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Self-Introduction of is an online pharmacy which is mostly oriented in selling Viagra pills, but in this review you are going to read much more about this online pharmacy, if it offers any other types of drugs and also if this is an online pharmacy that is worth it. According to the information on their logo, the pharmacy is offering safe and high quality medications, something I hope is true. Other claims made by this pharmacy includes: high quality generic drugs; fast and free delivery; safe and secure payments; money back guaranteed as well as free pills for every order. All of this sounds good, but hopefully it is all true as well. I will check through everything in details and I will try to find it out. On the *about us* page you can find each of their claims detailed and there is also information suggesting that they are having over 7 years of experience online offering a 100% delivery guarantee. They claim that in case the medications won’t arrive in time they are promising a refund or a free reship meaning that customers do not risk with their money. customer satisfaction and assurance is priority number one as seen on the same page. With fast delivery; secure billing; easy payments and qualified support, they ensure that customers will always be happy of the services they might get here. I have also managed to find some icons which are suggesting that this company is offering worldwide shipping and that’s a company being a member of CIPA, MIPA and also a CPA approved pharmacy. We are going to check for their validity. According to the information on contact page they are a pharmacy run by EUROPHARM GROUP Inc. located in Czech Republic which I find strange as the certifications are given to Canadian pharmacy. All of this will be discussed through this review.

Assortment Diversity

According to the list of categories – there are a lot of drugs and that’s why I think that selection of drugs is super wide here. There are different drugs treating various conditions such as heart disease, pain relief, blood pressure, diabetes and many others.

As much as we can notice in the screenshot, the medications are alphabetically arranged and this means that customers can find their needed type of drug easier. The only categories that are not alphabetically arranged includes: Bestsellers; erectile dysfunction and Erectile dysfunction sets. That’s one of the reason why this pharmacy gives the impression of being mostly focused in selling Viagra and other ED types of drugs. I clicked on ED types of drugs.

Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are all there in generic and brand form and this means the pharmacy is offering many medications in cheaper or more expensive forms which is very good. plus, we can notice they are offering many different forms of medications such as Super active, soft and others. There seem to be lots of ED drugs as well such as Tadacip, Silagra, Zenegra and others.

Another thing which made me think they are mostly oriented in selling ED types of drugs is their Bestsellers list which most of the medications that I could find there seem to be from ED drugs. An example of how bestsellers are looking you can find in the screen below:

Except for customers having the option to search for their needed medications through the categories of drugs, people are also having the option to search medications using the quick search function where you type the drug’s name or you could search for them using the first letter of the drug. You can find it all on their main or any other page on the site.

Since this company with the website seem to have such a wide selection of drugs including generic and branded forms of medications for different health needs, I think customers are having a wide chance to find whatever they are searching for. This is the reason why I am going to rate them with 5 stars.

Prices Affordability

The pharmacy is claiming to offer some of the best prices for medications out there and that’s one of the main reason why this online pharmacy is worth purchasing from. Promising something is good, however we need to check if that’s true. In order to check this statement I will carefully analyze the prices for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Some of the lowest possible prices per pill for some of these drugs can be noticed in the screens I shared above, however those are lowest possible prices. So let’s check it more detailed. Generic Viagra 50 mg, if you get 90 pills then the price would be 1.12 USD per pill which is a good price, but not the lowest, as other pharmacies offer same drug/ quantity and dosage at a lower price than 1 USD per pill.

I checked generic Cialis and generic Levitra and it applies to them too – good prices, but not the lowest. To give example – Cialis 20 mg generic 90 pills is priced with 1.60 USD per pill, but you can find it for a bit lower than 1.50 USD per pill.

There is also Levitra generic 20 mg which is priced with 2 USD per pill if you get 90 pills. The price can be lower than 2 USD per pill at other places but still, that’s an attractive price.

There is also brand forms of these medications which are indeed having very attractive prices if compared to the same brand drugs prices in your local pharmacy. you can check it yourself:

All in all, I do think that customers can save money by ordering drugs here, but don’t forget you can save a bit more at other places. For this reason, I can give my rate of 4 stars for prices affordability.

Shipping Options

This online pharmacy is offering world wide shipping to everyone around the globe as much as it seems from the information on their website.

But ordering here medications would need to choose between 2 shipping options airmail and EMS. The airmail has a price of 15 USD and has a delivery time frame of 2 to 4 weeks without an online tracking. The EMS is priced with 25 USD, has a deliver time frame of 8 to 14 business days and does have online tracking (but cannot be used in all countries). Delivery insurance (guaranteed reshipment if delivery fails) has an extra fee.

