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Self-Introduction of is an online pharmacy that claims to be the best online drugstore and offers only official medicines. Or at least that’s what we can see the pharmacy claims as soon as I accessed their main page. This pharmacy claims that by offering *official medicines* they are the world’s leading supplier in the market of natural and healthy products. This online pharmacy is offering 100% satisfaction guarantee to their customers meaning that customers and their needs are company’s top priority, something I really hope as this would be a sign that the pharmacy indeed has good offers. What I didn’t really loved is the fact that they are having grammatical errors right on their main page which means that the site is not regularly checked and that makes me drop down my believe that this is a reliable pharmacy. Hopefully those are simple mistakes and nothing more. On their main page you can see the following statement: “Our greay experience in yhe field of medicine and millions of satisfied customers world-wide give us the right to state that we provide a new look on the modern treatment”. The message is easily understanding and hopefully that’s true, but when there are such errors it simply doesn’t make them look professionals. The information on the site suggests that at AWC Canadian Pharmacy it is one of the rare places on internet where great prices and impeccable quality collide. Hopefully that’s true as getting cheap and quality medications is what we’re all searching for. They claim to be all reliable – so reliable that they are offering money back guaranteed policy. They are taking customers satisfaction really serious therefore providing security and privacy at highest level. They also claim to offer fast shipping and easy payments. All of this surely sounds great.

Assortment Diversity

Checking the assortment diversity I paid more attention to the categories of drugs that you can find on the left side of their main or any other page where you can see that AWC Canadian Pharmacy is offering different medications for various health conditions. You can see there medications for: men’s health; Anti Acidity; anti depressant; eye care; blood pressure; erectile dysfunction, general health; skin care; sleeping aid; stop smoking; weight loss and many others. All the categories are arranged in the alphabetical way so people could easier find them and here’s how they look on the site:

In addition to that, you could use the search bar function available on their website if you know the exact name of the drug you’re searching for. Or you could also click on the “All products” and you’re going to be redirected on a page full of different products. They seem to be arranged by the bestsellers. Here’s how they look on the site:

Of course I’ve got interested in checking the ED type of medications where I have found out that the pharmacy seem to offer a pretty good number of ED drugs, however I couldn’t find any branded medications. No brand Viagra, Cialis or Levitra, only their generic forms or others such as Professional, Super Active and others. Each of these drugs are coming in different dosages as well. All in all, the pharmacy does seem to offer a good selection of medications, however I’m not very sure if they are offering any branded medications as they don’t seem to have any in Erectile Dysfunction category.

My overall rate for the assortment diversity is 4 out of 5 as they do have a wide selection of drugs for different conditions but I can’t find any branded drugs and this might be a problem for some customers.

Prices Affordability

Pretty much as with assortment diversity, I am mostly being interested in checking the prices for ED medications and I would assume that prices for all other drugs found in other categories of drugs are in the same price range. So, I am going to talk about generic forms of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra (obviously, since there are no branded drugs I could discuss about). So, I would talk about the normal dosages of these drugs and a normal quantity of pills to purchase. First one is Generic Viagra 50 mg where 90 pills would cost you 95.58 USD per pack with savings of 80.19 USD and the price per item is 1.06 USD.

Although I have seen other online pharmacies with slightly better prices, the pharmacy is indeed offering a really good price for 90 pills of 50 mg generic Viagra. Next drug to talk about is Generic Cialis 20 mg same quantity of pills which has the following prices.

90 pills would cost you 187.92 USD with savings of 56.70 USD and the price per pill 2.09 USD. As we can see, the savings are lower and indeed, the price for generic Cialis is not as good to my opinion as for generic Viagra. It is still a fairly good price though. The last medication that I am going to talk about is generic Levitra which has the following price: 214.65 USD per pack of 90 pills and normal dosage of 20 mg. The savings are a bit more compared to Cialis but still less compared to Viagra – 64.80 USD. The price per item is 2.39 USD which is still a fairly good price and yet it is in the price range of Cialis – good but not perfect.

In the end, I would say that the prices at this online pharmacy are fairly good. People can save some money and that’s especially if they purchase generic Viagra. They can still have some savings by purchasing generic Levitra or Cialis but not as much. The price policy at this pharmacy is fairly good to my opinion but there is still space left for better and that’s why they won’t get a perfect rate but I think they well deserve 4 points.

