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When you’re searching for online pharmacies you can find a lot of different products being offered by these pharmacies and generally by searching for online pharmacies you can find a lot of different pharmacies, some of them even selling anabolic products. The pharmacy that I have found today is named and as much as we all can understand, most (or maybe all) products that you would find here are anabolic. They claim to have advanced science of muscle building which means that all the products you can find here are of an extremely good quality. Also on their website you can find information suggesting that they are web’s no. 1 source for muscle building anabolics. The website of this pharmacy is user friendly and everything seems to be quite understandable and easily accessible. The pharmacy seems to be honest and that’s because according to the information that I could find there they claim: *these anabolic supplements have not been approved for sale or use by the FDA* and by saying that I can assume the pharmacy claims that each customer need to make sure that each product they are purchasing need to use with care and the pharmacy is not responsible if something goes wrong. I am not sure. the pharmacy also claims that they are only selling the highest quality muscle building anabolic supplements! According to the information on their website, they seem to have secure billing and shipping and international shipping also seem to be available as well. According to the information I could find there, they are also advertising another website named and this mean that they are either having partnership either both sites are run by the same owner. They claim that they are taking pride in leading the anabolic industry for over a decade. Selection of medications and prices

It is obvious that this online pharmacy is selling anabolic products, however I have been trying to find out if they are selling anything else other than anabolic products. Even though they do seem to have other types of products, it still seems that they are not having products meaning to diagnose, cure or treat any conditions. They are having such products there as: testosterone, Growth Hormone, anabolics as Deca, D Anabol, Tren and others in this matter. All in all it seems there’s a total of around 20 different products that you can find in this online pharmacy’s store and I am not sure if that’s enough or not but since there are only around 20, I can’t say that selection of products is a lot. Simply to give an example of price I’ve taken the first product I noticed named: test-600x which used to cost 100 USD and now is given for 85 USD. It consists of 60 tablets. Either is that a good price or not I am not very sure. Shipping and payment methods

As I have said earlier, this pharmacy is offering international shipping as they claim, however they are not offering world wide shipping, in fact, by far not everyone is able to order products here as only customers living in the following countries can: USA, Canada, UK and Australia. People living elsewhere can order here. I am not very sure if this online pharmacy is offering any other shipping methods and what are the shipping fees. I couldn’t find such details as I couldn’t go further on checkout page and there’s not a FAQ page and no shipping details page. However I can mention on payment methods that they do accept credit cards (but not sure if anything else than credit cards) and that’s because on their website you can find the seals suggesting they are accepting: VISA, Master Card, American Express and Discover. Customer Support Service

According to the information that I have managed to find on *contact us* page, this online pharmacy is offering their customers the following methods to get in touch with them: via contact form that’s available on their website which you need to fill up, via phone number call (but make sure you do it in their business hours if you want to get answered) and via mailing address which is located in USA, TX. These seem to be all the methods available to get in touch with the pharmacy. Coupon Codes

By searching for coupon codes I have noticed this online pharmacy is offering *Spring Sale* so I have been searching for more information about their sale or any other ways of saving money. This sale includes that out of those around 20 total medications, about 7-8 of them are having a special price, like for example, as I said earlier, test 600 x used to cost 100 USD and now is offered for 85 USD. Another thing named Xtreme Speed Stack used to cost 430 USD now is 244 USD. All of this is limited time sale as the pharmacy claims. There’s nothing else. Reviews

There are testimonials (reviews) on their own website but as I usually recommend, having trust in these reviews isn’t a good idea. A much better idea is searching for reviews on independent websites and that’s exactly what I’ve done. I have not found a lot of customer reviews as much as it seems about this online pharmacy, however I did found some and among those *few customer reviews* I found people saying that is owned by the same person as other sites that people previously ordered from and got scammed meaning that there would be no wonder if you would get scammed by as well. There are other people who said that it is worth it, but still, many people are calling a scammer website.


I do believe that there’s a high chance this pharmacy to be scamming people around since they are not a legit pharmacy which is obvious since they sell products not approved by FDA. There is a chance that by ordering here you would get what you need/ bought, however there’s the risk that the pharmacy would disappear the same day. With this being said, I rate with 2 out of 5. Reviews

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