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Self-Introduction of is an online pharmacy that has been established in 1999, or at least that’s the information that we have managed to find on their website as soon as I entered their main page. This means the pharmacy has been online for nearly 20 years which is quite a lot to have trust in this pharmacy. According to the information I managed to find there, the pharmacy has processed more than 200,000 of online prescriptions and therefore it has earned the trust of more than 200,000 patients. According to the information on their website, the pharmacy has been established by Dr. Paul Zickler. The information on the site is suggesting Doctor Solve is a trustworthy pharmaceutical company that is established in Canada and is ensuring the access to prescriptions fulfillment centers that is helping to save money. The information there is suggesting that the pharmacy is a Canadian international Pharmacy Association approved company (CIPA) and they also claim to be verified by and it is one of the best and most trusted online pharmacy intermediaries out there. They claim to understand that customers and their needs are all unique and for this reason, the pharmacy is offering best outstanding services out there. There’s also suggestion for customers to follow the pharmacy’s activity on Facebook and Twitter. Every member of this pharmacy is a trained and professional staff that it is ready to provide customers with the needed health information. There’s also info suggesting that every customers’ data is protected and every customer is getting privacy and security. The pharmacy is making sure that they guarantee the safest service as a vital part of company’s traditions. In the end, we’re going to check all the information on their website to understand if all of this is true or not.

Assortment Diversity

The medications that can be found at are subdivided in 3 types, the pharmacy is offering prescription medications, pet medications and over the counter medications. According to the information that I have managed to find on the prescription medications, there seem to be only 33 different prescription drugs: Celebrex, Exforge, Fludara, Yasmin, Fosamax, Lexapro, Synthroid XL, Actos, Lamictal, Lipitor, Nexium, Protonix, Fosamax, Plavix, Metformin, Lisinopril, Cozaar, Cymbalta, Nexium, Aciphex, Norvasc, Seroquel, Evista, Lasix, Singulair and some others.

Only the OTC medications (over the counter) are having different health categories of medications and the total number of categories seem to be 14 which look like this:

Except for finding medications by the categories of drugs either it is prescription or OTC medications, you can also search for the needed drugs using the search box function.

All in all, to my opinion, there are way too little prescription drugs and there are only 14 different categories of OTC medications, for this reason, I am going to rate the pharmacy’s selection of drugs with only 2 points as too little drugs are found here to my opinion.

Prices Affordability

It is very important to check the prices for medications, of course, because that’s what makes the customers purchase from the pharmacy or not. So, talking about price affordability I will talk about the most famous ED medications such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. I am going to check the first medication: Viagra which comes in its generic and brand form together. This is what the prices at this pharmacy looks like:

As much as we can see, if you want to get a 8 tablets for brand Viagra you would need to pay 86 USD. That’s more than 10 USD per pill. 176 USD is going to be needed to pay for 88 USD which makes it around 2 USD per pill.

The next medication that I am going to talk about is Cialis and in the screen below we can see that 16 tablets of brand Cialis is priced with 254 USD and 16 tablets of Cialis generic is priced with 36 USD and that’s exactly 2 USD per tablet.

The next medication to talk about is Levitra and this medication has a price of 186 USD for 12 tablets of brand Levitra which is a lot – more than 10 USD per pill and 156 USD for 60 tablets which is more than 2 USD per pill.

All in all, the pharmacy has pretty big prices, much more expensive prices compared to other pharmacies but people can save a bit of money compared to the local pharmacies. All in all, the pharmacy’s price policy unit is going to get a rate of 3 stars since the prices are not very attractive and I doubt that many customers would be attracted by such prices here.

Shipping Options

While I was searching for information about shipping, I noticed there is a shipping informational panel looking like this:

As much as we can see in the photo, the price for shipping in 9.95 USD within North America. However, additional charges may apply for overweight packages. I have managed to find out that the pharmacy is currently shipping to Canada, the United States and Puerto Rico. Shipping fees to Canada and Puerto Rico are not shared. Nevertheless, although the pharmacy is only shipping to 3 countries and it is from Canada, the pharmacy is offering medications from different countries. There is no information about shipping times, there does not seem information about tracking or anything else other than what I have already shared on the site. with this being said, the pharmacy receives a rate of 1 point. Extremely few information is offered, no free shipping, overnight shipping, other shipping options and shipping only in 3 different countries.