Shipping Options

I have managed to find some information about shipping on their FAQ page where they are claiming that currently, they are shipping Internationally. However, internationally does not mean world wide so I am not very sure if customers all over the globe are able to do business with this pharmacy but at least we know that they are shipping to multiple countries, as much as it seems. Also, there’s information suggesting that they are offering 2 shipping methods at this moment. The first one is trackable courier service. This option comes with a tracking number. The second shipping option is International Unregistered Airmail without a tracking number. in order to find out more info about shipping I had to go on the pre-checkout page and there I did found some more information suggesting: The tracking option is 25 USD and it has a delivery of 8 to 14 days. The regular airmail has a fee of 15 USD and delivery of 10 to 21 days. In addition to this, I have found out that people have an opportunity not to pay the shipping fees as it would be covered by the company. However, for getting a free delivery people need to spend more than 150 USD on their site to get regular airmail delivery. For getting EMS shipping option for free you need to spend more than 300 USD. But I found out that the EMS can only be used by US customers. Lately, people can also get free insurance (guaranteed reshipment if delivery failed) if you spend more than 200 USD.

In the end, I can’t rate the shipping options with more than 3 stars. That’s because although they do offer international shipping, we don’t know where exactly. In addition to that, they do offer 2 shipping options but one of them is only available to US customers and there’s no overnight shipping option. Lastly, they do offer free shipping, but not everyone can afford to spend that much for getting the free delivery. That’s why my rate is 3 stars.

Payment Options

Been searching for information about the payment options on their website where I found out right on their main page that this online pharmacy is accepting different forms of payment. Or at least that’s what it seems by checking the icons on their main page.

As we can see in the above screen, they claim to accept: visa, master card, American express, echeck as well as bitcoin. Went on checkout page to see if that’s true. I saw it all except for visa being there but instead of visa there was western union/ money gram.

Many people might not find it convenient that no visa is accepted and although they offer many payment options, my rate is 4 stars. That’s because no visa is accepted and the information is misinforming.

Technical Characteristics

Google Page Speed Data

Using the PageSpeed Insights test offered by Google I could determine some technical characteristics of the The technical characteristics are really important in my opinion since a lot of people might not find it too pleasant to way for a website to load for too much time. Plus to that, technical website problems is not a sign of professionalism and reliability, especially in 2018.  So here are the test results:

As we can see in the screens above, the desktop version page speed is nearly perfect rated with 99 out of 100. What needs improvement is the score of mobile version page speed that is rated medium and is yellow market. I recommend the site administrators to run this test themselves as google offered some recommendations how to fix some issues. As until them, my rate is 4 stars.

Mobile Version of

It is exactly as important to check if an online pharmacy is offering a mobile version of their website, then again, especially in 2018. Usually, the mobile version of a website is the same website, with same contents and elements, but it is simply optimized for a smaller and touch screen – for your mobile phone or tablet. Lots of people are used to browse websites using their mobile phone or tablets and when the site is not optimized for such devices, the navigation is getting really hard. I used the mobile friendly test and here is the result

The page is mobile friendly, therefore the site is easy to use on a mobile device and to arrange orders from this pharmacy without using a computer. I honestly think that since the text is readable, the elements aren’t too close to each other and there’s no scrolling – my mark is 5 stars.

Is Connection Secure?

Yes it does seem so. Customers should check if the connection with any given website is secure as this way you are ensured that your personal data is encrypted and is not going to be stolen by some third party users and internet thieves. You can check this very easily as soon as you enter the website by the green lock that should be located near the address bar. If the green lock isn’t there then it means the site is not secured. If you would access you would see the site is having a secure connection. However, the problem is that they only use the older security version of 128 bit SSL encryption. You can check this by clicking on the green lock and check for more details. In addition to that, the information about the owner is hidden too. What I didn’t like is the fact that the company claimed this:

But they are only using 128 bit secure connection. I rate them with 2 stars for misinforming customers, for no owner info and for a lower security level.

Antivirus Presence

As we can see in the screen shot I posted above, the site does have an antivirus software on their website and this means a lot as this way, customers are getting a full protection of their personal data. With an antivirus, customers can be sure that they are not going to get a virus or some other form of internet threat getting inflicted into their device. McAfee is the company offering protection and as we can see, this site has earned the McAfee SECURE certification meaning there are no malware or malicious links on the site, valid SSL certificate and no phishing detected. All in all, the customers data is protected and that’s what really matters. My rate for the antivirus software on the site is 5 stars!

How to Make an Order?

Making an order on seems to be very easy. That’s because I have tried to make an order completely but without submitting it and hopefully there are no more steps to accomplish after you fully submit your order. So, to make an order you’ve got to choose what drugs you’re about to purchase from this company, obviously. As I said above in my review, you have 3 different option how to search for a needed medication. You can either click on *all products* and choose your needed drugs. You can use the search box function available on their website or the categories of medications. After you’ve chosen the needed drug click on it and then select the needed amount of pills and the dosage of that medication. After choosing it all click on the following icon next to each dosage and quantity of the selected drug:

You’re then on your virtual cart where you should review the selected medications chosen, continue shopping if you want to add other items, select free bonus if you have something, see order total and click on checkout. That’s how it all should look like:

You’re then redirected on the checkout page. There you need to select shipping method, select payment method and add all the necessary information and ultimately fill up the billing/shipping information. It would all be ended by clicking *submit*.

