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Searching for keywords such as Viagra and Cialis in google and anywhere else on the internet trying to find online pharmacy that is going to give me the best quality, best prices, best shipping and generally best services for getting these medications I have come along Since I found this website by searching for those keywords (Viagra, Cialis, ED meds) it makes me think that this online pharmacy used to sell ED medications. Why it USED to sell? That’s because this website seems to be closed currently and when trying to reach that domain address I’ve been said that the page cannot be found. However you might be asking yourself why then I still write this and why this can be considered an online pharmacy review at all? Well, that’s because I found such sites which got closed, I passed by and didn’t wrote anything about them and then later those sites got re opened and they used to be scam online pharmacies stealing people’s money. I want to avoid such situations and that’s why I will continue my review about this website even if it’s closed. Overview

Since it’s closed I can’t say anything about drug selection, prices, customer support or coupon codes which I am usually doing when reviewing (working) online pharmacies. Well, the website isn’t working for the moment but we don’t know if it would get opened or not tomorrow. But even if it’s closed now, it doesn’t mean that all the information on the internet about this website disappeared. So tried to find out whether used to be reliable or not and from all the information I found on external and independent websites I think that it used to be a scam. Generally, so far I found closed online pharmacies and seemingly all of them were scams. I haven’t yet found a closed online pharmacy which USED to be reliable and trustable but it is closed. This one was a scamming website and I recommend everyone to avoid purchasing anything from it in case it would ever get opened. Why do I think this way?

AWC Pharmacy Reviews

There are scamming analyzing websites like for example or and as well and all of them have no trust in this online pharmacy. Scamadviser had 0% trust saying that there’s a high risk and with a customer review wrote by sabrinadolcetrav saying that it is a scam site with the payment going to another website. She said that she has got overcharged and in the end she never received her parcel and no money back. Scamanalyze doesn’t have customer reviews but the website has no trust in this pharmacy. Easy counter has trustworthiness, privacy, overall reputation and child safety all being very poor rated and with 3 customer reviews: one of them saying: FAKE pharmacy, another review in Russian language but google translate helped me in finding out he called them an illegal online pharmacy and that people shouldn’t give them personal data and purchase anything from and the last reviewer said that this is an illegal pharmacy that is operated and promoted by criminals. Everything implies that this used to be a scamming online pharmacy and everyone should stay away from it in case it would ever get re opened. That’s why, I am calling a scamming website which everyone should avoid and obviously I would rate it with 1 out of 5 for good reasons. Reviews

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