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Self-Introduction of is an online pharmacy which is claiming to offer safe and high quality medications all over the world. According to the information that I managed to find on their website, this company has been online for more than 7 years satisfying their customer needs by sending high quality and cheaply priced products. They are claiming that they are a team of highly trained professionals whose customer satisfaction is their top priority which means that they are trying their best so each customer is getting the most outstanding service. Also, there’s information on their website suggesting that this pharmacy is being owned and run by EUROPHARM Group Inc. a company that is being located in Praha, Czech Republic. The information on their main page suggests that they are offering highest quality generic drugs; fast and free delivery; safe and secure payments; they are running money back guaranteed policy and they also offer free pills with every order. They are claiming that people purchasing medications from this website can save a lot of money as they are offering some of the very best prices you can find online. In the same time, people shouldn’t be worried about the quality of those medications as they are absolute safe to use, high quality and approved by the Indian FDA. They also claim that anyone who has any questions or complaints are able to talk with them by contacting customer support department. As much as it seems, this is an online pharmacy that is mostly oriented in selling erectile dysfunction medications, but later I am going to check it more carefully. Also, I am going to review many other things so people know if they can safely purchase from this pharmacy or better avoid it.

Assortment Diversity

I’ve been searching for what types of medications this online pharmacy is selling and there I found out that they are offering 28 different drugs categories according to the medical conditions they can help with. In each of the drug category there seem to be quite a good number of drugs. All of this leads me thinking that this company is indeed offering quite a good selection of drugs they have in their stock. As I said, it seems that this online pharmacy is mostly oriented in ED medications so that’s what I’m going to talk about. But all in all, the pharmacy has such categories as: erectile dysfunction, man’ health, women’s health, birth control, antibiotics, allergies, ED sets, depression and many others. The categories are displayed on the left side of their page and you should see it like this:

But as said, I will mostly pay attention to ED medications where I found out that they are having a lot of different medications, some of them including: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Viagra Professional, Cialis Professional, Kamagra, Cialis Super Active, Brand Viagra, Cialis Soft, Viagra Soft, Lasix, Brand Cialis and Female Viagra.

The pharmacy is featuring a bestsellers page where most of the medications found there are from ED category, but there are other drugs there as well, such as: Propecia, Meldonium, Accutane, Clomid, Amoxil and others. You can see the prices for each of the medications without actually clicking on it. however if you need detailed description and price list then it is displayed as soon as you enter it.

All in all, the pharmacy seem to have a lot of different medications, there seem to be both generic and branded forms of drugs and plus to that, there are lots of prescription drugs and there are OTC drugs too. Since the company is offering so many medications, variety of drugs, for so many health conditions and for everybody’s budgets (generic and branded) – my rate is 5 stars.

Prices Affordability

Since I started talking about budgets and money, we cannot go any further without talking about the prices this online pharmacy offers. There are branded and there are generic medications. Usually, generics are the analogue of the original brand medications but it is much cheaper. That’s why lot of people are searching for generics. a good example of this is: here the lowest price for generic Viagra is 0.35 USD per pill while for branded Viagra the lowest price is 3.17 USD per pill. The prices can be higher. Depending on the dosage that you decide to purchase and on the quantity.

The exact same thing applies to generic Cialis and its brand analogue which is much more expensive. On this site, the price for generic Cialis 90 pills 20 mg would be 144.35 USD – 1.60 USD per a single pill. I really do think that’s a good price.

The last medication’s price that I would like to talk about is Levitra which comes in dosages of 20 mg and 10 mg. If talking about it in the same dosage as Cialis, and same quantity – Levitra 20 mg 90 pills would cost you 180.06 USD which means they are offering a price of 2 USD per pill.

I honestly think that these are some really good prices. I have checked their branded versions and those are priced really well too. All in all, I honestly think that this company offers very good prices, however there are pharmacies with much better prices. For example, 50 mg of generic Viagra 90 pills can be found for less than 1 USD per pill while here is 1.12 USD. But still, that’s a good price. My final rate for prices affordability is 4 stars.

Shipping Options

According to the information that I have managed to find on their site, the pharmacy is offering world wide shipping which means that people all over the globe are free to enter this website, choose their needed medications and submitting an order of it. According to the information on their shipping informational page, all orders are being dispatched within 48 hours, but most orders are shipped within 24 hours. Yet, orders placed on weekends are going to be dispatched on Monday. The pharmacy is offering 2 different shipping options, the first one is Air Mail with the shipment times that varies and it may be for about 2 to 4 weeks. Unfortunately, no online tracking is available for it. This option has a fee of 14.95 USD. There is the second option called EMS (Express Mail Service) which is more expensive – 24.95 USD but it does have online tracking option and it is faster than Air Mail with delivery of 5 to 7 business days.