Since the pharmacy didn’t make a registration mandatory, they have a special page *how to order* so people can easily check how to order the needed drugs (it includes 7 different steps) and generally the ordering procedure is very easy, super fast and without any problems – my rate is 5 stars!

Is AWC Canadian Pharmacy Legit and Safe? about the Security

The review that I have got from is rather very strange and I discovered information that makes this website too suspicious. That’s why is so helpful and I recommend to everybody to check the review on about any pharmacy online before ordering from them. Here’s the review:

There is information on their website on the copyright suggesting this: 2003 – 2018 and yet, suggests they are only 277 days and that’s a way too short period to be online to have trust in this online pharmacy. In addition to that, the pharmacy claims to be Canadian while suggested the website location is Netherlands. In addition to that, there’s absolutely no information about the owner, company or anything else. rated it with 80% of trust index, but my rate is 2 stars because there are just way too many suspicious facts.

Prescription Request

AWC Canadian Pharmacy requires no prescription for making orders online with them. It means you have no necessity to send any prescription to customer support group to be eligible to complete the order even if you get prescription drugs. Non prescription policy suggests the pharmacy is having illegal activity. Prescription request unit receives 1 star. About the Legitimacy

This online pharmacy is considered to be ROGUE eCommerce website and this is the worst status given by meaning that the site doesn’t meet any criteria to be a legitimate internet pharmacy.

I guess my mark of 1 star is well deserved for such a status. Customer Reviews

Reviews on

There is an entire page on their website suggesting that a lot of people have written a lot of customer reviews about this online pharmacy and what’s the strange thing is that all of them are only positive customer reviews. Here’s an example of the reviews found on the site:

The customer reviews seem to be positive, and they are sharing the names and ages of the reviews who shared those reviews. The reviews seem to be unique.

My overall rate for those testimonials is 3 stars since no dates are attached on those reviews and they are too suspicious since they are all positive.

External Reviews about AWC Canadian Pharmacy

Searching for customer reviews on external sources about this pharmacy I have only managed to find one single customer review and unfortunately, that’s a negative customer review. The review is written on and it is written by Brian Liner a year ago. He said that he is very dissatisfied. He suggests that is sending the medications, but they are fake.

Unfortunately, no other customer reviews are available anywhere online and a single customer review is just not enough, especially because the review is negative suggesting that they send fake products. The pharmacy deserves a rate of 1 point for this. Coupon Codes

According to the information that I have managed to find on their website, the pharmacy does offer coupon codes. Or at least there’s the field left for the customers to enter the discount coupon.


The problem is, no discount coupon I found anywhere, absolutely. Not on their website or anywhere else. I have no idea if that discount coupon field is even legit. Something that I have managed to find out  is the fact that they are offering 4 free bonus ED pills, seemingly with every order. Other ways to save money is to purchase more pills at once as this offers bigger savings. Lastly – the free shipping methods.

Customer Support Service

Contact Information

There seem to be a lot of information about the company’s ways to get in touch. For example, the pharmacy has shared the address of their pharmacy, a map and a photo on their site with their exact address. Except for their exact address, people can find 2 different phone numbers (US and UK phone numbers), the email address and the customer support service via contact form. plus to that, you can see the social networks on their site and the email departments.

Such information on their site deserves 5 stars.

Customer Support Group

Since I don’t really like talking I am not going to call them and I won’t be writing them a mail either. However I will use the contact form to get in touch with them. They claim that they would respond as soon as possible to your email. Nevertheless, they did not respond after 24 hours. Such an attitude doesn’t deserve more than 1 star.

Conclusion: No Legitimacy and No Response from Customer Support is an online pharmacy which is offering only generic medications at fairly good prices, but not the best that I’ve ever seen. The shipping policy isn’t the best since they only offer 2 shipping options and one of them is only for US customers. The payment methods are a lot but they don’t accept Visa and that’s quite a problem.

The antivirus is present on the site and they do have a secured connection, but there are technical issues they need to resolve, although they aren’t too bad.

The biggest problems are: the pharmacy claims to be Canadian with Canadian address by suggested it is from Netherlands. Plus it is less than a year ago created and no legitimacy from as well as no response from customer support service. That’s something I don’t really like about a pharmacy. Reviews

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