But we can also notice the pharmacy claims to offer free shipping  to all orders over 200 USD (Airmail) and free Courier shipping is also available but for orders over 300 USD.

To be honest, I don’t really understand why they claimed so much to offer such a fast delivery while it is not as fast, especially when there’s no overnight shipping option, not even to people who are living somewhere nearby this online pharmacy. In addition to that, they do offer free delivery options, however, I doubt that everyone can afford that much in order to get the free delivery. With all of this being said, I think that this online pharmacy is deserving a rate of 3 stars for shipping policy.

Payment Methods

While I was searching for information about the payment methods accepted by this pharmacy I noticed there are some icons with the payment methods accepted by this pharmacy. You can see them on the upper side of their pages and on the bottom side of their pages. The icons suggest that is accepting payments via VISA, Master Card and Bitcoin.

The fact that they accept 2 most famous credit cards all along with the most famous cryptocurrency is very good, but I still think that other customers may opt for other payment methods such as echeck, wire / bank transfer and many others. Many customers may be satisfied with the payment methods, but still there may be a lot that wouldn’t be. For this reason, payment methods are getting a rate of 3 stars.

Technical Characteristics

Google Page Speed about the Website Loading

Most important thing to pay attention when talking about technical characteristics of any website, to my opinion, is the page loading speed data of that site. I doubt that many customers are ready to wait for too long for the site’s pages to load. To check this data I am going to use the google page speed test information. We can notice that this site has near to perfect data, both indicators are green marked and this indicates a fast page speed.

We can notice the mobile version got a score of 93 out of 100 and desktop version got a score of 99 out of 100 – both got really good results. So, since this online pharmacy’s website doesn’t seem to have any issues with the page speed load, I can offer them 5 points.

Mobile Version

Another google service that I can use to determine another very important point is the mobile friendly test which determined if an website is having a mobile version which is so important in modern world where around 50% of total internet traffic is from mobile devices. The mobile version is usually the same site, but it is simply adapted for a mobile device. Without this version, navigating through a website from a mobile device can be extremely hard. Unfortunately, the test didn’t showed any results because the page is either unavailable or blocked by robots.txt.

I had to check if myself by accessing the site from my own smartphone. The website does seem to have a mobile version and they do not seem to have any loading issues. But since they didn’t setup their mobile version properly (google test can’t reach it) my rate is 4 stars as the mobile version is still good.

Is the Connection Secure?

The connection with, regretfully, is not secure. You can see there is no green lock near the domain address name and that’s a huge problem to my opinion when the website is not offering a secure connection. All the data sent to this site is not encrypted so someone else may get it.

I have then noticed that the connection becomes secure when you go on the checkout page which is good that they use a secure connection at least on the checkout page. They use a 256 bit SSL encryption which is good. But since not all pages are secured and since no owner information is shared my rate is 3 stars.

Antivirus Presence

The presence of an antivirus on any website is very important and that’s why all major and trustworthy online pharmacy’s websites are having an antivirus installed. They do understand its importance as customers navigation through a site without an antivirus is pretty risky. does not seem to be an online pharmacy that cares about it – or at least, I couldn’t find a single sign indicating that the pharmacy is indeed offering a secure connection. With this being said, I am going to rate them with 1 point as customers should risk catching viruses when ordering medications online.

How to Order from

Ordering seem to be really easy here and that’s mostly due to the fact that there is no registration needed. That’s the first thing I check when talking about convenience of ordering from any online pharmacy. It is really important for a customer, to my opinion, to have a pleasant shopping environment, and I doubt that mandatory registration is a pleasant experience. Luckily, we do not need to register here and besides that, there are very good options. First of all, there are 3 searching methods making it easier to find whatever you need here. Second, there are options allowing customers to change the currency and the language on the website. That’s something that by far not all online pharmacies are offering.

But I also appreciate the fact that customers can check what’s the price per pill here, what’s the full price, and what are their savings. I think that’s something very good because we don’t need to calculate it all yourself (and trust me - not all pharmacies are offering this option either). Plus, they offering a description, safety information, side effects and packaging info about each medication.

So, to start ordering just add all the needed items into your cart by searching for the needed drug, selecting the dosage and the quantity and clicking on the *add to cart* icon. After you have added all the necessary items into your cart which should look like this:

You need to click on the checkout which is located right under the total amount. You should then be on the billing page, just enter the information about shipping and payment and your order should already be placed. This is very easy and very fast. My mark – 5 points.