This online pharmacy is claiming that people are able to get Free Airmail Delivery for orders with a sum more than 200 USD. But if you spend more than 300 USD on their site you will get free Traceable Delivery.

The fact that this online pharmacy offers free shipping options that’s really good, exactly as it is the fact that they have EMS option. Yet, I rate this pharmacy with 3 stars since there is no option to get goods overnight – not even to people living near their stores, plus the shipping fees are pretty high – with the order total sum for getting free shipping is high too.

Payment Options

As soon as you are entering their website you are able to see that this online pharmacy is having 3 different icon suggesting what payment methods they are accepting. Those icons suggest the pharmacy is accepting Bitcoin as well as most famous credit cards: master card and visa.

I checked their FAQ page and unfortunately I found different information: they are accepting Visa, American Express and e-checks.

That’s pretty confusing so I went on their billing page to see what payment options they actually accept. There I found out they accept Visa, Master Card, AmEx and Bitcoin. But no e-check. I am going to rate the payment options with 3 stars only because the information on their site is pretty confusing, plus to that, more payment options added would be welcome.

Technical Characteristics

Google Page Speed about the Website Loading

The technical characteristics of an website is extremely important to my opinion as this is offering the customers the ability to quickly purchase their medications without waiting for the website’s pages to load. Google Page Speed Test is really helpful in determining if a website does have any technical problems or not and unfortunately, running this test on I found out that they do have some issues. Biggest problem to my opinion is the fact that Page Speed data is not available for any versions and that’s such a big problem because this usually means that customers are going to encounter problems and delays in trying to access the website. In addition to this, the optimization data for the mobile version is low as much as you can see and the optimization for desktop is medium – near to low according to score points.

All in all, by taking in consideration all the information that we have found here, I can assume that customers may experience problems and technical problems which can be really annoying. For this reason my rate here is going to be 1 star out of maximum 5 since there’s barely anything good.

Mobile Version

Unfortunately, the mobile friendly test offered by google cannot help us determine if this pharmacy has a mobile optimized version of their site because it is blocked by robots.txt. I don’t really like this because this means that technical problems are still there.

I have still tried to access their site from my smartphone and I did found out that they seem to run a mobile version, but it is, as expected, full of issues. For example, the site is loading extremely low, I had to reload it a couple of times for the site to become fully displayed. Although the site seem to be optimized for small screen with readable elements and far away clickable elements, there are still issues going around. Lastly – the checkout page is not optimized for a mobile version. You can see the prices, the meds, information etc. but when trying to purchase it is near to impossible to write down your data for completing the order. All in all, the pharmacy gets 2 points for this unit.

Is Having a Secure Connection?

It doesn’t seem so. Nowadays, nearly all browsers are displaying information about either is the website you’re currently visiting having a secure connection or not and my browser suggests that the connection with is not safe. Near the address bar there should be a “green lock” which it misses when entering the site. Checking the information which you can find where that lock should be, I found out that the site is not being protected and not having a secure connection.

I have only found out that the connection is getting secured when you get to the billing page. as much as it seems, the connection is being encrypted out by 256 bit and the certificate is being verified by COMODO CA Limited.

In the end, this online pharmacy is not providing any ownership information and until you get to the checkout page, they are not offering any kind of protection or security means. I really do not approve such things and I think that the pharmacy does not deserve more than 2 points for this unit.

Antivirus Presence On-Site

An antivirus is extremely important to my opinion. Having an antivirus on their site ensures that all their customers are perfectly safe to browse and click links on the site. But when they do not offer an antivirus – all this responsibility is only on you and by doing something wrong will grant you with a virus or a malware. Viruses and other internet threats are much bigger problems that people might think as keeping your gadgets safe is very important. Without an antivirus installed on their site my rate is 1 star.

How to Make an Order?

I’ve tried to go through the entire ordering procedure myself and according to the experience that I have got during this procedure I can say that it is all pretty simple and that’s really good. What is really good is the fact that unlike other pharmacies, this one does not demand their customers to create an account and login to their site before actually being able to order. So since there’s no need to enter your whole personal data and there’s no need to register – it is all very time and efforts savings during the entire ordering procedure.

In addition to that, the pharmacy is also offering other really helpful things during the ordering procedure. For example, the pharmacy is allowing customers to change either the currency on their site or the language. The site is automatically being translated into the selected language and all the prices would be switched to your selected currency.

You can choose from the following currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, BRL, CHF, CZK, HKD, HUF, JPY, MXN, NOK, NZD, PLN, SEK, SGD, ZAR or from the following languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish.

Other helpful options is the fact that they are offering many information about the drug, what is the price per pill so you won’t need to calculate and other suggestions.

So, in the end, it seems that there are no unwanted time and energy consuming steps that people need to undergo before being able to order on the site. All in all, I do think that it is pretty easy to complete an order online without any problems or headaches. For this reason, I think that the ordering procedure unit deserves a rate of 5 stars.