Payment Options

Although I was searching for information about what payment methods this online pharmacy is offering, I failed to find any information about them. I find it extremely important for the pharmacy to share what payment methods they are offering to customers before sending prescription or trying to order, simply due to the fact that customers should know what if pharmacy accepts a payment method suitable for them. I find this to be extremely inconvenient for a lot of people. Maybe the pharmacy overall is suitable for a client but the payment method is not. I do think that Doctor Solve’s administrator should do something to fix this problem but until then, my mark is going to be 1 star for the unit.

Technical Characteristics

Google Page Speed Data

Google page speed data is extremely important information to check as a lot of customers may not want to wait for the pharmacy to load for too much time until they are going to be able to arrange orders online. Unfortunately, the page speed insights test offered by google developers has showed information suggesting that the mobile version of this site is very slow, 9 scored out of 100. The desktop version is a little bit better, nevertheless, there are still big problems, rated with 67 out of 100 meaning that it has an average page speed load.

All in all, the customers will surely have page speed issues with mobile versions and they might have issues with loading speed for desktop version. I surely find this a big problem. Overall, the technical characteristics for this online pharmacy is going to be rated with 2 points.

Mobile Version

I was hoping that this pharmacy is having a mobile version for their website even if they had slow page speed. Nevertheless, my hopes went in vain. The page is not mobile friendly and this page is going to be hard to be used on a mobile device according to the mobile friendly test offered by google developers. Plus to that, there indeed are page loading issues. The test found out there are 2 issues: clickable elements are too close together and content is winder than screen.

All in all, I do recommend the pharmacy’s administrator to fix those 2 issues and to fix the page loading problem. Until that moment, I rate this unit with 1 point.

Is the Connection Secure?

The connection on this on online pharmacy does seem to be secure but the problem is the fact that the connection is not secure on all pages of this online pharmacy. Another problem that I have managed to find out is the fact that this pharmacy is only offering 128 bit SSL encryption level. Another big problem is the fact that this online pharmacy does not offer owner information. So, in the end, the pharmacy offers lower secure connection only on a few pages and without owner information. With this being said, I doubt that this pharmacy deserves more than 2 stars for the unit of secure connection on the site.

Antivirus Presence

I was searching for an antivirus software on their online pharmacy being installed but unfortunately, I was not able to find any. This online pharmacy does not seem to have an antivirus and that’s a really big problem to my opinion. Customers cannot be sure that they are 100% safe when browsing on a website that has no antivirus installed since viruses and other internet malwares may enter their personal devices. Until there is not going to be an antivirus installed on the website, I am going to rate this unit with 1 point.

How to Make an Order at

According to the information that I have managed to find on their website, customers are having 3 different options to purchase medications from this website. They can place a new order online, they can order by phone and lastly, they can also refill online.

Obviously, I am going to pay attention to how customers can place an order online. So, by doing my research, I am going to explain here how customers can order. First of all, customers should find their needed medications. Search for the needed drug and add it to your cart by selecting the quantity and the dosage for your needed drug. After you have decided what you want to purchase click on *add to cart*. After you have done this, you will be redirected on your shopping cart. You can either continue shopping here or go on checkout page. you can see the total order sum and *proceed to checkout*.

When you click on that you should register to order here. you need to enter the billing details but you also need to register for ordering here.

After you have registered here and entered all the information such as : first name, last name, phone number, password, email and where to ship click on *place order*. What’s strange, how to *place order* when no payment information has been placed. After all of this you should send a prescription as well. In the end, I do think that the ordering procedure could have been much easier, and lots of questions remain unanswered. There are pharmacies with much easier and convenient ways to place order. I think it should be more simplified but until that moment, I am going to rate them with 3 points only.

Is Safe and Legit? about Website Safety

We can see in the screen above that this online pharmacy’s site has been threat listed and that’s not very good. The site is rarely visited according to and it has a trust rate index of only 51% which is not very good. This site seem to be US based, but the real location is being hidden and that’s not very good. The domain age is 19 years which is very good, but owner country, website origin, organization, owner etc. is all hidden information. I really find it all a big problem. Plus, website location is US but phone number is Canada and the numbers along with address doesn’t coincide with those shared on their own website. Too much information is hidden and information doesn’t coincide with what shared on the site and too low trust rate index. This is all very alarming to my opinion. My rate here is 2 stars only because trust rate is over 50%.