Is Legit and Safe? about the Website Security Rate

Unfortunately, the information we managed to find on doesn’t recommend to order here. first of all – trust rate is 4% indicating a high risk ordering here. They didn’t found anything in relation with either Czech Republic or Canada but they mostly seem to be from Russian Federation – a high risk country. The site shouldn’t be used. Plus, domain age is only 1 year instead of 7 as promised and there’s also a lot of important information that’s hidden.

There are huge issues that should be fixed, but so far, my rate here is 1 point.

Prescription Request

There’s information that suggests a physician needs to review the information you send to them and they will write a prescription. But there’s no need to submit any type of information suggesting that I need a prescription drug. With this being said, they do not ask for a prescription and it seems they send you prescription drugs, maybe along with a prescription for it, without knowing if you actually need a potentially dangerous drug which can be obtained only with a prescription. That’s a huge problem indicating the pharmacy may have illegal activity. My rate is 1 point because of this. Approval Status

Regretfully, seem to completely agree with in the website’s legitimacy – the site shouldn’t be used. It got a rogue internet status which is the worst status an online pharmacy can get on This indicates the site has serious issues with laws and breaking customers rights. You are not guaranteed you would get what you actually buy from such sites. Rogue status = 1 star.

Customer Reviews about

Reviews on Website

The customer reviews are extremely important to check to make a good conclusion about a pharmacy. I have started to check with the reviews on their own website. There, I found reviews on the page named *testimonials*. There are around 20 different reviews and all of them are positive.

Nonetheless, I do not recommend to have trust in them. If you’re wondering why the reason is very simple- those reviews are copied from some other sources and placed here on the website. I have seen multiple websites with the exact same reviews and I really don’t love when a pharmacy is copying reviews from other sources. There does not seem to be a single review that I could have trust in and that’s why, I cannot give this unit a high mark. So they get only 1 point.

Customer Reviews on Foreign Sources

Since I found customer reviews that are only copied from other sources, I was hoping that I will get customer reviews on foreign sources as usually those are more trustworthy reviews. Now the biggest problem is that searching for reviews, customer reviews about and so on and so forth everywhere online in google I couldn’t find any. There’s not a single word about this website anywhere online. I honestly find this to be a huge problem as without reviews we cannot have trust the pharmacy has ever been used by someone, plus we cannot estimate its overall performance. My mark is 1 star, regretfully. Coupon Codes

The orders that are exceeding 200 USD are going to get a free registered airmail while orders with an exceeded sum of 300 USD are going to get a EMS shipping as I have already said. In addition to that, ordering in bulk is going to save you money as much as you can see in the column when choosing a medication. Also, free pills are given as well.

One last method is that people who reorder from this online pharmacy are going to be given discounts as much as they claim. Customers who ordered once should get the codes in their emails.

So they offer discounts, free shipping and free pills. That’s all really good, but we really miss the coupon codes. My mark is 4 stars.

Customer Support Service Contact Info

As I earlier said in my review, this online pharmacy shares an exact address that’s located in Praha, Czech Republic. They are also sharing an EU phone number and an US phone number all along with a contact form. However, they do not seem to have a fax number, live chat or actual email shared.

And in addition to that, the shared address does not even coincide with the address we’ve got on and that’s quite problematic to my opinion. With everything said, my rate is only 2 stars.

Getting in Touch

I have tried to get in touch with this online pharmacy using the contact form since I didn’t wanted to call them. I asked them where the pharmacy is actually located and if they do offer coupon codes but it seems the customer support team (if existent at all) decided not to answer back as I waited for more than 24 hours and my email inbox is empty. I don’t like ignorant customer support team. My rate – 1 point.

Conclusion: Attractive Pharmacy But Stay Away is an online pharmacy which tries to give the impression of a trustworthy pharmacy, but as much as it seems that’s a pharmacy that should be avoided. They give the impression of a trustworthy and worthwhile pharmacy because they have a wide selection of drugs, really good prices for medications along with different ways to save money – world wide shipping; good technically website with very easy and convenient ordering convenience – they have quality certificates and customer reviews.

However, the quality certificates are fake, the customer reviews are fake and they have no trust or legitimacy. They do not ask for a prescription, gave them a rogue status, they lied about how much time they were online and they lie about the pharmacy’s location. rated with 4% of trust and everything suggests the site is very risky to use. I just see no reasons to try doing it. Better stay away from this pharmacy that tries to look good. Reviews

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