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Self-Introduction of is an online pharmacy that claims to be the world’s cheapest online drugs selling store and I really hope this is true as I would really like to purchase medications from the world’s cheapest online drugs selling store to save as much money as possible. However, there are multiple online pharmacy sites which does not seem to keep their promises so I would need to check if this claim is true myself. This site seems to have some technical issues but still seems to be functional and, although not 100% functional, still good looking (user friendly interfaced design). What I try to say by not fully functional because there seems to be something wrong with their signs on the website. Each page like: home, wish list, login, register, account and should have a sign near it but this online pharmacy has some technical errors here which although that’s not a big problem, it makes me wonder if someone keeps track of the website’s functionality and therefore, this makes me wonder about the entire company services. I managed to notice that this problem is only displayed on their main page as other pages seem to be fully functional. Another problem – their *about us* page is not available. The site seem to have some big technical issues. Anyhow, I tried to find out more information about the pharmacy and I found out that they are shipping products from Pakistan but they are delivering medications faster in UK and I am not sure therefore if the pharmacy is located in Pakistan or UK as they haven’t mentioned this. At least I found information suggesting that the company has been online for the last 9 years as they were opened back in 2010. You can create an account and login here and later I would try to find out if that’s mandatory or not. The site overall seem to be strange at first sight, we would try to check it all carefully.

Assortment Diversity

On their main page you can see the *menu* which you can find different categories of medications. You can also find the medications by search function or by all the categories listed on the right side of the page. There are categories of medications and there are meds such as: ADHD/ ADD, anti obesity, hair loss, generic, European stock, injectable steroids, USA stock, UK stock, sleeping meds and many others. Plus to all of this, near each category there’s a number suggesting how many medications are found there. For example in pain killers – 35, weight loss – 9, generics – 143, ADHD – 11 and so on and so forth. The selection of medications on this website to my opinion is fairly wide I would say.

But you can also see there’s another category on their main website which is under the category *generics* where it seems you can find 8 different drugs. In addition to that, there seem to be special offers drugs as well.

Researching a bit more I discovered customers can check for “today’s specials” and for “featured” medications as well. Lastly, they are able to use the search function available on their main page which is looking like this:

All in all, the store seem to offer quite a good amount of drugs for a lot of different drug categories. To my opinion, customers are having quite a high chance to find whatever drugs they are searching for at this online pharmacy and that’s very good. This is the reason why the selection of drugs is receiving a rate of 4 stars here. I still couldn’t find many important drugs such as Cialis.

Prices Affordability

Because of the very strange arrangement and information on the website, I couldn’t find any information suggesting if the Levitra and Viagra products that I found on their website are branded or generic. Assuming the prices that I have found I can assume that the medications are branded. But I am not sure since nothing indicates this. There’s nothing to indicate they are generic or brand. As for the price – even if they are branded medications the pharmacy is featuring really high prices but if they are generics then those are incredibly high prices. with this being said, I have extremely big doubts that the pharmacy’s claim that they are the world’s cheapest online drugs selling store is true, unfortunately. I say this because Viagra 50 mg 4 tablets is priced with 59.27 USD while 8 tablets is priced with 131.71 USD. No price per unit is displayed.

The price for Levitra is in the same high price range as well as Levitra 20 mg 4 tablets is priced with 42.15 USD and 8 tablets would cost you 113.27 USD. While the price for Levitra is more attractive, that’s still a high price.

In the end, I can’t rate them highly, no price per unit is displayed, no image is displayed, they did not mentioned if that’s generic or brand medication and the price is pretty high regardless if brand or generic, especially for generic. So my final rate is 1 point.

Shipping Options

According to the information that is available on their website, they are offering world wide shipping to all addresses around the world. Aaccording to the information there, they can get your medication in a matter of a few days depending on where you live. They claim to have a delivery of 4 days to the UK addresses and 7 to 9 days to ship items to the rest of the world. I tried to find more information about shipping, however since they do not offer a shipping informational page or FAQ page I had to find out all myself manually by trying to go through order process which is quite inconvenient. I have estimated shipping and taxes where I entered a random state and postcode in US which showed that there’s a single shipping option with a fee of 32.93 USD which is a really high shipping fee. There’s no information about tracking or about other shipping options.

So, in the end, we only know that they are offering a single shipping option world wide, we don’t know the exact time when the shipping should arrive and we know they have a very highly feed shipping. All of this makes me rate them with 1 point for the shipping policy.

