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Online pharmacies can greatly save you lots of money but they can also greatly make you lose lots of money without getting anything or getting some things that are not even near to the things that you have paid for. For this reason it is so important to review a pharmacy before purchasing from it. is the domain address name of the pharmacy that I am going to review and according to Buy Pharma’s logo, they are *your trusted sources of high quality medicines* and so, I have very big hopes that this is true. There is an *about us* page which I have accessed trying to find more information about the pharmacy and there you can see a few photos posted by the pharmacy on their warehouses. They claim those are real photos and they represent how your parcel will look like. Nevertheless, unfortunately, I was not able to find information on that page that says for how long Buy Pharma has been in the business or where they (or at least those warehouses) are located. I’ve found that they are aiming to provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and because of this, in case the delivery is not made in time, it is misplaced or damaged then they are going to provide a replace or a full refund! People here can create a new account on their website and then login into it. There’s no way of changing language of the site or the currency as they made it clear: *all product prices are in US dollars*. Selection of medications and Prices for them

People can search for their needed drugs via the search function available on the site but they can also find them by searching through the categories as the medications are categorized by health condition and there you can see such drugs as: allergy, antibiotics, blood, diabetes, cholesterol, epilepsy, hormones and many other types of drugs. For this reason I can assume that they have a very wide selection of medications. In order to find out whether do they have good prices for medications or not I have checked erectile dysfunction drugs (men’s health) since those are drugs that I am familiar with. I have found they have Viagra, Cialis and Levitra all there. The prices for Viagra are different, all depending on the manufacturer that you wish to choose but anyway, the price for them is around a little bit more than 1 USD for 1 tablet of Viagra generic as 52 tablets 50 mg is 49.50 USD and 88 tablets 100 mg is 119 USD. 12 tablets of 25 mg would be 13.90 USD. According to the information that I could find on their website, a prescription is required for getting prescription medicines from this online pharmacy so before ordering make sure you have one, otherwise you won’t be sent any drugs without one. Shipping and payment methods

According to the information on the *shipping and delivery* page, the pharmacy claims that all orders come with a reliable shipping method and they are able to offer this method worldwide to most countries! Unfortunately, it seems they are offering only a single shipping method which is regular air mail that has a delivery timeframe of 6 to 21 days (while the average is within 11 days as they claim) and this method does not have a tracking number and a signature is not required. I was not able to find how much does this shipping option costs. There’s also the *payment methods* page where I could found out that you can pay here with either credit cards like visa and master card or with Bitcoin. They claim that paying with bitcoin you get 10% instant discount! Customer Support Service

The first thing that I saw when I have entered their contact page is *the best way of contacting us is through email* so it seems they encourage everyone to use the email function to get in touch with them. They claim that a reply for all email inquiries is going to be within 12 hours except during holidays and weekends. Except for the email you can also use the live chat function during special hours or also calling them at the phone number during their special hours. Coupon Codes

Unfortunately, I have failed to see any coupon codes being offered by this online pharmacy and so I doubt that they are offering some but they keep it in secret. In fact, I have failed to find anything that would make people save money except for the -10 % discount at checkout if people decide to pay with Bitcoin. Except for this, I have failed to find any other offers being given by the pharmacy. Reviews

I have been searching for customer reviews about this online pharmacy and I got a bit disappointed that I couldn’t find nearly any online. However, I greatly changed my mind when I have found a whole forum discussion about this vendor where different people shared their experiences with this vendor. Lots of these people were writing their experiences with this pharmacy back from 2012 but it seems that back then it was and now, for some unknown reasons they changed to .co and this seemed to have been mentioned in the forum as well. The last responses about this vendor were back in February 2017 (a year ago) and they seemed to be positive which is very good. checked the but then I got disappointed. There is a very long list of notes which means that there are a lot of things which are not alright with this pharmacy.


In the end, I will not recommend this pharmacy although I did found some people saying good things about this pharmacy. That’s because those people said it a year ago, the scam warning websites ( and do not recommend ordering here and plus, they do not offer bonuses except for paying with bitcoins so if you don’t own bitcoins – you won’t get anything. I rate with 3 out of 5. Reviews

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