Menu Close is the online pharmacy I will review today, an online pharmacy which seems to be worth using by analyzing its user friendly interface of the website. But by reading a bit more details on the website, it seems this is, in fact, not an online pharmacy. For getting more details and making a conclusion I went on *about* page. So, according to the information I could find there, that’s indeed not an online pharmacy and it is, in fact, not selling any medications at all. is, claimable, the world’s leading public trading platform for buying and selling medical equipment, parts and services. According to the information there, they have more than 22,000 unique visitors every day and feature more than 700,000 listings on any given day. If that’s all true – that’s indeed good. There’s also information suggesting that DOTmed has been founded back in 1999 and it was an open marketplace for healthcare professionals, medical equipment manufacturers, brokers and dealers while nowadays they have more than 270,000 registered users (it does seem as if you can register an account on their website and login). Plus to this, the website is also supporting other languages than English for those who are not searching for their needs in English. According to the information that I could find, the headquarters of this company (as I cannot call it a pharmacy since it doesn’t even sell any kind of medications) is located in New York, NY, USA. Since it is not selling medications it is not an online pharmacy and therefore it seems there are no accreditations, or at least I couldn’t find any. Selection of products and prices

As I have said it earlier, the company doesn’t sell any kind of medications or medical products except for medical equipment. One interesting thing is: I am not sure if this company is selling any of the medical equipment to everyone or only to medical professionals. Whatever the case, does seem to have a very big selection of medical equipment. You can find there equipment for: cardiology, cosmetic, defibrillator, dental, endoscopy, surgical, veterinary, pumps, neurology and many many others. With this being said, I can assume that there’s a big selection of medical equipment. As in terms of prices, while I was searching for it I have noticed that each product individually was having different phone numbers. Then later I have noticed this message: *Please remember that ALL equipment on DOTmed is being sold by our users, and DOTmed can not answer questions or accept offers for this equipment.* with this being said, the company doesn’t seem to offer products themselves, but it seems that users who register here does. That’s why the prices can vary a lot to my opinion as each user individually can put their own prices. I can assume that someone can have an unbelievable low price while others unbelievable high price. But then again, that’s just my assumption. Shipping and payment methods

According to the information that I was able to find on the website, there’s also a message saying *you must contact the seller directly if you are interested in purchasing equipment you see listed for sale on* with this being said I can also assume that each seller individually can offer different shipping methods and different payment methods, but I am not very sure. I assume that the shipping and payments vary a lot as different sellers comes from different countries. Plus there’s a specific product with the message (said by the seller): * Free shipping to Canada and the USA with PayPal, VISA & MasterCard payment. Shipping elsewhere at cost.* so as I said, seems that payment and shipping details are all depending on each seller. Customer Support Service

According to the information on the contact page of this company I have found out that they are offering different phone numbers to call for those who need sales support and assistance or any other questions. They are also offering , the skype user id, the fax number, you can get in touch with them via contact form available on the website and using the mailing address for writing mails as well. One last method to talk with them is via live chat function but at the moment I wrote this, they were offline. Plus, by calling them you need to do it in their working hours if you want to talk with them. Coupon Codes

Since this is not an online pharmacy and it is generally not a website/ company that’s selling anything at all, it is obvious that they cannot offer coupon codes or any discounts. This is a company/ website that’s just making it possible for the sellers and buyers to get together with the help of the website with each seller having their own prices and their own discounts for their own products. So coupon codes/ discounts are up to each seller individually. Reviews

By searching for customer reviews about this website I did have managed to find some and that’s very good since those reviews, although only few of them, might greatly help us make a good conclusion about this website. I have found a review on only, but it was a complaint about a person who said that received the item ordered broken and didn’t do anything with the situation. I have then found more reviews on with a person recommending NOT to use this website and that’s because DOTmed has rip off in Fees and Charges. The person explained they have incredible big charges for auction prices and big charges for fees and shipping. Another person said that they are scammers without a reason. But 2 other people said that they are happy with services.


It does not seem that this online company is having a lot of reviews and this means that it is not very popular. Among those few reviews it seems the company has mixed reviews. It does seems that there are positive reviews suggesting that this company is worth using, however I wouldn’t say that it is all perfect since it also has negative reviews as well and there does seem to be some problems going around. I will rate with 3 out of 5. Reviews

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