Payment Methods

I found very little information about the shipping options but I was hoping I could get some more information about payment methods instead. I did found a payment informational page where some information about payment is given. They claim not to accept PayPal, Money Bookers, or Credit Card. As much as it seems they claim to accept payment with Western Union, Money Gram and Bitcoins. However, there’s also information suggesting to accept only Bitcoin.

But on Checkout page I found such information as: Western Union transfer; Money Gram transfer; Visa and Master Card (Bitcoin). This is super strange.

Even stranger, there icons on their website indicating they do accept credit cards as well.

The payment information on their website is too strange to be highly rated. I can’t understand what they accept. But it seems they do not accept credit cards. The information is misleading and too strange and they do not seem to accept many payment methods. My rate for this unit is going to be 1 point only.

Technical Characteristics of

PageSpeed Insights Test Data

Technical characteristics are extremely important to check as there’s a statistic proving that there are very few people out there who are ready to do business with an online pharmacy that is slowly running. I am going to check the page loading speed data using the page speed insights offered by google developers. To be honest, I was not expecting that running the test for is going to show an overall perfect result with so many technical issues I found on the website. But that’s it, both the mobile and the desktop versions are showing perfect results scored with 100 out of 100 indicating the website has perfect page speed data loading.

Since both the results were impeccable, I can’t downgrade the speed page loading and for this reason I am going to rate them with the well deserved 5 stars mark.

Mobile Version

Another technical characteristic that is extremely important to check is the mobile version of a website and that’s because it has been proved that a huge amount of the total internet traffic is coming from mobile users. Ordering medications online from online pharmacy websites is not an exception. So, I checked the mobile friendly test offered by google where I was displayed that the page is mobile friendly and the page is easy to use on a mobile device.

I have then tried to access their site from my own smartphone and indeed the site seem to be mobile friendly. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t say that it is very easy to use it on a mobile device. Some icons are too close to each other, a lot of secondary information on their main page and to get to the bottom of the page I had to scroll a lot. All of this is quite a bit inconvenient so my mark for their mobile version of the website can’t be anything more than 4 stars.

Is the Connection Secure?

I was searching for information if this online pharmacy is offering a secure connection and it seems the connection with is secured, however they are only using a lower security level of 128 bit SSL encryption. It is preferred when a site has a higher security level of 256 bit SSL encryption. Plus to that, it is preferred when the company owner information is shared but it seems the information here is hidden and that’s another problem. My rate is 3 stars since they do offer a secure connection. But it can be higher only by having a higher security level and the company name shared.

Antivirus Presence

I’ve been searching for information or anything that may indicate this online pharmacy is having an antivirus installed on their website but unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything. From as much as it seems, the website is not protected by an antivirus and that’s quite a big of a problem. That’s because customers can’t feel safe while browsing through this site. Customers may catch a spyware or malware or any other internet threats to their devices while browsing through I think site administrators should do something about it and ensure that customers are getting maximum protection while browsing through their site. As long as this point is ignored my rate is 1 point.

How to Order from

As I said it earlier, customers are allowed to register an account on the website but the sad news is that customers need to register to order. The registration at this online pharmacy is mandatory for starting to order and that’s a big minus. Another minus is the fact that the pharmacy does not offer the price per pill, what are the savings and there is no possibility to change the currency or the language on the website. So, after you know all this information you can start ordering here. You can do it selecting your needed drug. Select it using one of the searching methods available on their website – either by search function or by the categories of drugs available on the website. The categories are not very well arranged as well which is quite a bit of an inconvenience too. So, after you found your needed drug click on it. Searching for something like Levitra in search function should give you such a result:

Click on add to cart. you should be redirected to a page looking like what you can see in the screen in the “prices affordability” unit. Enter the needed quantity of pills (I can assume that if you enter for example 3 next to 4 tablets column you would receive a total of 12 tablets. I’m not sure – which is another inconvenience. Click on add to cart. You’re on your shopping cart where you can see the information, use a coupon code or use gift voucher if you have one, estimate shipping and taxes, and then see the total. Click on *checkout*.

On this page you need to enter all the necessary information and to register. After all of this, you can click on *complete order*.

The ordering procedure to my opinion is quite time and energy consuming. A lot of inconveniences. Unfortunately, I can’t rate this unit with anything more than 2 points.

Is Legit? about Buy Bulk Meds

The information that I managed to find about this online pharmacy on is not very encouraging to order here. There’s a number of reasons why. The first message I read as soon as I’ve done the test is: the site could be unsafe and the site seem to be US. The site is rarely visited and there’s a risk ordering here with a total trust of 55% which not enough to have trust in this pharmacy. The website is hidden absolutely all the necessary information such as owner, organization, country, address etc. and plus, they have information suggesting they are online for 9 years, but domain age of this site is only 3 years. Such information that I managed to find doesn’t deserve more than 2 stars, and I give them 2 stars only for the more than 50% of trust as everything else seems to be very bad.