Prescription Request is an online pharmacy that does ask for a valid prescription in order to purchase prescription drugs here. Without a valid prescription customers are not able to purchase drugs here. Customers need to send a prescription via email or fax but without doing so – you can’t order here. My mark for this unit is going to be 5 points as it does seem that pharmacy takes the prescription policy seriously. Approval Status

Unfortunately, as much as we can see, the pharmacy has not got an approved status by and I really find it to be a big problem. When the status is unapproved it means that there are several requirements set by that are not met by the pharmacy. There does seem to be some problems that can appear, but they shouldn’t be as much as with *rogue* status. Yet, the unapproved status receives a rate of 2 stars.

Quality Certificates

We can see in the above screen the fact that this pharmacy is claiming the an approved IPABC and CIPA pharmacy all along as they claim to be verified by The elements are clickable but there are problems – clicking on you’re simply redirected to their main page and clicking on IPABC icon you are not redirected on the official website of IPABC, but on which seem to be an Spanish Pharmacy. The only good element is CIPA’s icon.

My rate for this is 3 stars until the solve the problem with and IPABC icons.

Reviews about

Reviews on

This online pharmacy has been serving customers online for a lot of time and I was hoping there would be customer reviews on their own website because I honestly find this to be really important. Unfortunately, I was not able to find anything. I found no customer reviews on their own website and that’s a big problem as without them we cannot confirm that this website is legit or not. Site administrators should add an option to customers to write and read reviews on their site.

Reviews about on the Foreign Resources

I was searching for customer reviews and I was shocked to see that there are no customer reviews left anywhere else online. I did expected to see a lot of customer reviews since this online pharmacy has been online for 19 years but I got disappointed. I understand maybe there are no reviews on their own website, but since there are no reviews on foreign website that’s a very big problem. This doesn’t mean the site is unreliable, but this makes us think twice before making a conclusion about this company and whether it is worth purchasing here or not. I remember the words on suggesting that the site is rarely visited and I do understand it now. Since no customer reviews are available my rate cannot be any higher than 1 point. Coupon Codes

I was searching for coupon codes at this online pharmacy but unfortunately, I was not able to find any. It is not only the fact that they do not have coupon codes, they do not offer any discounts at all. All that I noticed is that you can refer your friend to Doctor Solve and if they become their customer then you and your friend are both getting 25 USD credit on your accounts.

So, except for referring friends to this online pharmacy to save money – there does not seem to be any other methods saving money. In case your friends won’t want to become their customers then you have no way to save money here. I obviously can’t rate such way to save money too high and my rate is 2 points for this unit.

Customer Support Service

“Contact Us” Section

I’ve been searching for contact information and I clicked on the *contact us*. I have found out there are a lot of ways to get in touch with them. Except for contact form, there are toll free phone and fax number, international fax and phone number as well as service in Spanish. They have email listed, they shared hours of operation and they also shared the exact address of the pharmacy as well.

As much as we can see, there are a lot of information given. nonetheless, the results that I have found on simply does not coincide with the information that I have found here. I just feel that there’s something wrong and this is the reason why I am going to rate them with 4 stars for this unit.

Customer Support Group

As we can see in the screen above, the pharmacy is claiming that the answer should arrive to your email within 24 hours if you use the email or the contact form. Since there is no live chat function I did used the contact form to ask them about the coupon codes and also why has different location than the one shared on their own website. It seems they don’t keep their promises. I waited for 24 hours (26 + hours) and no response ever arrived. I find it very inconvenient, my rate is 1 point.

Conclusion: No Reviews and Customer Support Service is an online pharmacy that is having quite a limited selection of medications and average prices for medications, not all customers may find the prices at this pharmacy be affordable. The pharmacy mainly ships to 3 countries: USA, Canada and Puerto Rico, but they may arrange orders in other countries as well. We were not able to find any information about payment methods accepted by this pharmacy here and that’s pretty problematic to my opinion.

This store, generally, has a big experience because they seem to be online since 1999 and that’s a lot of time, nevertheless, in all this time there are no customers who said a single word about this pharmacy as I was not able to find customer reviews on their own website or anywhere else online. They claim to be in Canada but information on doesn’t coincide with the one on their own website which is pretty problematic, as well as the trust rate which is only 51%. The site is asking for a prescription but it is having unapproved status on There are 3 quality certificates on their own website, but only one has been proved to be true. Except for having no reviews anywhere, the pharmacy is also having no coupon codes which is a big problem since the prices are not very attractive here and another problem is the fact that they have no customer support service. Although there are lots of ways to get in touch with this pharmacy, nobody is responding to your questions. I wouldn’t say that ordering here is very worth it, you may find better pharmacies, although they may be newer, with coupon codes and better prices. Reviews

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