Menu Close is the online pharmacy that I have found and according to the information on their website, this is the USA Online Facilitator since 1999. In case they’ve been in the business for so long time that’s very good as it is much easier to have trust in a pharmacy that has been operating for such a long time and is still operating. According to the information on the site that I managed to see as soon as I have entered their main page, they are offering FDA approved medications from the USA and they are offering product quality 100% guaranteed. The benefits of using this pharmacy, as they claim, are: US licensed Pharmacies, US licensed Physicians, Discreet packaging, confidential ordering and next day delivery available as well. To be honest, I think this pharmacy has a very well done website, it is all user friendly and generally looks very good with options to create an account on their site and login to their accounts. There’s a lot much more information about this pharmacy with each of their *benefit* being explained. Plus to that, the pharmacy is claiming to have online consultation service either and it is a *free online medical review* as they claim. Except for serving customers since 1999, they claim that they are located in Tempe, AZ, USA and shared an exact address where people could visit if they wish to. They claim that by ordering with them you would save time and money, you would get delivery right at your door and you would get free medical review with online prescription issued. They claim to have social media pages where people can follow their activity if they wish to and plus, the pharmacy claims to have a lot of accreditations. Like for example, they claim to be a BBB accredited business which seems to be true but the company name is Secure Medical. They also claim to be having certification from WebTrust, member of KPMG, corporate member of ATA, HIPPA compliance, and having security from: security metrics, McAfee secure, secure, Norton Secure and also verified by IDology. All of this looks quite good. Selection of Medications and Prices for them

I was trying to find information suggesting what kind of medications they are offering in their drugstores and I have managed to find out that they are having only 3 types of product categories which includes: male ED dysfunction, Hair loss and Sensual lubricant. I checked each category in particular and I saw there are 2 products in sensual lubricant (stimula for men and for women), 2 products in hair loss: propecia and finasterde and 8 different products in ED: Viagra, 2 forms of generic Viagra, staxyn, stendra, Cialis daily, Cialis and Levitra. These are all the drugs you can find here so it seems the selection of medications is limited. For getting any medicaitons here you would need to have a valid prescription or get through their online consultation and if approved – they send you the prescription themselves. As in terms of prices: sildenafil citrate 32 pills (maximum pills) would cost you 1168 USD. That’s the price you can get it at any regular pharmacy and even a bit more, but they claim to offer free prescription, free shipping and free online physician review compared to regular brick and mortar prices. Compared to other online pharmacies that’s a super big price! Shipping and payment methods

This online pharmacy is offering shipping only in states that they are having Licensed Physicians and Pharmacies which means that they are only offering shipping to USA and only in the states listed on their website. Placing an order you can choose overnight shipping, 2 day shipping or priority shipping, priority shipping usually takes 3 to 5 business days. Shipping fee is free but I can assume that for overnight and 2 days shipping you would need to pay extra. Customer Support Service

Searching on their website for what are the methods available to get in touch with this online pharmacy I have noticed that people are able to talk with them by mailing address writing a mail, by email, calling at their toll free or regular phone number by the contact form which is basically the same method as email or, lastly, they also seem to have live chat function available too. Coupon Codes

There’s information on the site that if you by more you would save and by having max quantity of sildenafil citrate in cart, I had information saying that my savings are 304 USD. Except for this, the pharmacy claims that they offer free medical review, free prescription and free regular shipping as well. one last thing, upon proceeding to check out, you can enter the coupon code (one per order) and applying it, I can assume would give you a bit of discount, however I couldn’t find a coupon code anywhere on their website so I assume it is given only to people who previously ordered here. Reviews

By searching for customer reviews I couldn’t find a lot of them, however I did found some and the problem is that I found mixed reviews from people who were both happy using the pharmacy’s services but there was also those who were disappointed by this pharmacy. Like for example, there are customers saying that they like the fact that it is super easy to order the medications they want from this pharmacy with no problems. However there are also those who said that the prices are getting higher each time they visit the site. there are also people who said the pharmacy offers *unsatisfactory service* and even those who said they are sure they got fake products. According to, this site has been threat listed.

Conclusion, in general lines, seems to be a legitimate pharmacy, especially since it has BBB accreditations and fake pharmacies do not have such accreditations. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean the pharmacy is perfect. It had negative reviews, it has prices higher than in your local pharmacy (although they claim to offer free prescription) and, although seems to be a reliable pharmacy, doesn’t have full trust in this pharmacy. All in all, it receives a rating of 3 stars on a scale from 1 to 5. Reviews

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