Prescription Request

I was searching for information about prescription request but I couldn’t find anything. There’s not a FAQ page and so, no information about prescription is offered. But since not a single mention about prescription is given on the site and it seems that you can freely start to order by simply registering, there is non prescription policy. Without asking for a valid prescription before selling prescription drugs my rate can’t be any higher than 1 point. Approval Status is a great source to find out the legitimacy of an online pharmacy and today it was exactly as helpful and that’s because it discovered that is rogue internet pharmacy. you can see the rogue definition on but most important part is: the site is engaging in fraudulent business activities. That’s enough to rate this unit with 1 point. Customer Reviews Reviews On-Site

I was searching for customer reviews on their own website and then I found the *testimonials* page. By clicking on it I have seen 4 different customer reviews. The reviews seem to be positive and they seem to be unique, however the reviews seem to be too few to have trust in them but worst – they seem to be outdated. 3 reviews were written in 2016 and one in 2013. 3 years have passed since the last review and a lot might have been changed since then.

As much as you can see – another inconvenience is the icon with *leave a message* which can’t be removed. The site seem to be heavily technically problematic. Anyway, for the customer reviews I found on their website I can rate them with 2 stars only.

Customer Reviews On Foreign Sources

In the time that I have been searching for customer reviews about BuyBulkMeds.CN I haven’t found a single review about this website, instead I found a lot of customer reviews about BuyBulkMeds.COM and I am not very sure if these are the same websites but it does seems so because if you try entering buybulkmeds.COM you are redirected to Now that I think they are most likely 99% the same website I can say that the reviews are all horrible. I found a lot of customer reviews on,, etc. and all the reviews suggests that this is a scam website which doesn’t look for anything else than to steal your money and with this being said, I guess that’s the reason they changed the domain address, nevertheless the customer reviews on independent websites remained and they all suggests that ordering here would end you up with no medications and no money. There are few positive reviews, but the negative reviews greatly outnumber the negative ones.

It is obvious that since they got such horrible reviews I am going to rate them with 1 point. Coupon Codes

By searching for coupon codes I couldn’t find anything except for this: do you have a coupon or voucher? If you do have either one you can apply the coupon or voucher and I can assume that this way you can get a discount. Nevertheless, I haven’t found anywhere a coupon code or voucher code. To be honest, I would appreciate if the online pharmacy would have offered more things such as free shipping, free pills, discounts if purchasing in bulk (which I truly expected this by checking their domain address name) or something in this matter. But they do not seem to offer absolutely anything. Not even the name of the pharmacy coincides with what they offer. My rate is 1 star.

Customer Support Team

Contact Information

To get in touch with this online pharmacy can be done via phone calling either USA or UK phone number. Except for calling them you can also use the contact form on their website, they claim to have a Facebook page either but accessing it, Facebook said that the page is unavailable. They claim to have skype or you could also directly contact them via 2 emails: admin or sales email address. These are all the methods available to get in touch with this online pharmacy. They also seem to offer an exact address in USA. Since there is contact form, exact address and phone numbers along with email I rate them with 5 stars. They should do something with the Facebook page.

Getting a Consultation

I have used the contact form in order to get in touch with them as I didn’t wanted to talk with them by calling. I asked them about the *gift voucher* and *coupon codes* and also, why are they named *buy bulk meds* while they seem to give no discounts by purchasing medications in bulk. Been waiting for 24 hours and no response arrived back. No customer support – no high mark. 1 point for this unit.

Conclusion: Horrible Reviews with No Legitimacy or Support Team is an extremely strange website with big technical issues on the site. They do offer a fast page speed and mobile version but the site itself is very strange with all the information arranged and lots of unavailable pages. Worst is that this online pharmacy has horrible information report on and It has 4 outdated positive reviews on their own website and a lot of fresh horrible reviews on foreign sources. The pharmacy is offering no customer support service or at least – nobody answered to my email after 24 hours. I asked them about coupon codes which they do not seem to offer. In fact, the pharmacy doesn’t seem to offer anything at all.

I doubt that there’s anything that would want to make me order here- horrible reviews, very low trustworthiness and reliability, very high prices for medications including very high shipping fee, no customer support service and nothing at all to cut your expenses. Not even by purchasing drugs in bulk. I see absolutely nothing that could attract customers. Reviews

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