need to follow the below mentioned steps in order to correctly apply Tretinoin:
  • You must wash your hands and the affected skin where you intend to apply Tretinoin with a mild and bland soap, and then wash it with water. Don’t use abrasive or medicated soaps. After that, it is advisable to wait approximately 20-30 minutes, in order for your skin to dry, before you apply the Tretinoin medication.
  • You must have your fingertips clean and use a cotton swab or a gauze pad in order to apply this medicine on your affected skin.
  • You must cover the whole affected area, but don’t overuse this medication; and apply it only on the affected skin.
  • You must not wash or use other medications or cosmetic on the affected area at least one hour after you applied the Tretinoin medication.
When you use and apply this medicine on your skin, you must be careful not to touch and apply at the corners of your nose, around your eyes, mouth or on your open wounds.
At the beginning, your skin will not improve; on the contrary, it will get worse, being red and full of acne sores. This can last for seven to ten days, and then, within two to three weeks (in rare cases up to six weeks) your acne sores will disappear and your skin will start improving itself.
It is recommendable for you to store the Tretinoin medication at the room temperature, and away from moisture, excessive heat and direct light. You need to keep the bottle of Tretinoin medicine tightly closes, and open it only when you need to use it. Furthermore, don’t keep it and don’t use it near an open flame or high heat, since this medication is flammable. Also, you must not smoke until the medicine applied on your skin is not completely dry.

What should I do if I missed a dose?

In case it happened so you forgot to take the necessary dose, you should take it as soon as you remembered. However, you must skip the forgotten dose in case it is almost or already time for you to have the next dose of your treatment procedure. It is not advisable to use more medicine than one dose at a time in order to fulfill the missed one. Remember, you must not take this medicine more than once a day.

What should I do in case of an overdose?

In case you start experiencing any symptoms of an overdose, you must call the emergency room right away or contact your doctor and ask his or her advice and recommendations.

Side effects of Tretinoin

The Tretinoin medication can cause both serious and common side effects. You should get in touch with your doctor if you are experiencing any of the following (you can also call the emergency room in case it is an emergency and your physician cannot handle it over the phone or right away):
  • Darkening or, on the contrary, lightening of your skin;
  • Slight stinging and/or warmth of your skin;
  • Scaling and/or red skin;
  • Blistering, swelling and/or crusting of your skin;
  • Increased number of acne sores;
  • Burning and severe irritation of your treated skin.
You should know that your skin, especially the skin you are treating with this medication, may be more sensitive to extreme weather, wind, cold, etc. It is recommendable to wear sunglasses and protective clothes while using this medicine.
This list of side effects is not a complete one. For more information about Tretinoin and its possible side effects, consult with your health care provider. In case you don’t feel very good and it can be because of this medicine, you must get in touch with your physician right away or you need to call the emergency room.
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