Is Legit and Safe? about the Website Security Rate

There is information on which is suggesting that the site is not safe at all. This scam warning engine suggested that there’s a high risk trying to get anything from the site or browsing through it with a trust rate of 0%. Since it is being low trust rated, they claim that the site may not be safe to use.

From as much as it seems, there are some reasons why rated it with 0% of trust. There are few chances that it is from United States, few chances that it is from Canada and few chances that it is from Russian Federation. Yet, 89% it is that the site location is *unknown*. In addition to being associated to high risk country, the pharmacy is also on a server that has 8 other domains and that’s not good. Another problem is that the pharmacy’s domain has been created 247 days ago which is less than a year and it is pretty hard to have trust in a newly opened online pharmacy. There is just way too much hidden information about the website and about the website owner.

All in all, this online pharmacy is not being trusted and that’s quite a big problem. My rate is 1 star.

Prescription Requirements

There might be some people out there being happy hearing the fact that this online pharmacy is not asking for a valid prescription but I tell you – that’s a big problem. Not asking for a valid prescription while selling prescription drugs is a problem as it is a sign of illegal activity of the pharmacy. with this being said, they might also sell counterfeit meds or kill someone who doesn’t know how to take a prescription drug by selling it to him without asking for a prescription. For this unit, the pharmacy is receiving only one star.

Is Legit According to Legit Script?

No, it doesn’t. That was something that we all could expect since this online pharmacy does not ask for a valid prescription. Since the approval status of this online pharmacy is ROGUE this means that the pharmacy didn’t even tried to meet at least some criteria to become a legal internet pharmacy online. Since the legit script’s requirements are not being satisfied, customers might risk with their health and money doing business with the pharmacy.

Since the approval status of legit script is rogue meaning that the site is not meeting the criteria of a legal internet pharmacy it is obvious my rate cannot be anything more than 1 star.

Reviews about

Customers’ Reviews on

There is an entire page entitled which people can access and see reviews, supposedly, left by customers that had experience with this online pharmacy. But my question is – are those real people who had real experience with the pharmacy? I am having this question due to the fact that I have read those reviews on multiple other online pharmacies.

Since those customer reviews are not unique, they are not informative (very short review) and there’s a lot of unknown data like when the review was left or from which country this reviewer is I simply cannot have trust in them. I honestly think that they are there only to make people believe those reviews are real so to manipulate with real customers’ opinions and decisions. I think that it would be better without any review than write fake, non unique reviews which only demonstrates a lying pharmacy. My rate is 1 star for this unit.

Reviews about on the Foreign Resources

The customer reviews that are much more trustworthy are those found on foreign resources but unfortunately, I didn’t managed to find any, anywhere online. That’s quite a big problem as it is hard to make a conclusion or to have trust in a pharmacy with fake customer review on site and without any words about them on foreign resources. There’s a chance that there are no customer reviews since the pharmacy has been out there for less than a year. Nevertheless, it is still hard to have trust in such a pharmacy. My mark here is 1 star. Coupon Codes

Although there is a space left for the discount code on the cart page after choosing the preferred drug – the coupon codes are not available anywhere. I couldn’t find any coupon codes anywhere online and that’s why I can only say that the pharmacy has other attracting offers. One of them being the fact that there more pills you’re ordering the more the discount per pill is getting. In addition to that, the pharmacy is offering free bonus ED pills.

As I said it earlier, the pharmacy is also offering free shipping options but the last thing to mention is the fact that they are also including Sets which are making you save some more money.

All in all I think they deserve 3 stars for this aspect.

Customer Support Service

“Contact Us” Section

According to the information on the section, the pharmacy offers a physical address which is located in Czech Republic, Praha, with a map. Also on the page you can find a contact form which you can use for getting in touch with them or you might also use the phone numbers located on their website.

What’s really strange is the fact that they are claiming to be in Czech Republic while information didn’t share anything about Czech Republic. This doesn’t add up. 3 points for the unit.

Customer Support Service

I have tried to get in touch with this online pharmacy’s customer support service using the contact form. in my email I have asked how I can get a discount code and few other things and yet, waiting for a period longer than 24 hours gave no results. No answer from their customer care department doesn’t deserve more than 1 star.

Conclusion: a Lying Pharmacy Without Legitimacy is an online pharmacy that is offering good prices for medications and a wide assortment of medications. They are also having world wide delivery policy with good special offers and 256 bit encrypted billing page.

But the pharmacy is having some really big and lots of problems. The only secured page is the billing page, it has no antivirus, lots of technical problems, it has no trust from scam warning engines, it has non unique / fake customer reviews, rogue status and hidden owner location.

The pharmacy has been caught lying about their location and about how much time they were online – there are no foreign customer reviews and they also lie about the reviews they have on the site. All in all, I wouldn’t recommend such a pharmacy. Reviews

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