DrEd.com it is an online doctor service and drugs provider which means that the customers are able to receive treatments online without the need to go personally to visit the doctor. Therefore the customers can get their medical recommendations, tests and treatments for their specific conditions in a hassle free manner right from their homes. For doing this the customer need to select the service required, to register, to complete the online questionnaire and obviously to pay for the services required. They claim that this is going to save time and embarrassment, they promise complete confidentiality, free and fast delivery for products required and they also claim to have 1,500,000 customers treated already. Their headquarters is located in London and according to information I found online this website has been established back in 2010. The website itself works fast and seem to be user friendly.

DrEd Drug selection

They mostly sell branded medications which mean there are  few generics. They have an approximate number of about 50 pharmaceutical products depending on what you need (contraceptive pills, men’s health, high cholesterol or high blood pressure and others). They seem to have the most popular pharmaceutical products. On erectile dysfunction you can find such drugs are sildenafil, Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Spedra. The only generic for ED medications is Sildenafil (generic Viagra).

DrEd Drug prices

Since this is a British online website, the prices are in British pounds and the goes as following: 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg of brand Viagra from 32, 36 and 39 respectively British pounds. For generic Viagra (sildenafil) 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg from 15, 20 and 25 British pounds respectively. These are the prices which include prescription and delivery as the information I found suggests. These, to be honest, are pretty high prices, but since prescription and delivery is included in the price – that’s a little better.

DrEd Customer support service

You’re able to contact them by email, by fax or by phone number in the given hours. They also say that for sending secure messages to the DrEd doctors and team you need to login to your account. Since this is a site which provides online doctor service – getting in touch with their personnel shouldn’t be hard at all.

DrEd Payment options

Unfortunately I couldn’t find much information here, the only thing I’ve seen is that they accept master card, visa debit and visa credit. Not sure if there are other payment methods.

DrEd Shipping details

As I said, shipping is free, but they said that if you want to get the medications next day until 1 PM then you need to pay another fee of 3.99 British pounds per order. They seem to work only within the UK meaning that the delivery is only for UK customers. Usual deliver can take three days.

DrEd Coupon codes, discounts or bonuses?

Either because this site is more focused on doctor online consultations or maybe there’s another reason – but there are no discounts, no coupon codes and no bonuses. The prices that you see listed on their website are the prices that you would actually need to pay without any facilities or discounts or anything in this matter.

DrEd Reviews

There are a lot of customer reviews all over the internet. Like for example on their facebook page they have a bit over 1000 followers and some people said thanks to their services. Some other sites like scamadviser and scamvoid said that this is an online site which people can have trust in. there are a lot of customer reviews and most of them were positive implying that this is an online pharmacy and doctor consultation service in which we can have trust. However there are still some people who complained on the services received by this drugstore. Plus there is no information about this website on legitscript so we can’t affirm whether this website is all legal or not. and those negative customer reviews suggests that there can be some problems with this drugstore.


I’m mostly judging this website by the big number of customer reviews and by what info I could find on their website. The pretty big prices and the lack of discounts and coupons obviously is bad as much as it is those negative reviews. However the big number of positive reviews with scam adviser and scam void having trust in this website makes me say that it deserves 4 on a scale from 1 to 5.

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