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Another online pharmacy which I am going to be reviewing right now it is and from its domain address we can conclude that this is a Canadian online pharmacy. As soon as I entered the main page of this website I’ve seen the claim that they are selling safe and high quality medications which I really hope that it is true. I have also noticed the fact that this online pharmacy is offering some useful (to my opinion) options such as language change and currency change. It might not be really useful for me since the current website language is English and currency is USD, however in my opinion this might be super helpful for foreign customers. The website is very well done with good features which makes it very easily accessible and navigate through it. I did have seen such pharmacy designs in the past and they are good to my opinion, however experience showed that by far not all pharmacies are worth using so I am going to try to find this out. In the meantime I am going to try to find out more information about the pharmacy and their services. There are some points made out by the pharmacy which are claimable, the reasons why using this pharmacy is worth it: highest quality generic drugs; fast and free delivery; safe and secure payments; money back guaranteed and lastly; free pills with every order. You can click on each of these and find out more information. I have found information claiming that this pharmacy has over 7 years of experience and it is headquartered in Czech Republic.

Selection of medications and prices for them at

A lot of online pharmacies are offering their list of medications right as soon as you enter the website and this pharmacy is not an exception. As soon as you enter the website you can see *categories* and those are categories for different medications such anti viral, antibiotics, anxiety, depression, aid sleep, pain relief and many other types of medications. By checking this I can conclude the fact that selection of medications here is very wide with meds for nearly all types and needs meaning that you would most likely find the drug of your choice. I found out they have both brands and generic versions and the selection of drugs is wide – that’s quite enough and that’s why I went further checking for prices of ED medications. Here I can mention that Viagra 50 mg 90 pills would be 101 USD – 1.12 USD per pill and honestly talking that’s a good price for medication. This online pharmacy doesn’t require a prescription to sell you medications.

Shipping and payment methods

This online pharmacy claims to offer shipping world wide to every customer in every country but it can be done only via airmail shipping which costs 15 USD, has a delivery time of 2 to 4 weeks and doesn’t have tracking. But there’s also the second shipping options: Traceable option which has a delivery time of maximum 14 business days, it costs 25 USD, it can be tracked online and it cannot be used by all countries, unfortunately. You can add delivery insurance depending on the sum of your order. In terms of payments, this online pharmacy is accepting 3 different credit cards: VISA, Master Card, American Express and a second payment method is Bitcoin.

Customer Care Department

It is very important for an online pharmacy to have a good customer care department because customers might often have questions and they better should be answered if the pharmacy wants to have a lot and loyal customers. I wanted to find out what are these methods that you can get in touch with this online pharmacy and I found out you can do it by 2 phone numbers listed on their website, by writing a mail at their local address (which is in Czech Republic, and I can’t understand what it has to do with Canada) or also by writing a form on their contact page. Coupon Codes

This online pharmacy is offering discounts if you’re ordering bigger quantities of medications meaning that it can make you save money. In addition to that they are offering free shipping for bigger sum orders (200 USD – standard; 300 USD traceable). Plus they offer free bonus pills with every order (there are only ED pills) and one last offer: discount code for returning customers. After your first order you would receive a code which you can apply and get discounts. There are no coupon codes, sadly. Reviews

As I usually say, customer reviews about an online pharmacy, it is the most important part of my review due to the fact that they are giving us all a clear image about the pharmacy’s services making us all understand whether is it worth or it is not worth using the pharmacy. Now the problem is that I was searching for customer reviews all over the internet and yet I wasn’t able to find a single customer review and that’s a big problem because all the claims made by the pharmacy is equal to zero as long as there are no customers to confirm that all those claims are true and the pharmacy would keep their promises. There are customer reviews on their own website (testimonials) but they are often fake, written just to manipulate with people into making them believe that the pharmacy is authentic and functional with customers who got ONLY positive experience. I checked what has to say and there are a lot of alarming things: owner country: hidden, domain age less than 300 days, site might be from Russia.


The prices on this online pharmacy might be very attractive exactly as it is the special offers and everything else on this website, however that’s often the scammers plan – to attract you somehow. Because of lack of customer reviews and all information I found on I would say that this online pharmacy has a way too high risk of being a scam pharmacy and that’s why my rate is 1 out of 5 and this means that staying away from it is the best idea. Reviews

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