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Self-Introduction of is an online pharmacy which is claiming to offer real savings and that’s all real easy if using their website. They present themselves as being a leading online Canadian prescription referral service which has the aim to serve customers all around the world as they claim to offer low priced medications both prescription as well as over the counter drugs even including pet medications. Plus to that, they claim to offer a wide selection of drugs for everybody’s budgets as they are offering both generic and branded form of drugs. The patient safety is their focus and they are providing medications that are approved by proper medical authorities worldwide and they are complying with all the required procedures and conditions that are helping to ensure their high standards continue to increase. As much as it seems, the pharmacy is claiming to be an active social media user and there are icons suggesting that they are legitimate and registered as they claim to be verified by and Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) approved pharmacy but we are going to try to find out their validity through this review. I managed to find information on the site which indicates the pharmacy is run by Coastal Health Group Inc. which has been around for the last 17 years as the information suggests they are online since 2001. The pharmacy is trying to give the impression of a valid and licensed pharmacy offering high quality drugs at good prices, but we are going to check it all later.

Assortment Diversity

According to the information I managed to find on their main page, the pharmacy is offering 3 different types of drugs which include: 2 human medication types and 1 category for pet medications. The human medications include: prescription drugs as well as non prescription drugs.

I tried to find out how many drugs are found at this online pharmacy and they claim that there is a total of 155 items for non prescription drugs.

The medications seem to be arranged in alphabetical way. However I also wanted to see the list of prescription drugs and according to the information there, their store can offer 93 different prescription items. As a total, there are around 250 different drugs as much as it seems. The items are also arranged in alphabetical way.

Other ways to search for the needed drugs except for browsing for them through the prescription or non prescription items and browsing by letter, customers are also having the opportunity to search for their needed medications using the search box function that is available on their main page or any other page.

All in all, the selection of drugs seem to be fairly good with, as mentioned, around 250 drugs found here – 93 prescription and 155 OTC drugs.

The pharmacy does seem to offer the most famous and used drugs, however customers are having some chances not to find some rare or less used drugs that other pharmacies with a higher assortment of drugs offer them. As a conclusion, my rate is 4 stars.

Prices Affordability

In order to check if their claim that the store is offering the best prices is true, I need to check the prices myself and confirm this. To do so, I am going to check the prices for ED medications so I will talk about Viagra and Cialis.

The first drug to talk about is Viagra which comes in both generic and brand. According to the information there, if you get 88 tablets of 25 mg brand Viagra price is 793.87 USD. 4 tablets of 50 mg brand Viagra is 31.01 USD. Honestly talking, the prices are a bit overestimated compared to other online pharmacies as you can find better prices. The generic is much more affordable – a huge difference. To get 4 tablets of 25 mg generic Viagra you would need to pay only 2.60 USD. But 88 tablets of 50 mg generic Viagra is going to cost you 30.80 USD. That’s such a low price that it makes me wonder about the quality of those generics.

The next medication that I am going to talk about is Cialis. The brand is overestimated as well. That’s because 10 mg of brand Cialis 88 tablets would cost you 1,558.97 USD while 4 tablets of brand Cialis 20 mg would cost you 54.76 USD. Compared to other pharmacies – that’s an overestimated price as well. However, the price for generic Cialis also make me think they compromise on the quality. That’s because the price is extremely low – 88 tablets of generic Cialis 20 mg would cost you only 20.61 USD. 4 tablets of generic cialis 10 mg would cost you 6.35 USD while 88 tablets of 10 mg generic Cialis is more than 88 tablets of 20 mg – 29.16 USD which I find it super strange. Generic Cialis 2.5 mg 90 tablets is even more expensive – 35.70 USD.

In the end, my rate for price policy is 4 stars. firstly because the branded medications are overestimated but secondly because generic medications are extremely low making me think there’s something wrong with them and because they are generally very strange – lower dosage medications are more expensive compared to those that are higher dosage. That’s really suspicious.

Shipping Options

According to the information I managed to find on their website their contracted pharmacies are able to ship to Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Costa Rica, El Salvador, France, Hong Kong SAR China, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States. They also claim to note the following: In the event that your package(s) is seized by customs and/or regulatory authorities in your country, their contracted pharmacies will offer to re-send the package(s) which is very good. If you are located in a country not listed above, they claim that customers can contact their customer service department to process your order if possible.

They claim that the delivery is depending on where and what you buy. They do not seem to offer multiple shipping options. The delivery timeframe is anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks. There are cases when delivery may take greater time because of the customs delays and examinations.

Regretfully, regardless of how much I searched – I failed to find the fee exact delivery timeframes, shipping options and no mention about free shipping anywhere on the site.

My rate is 2 stars since extremely little information is offered about shipping terms as we don’t know the fees, no free or overnight shipping option and so on and so forth.

Payment Options

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really matter how much I was searching for information about payment methods on their website, I couldn’t find anything. There is no mention about what payment methods this pharmacy is accepting anywhere. I can assume that the only way to determine the payment methods is to go on checkout page, but to do so you need to register. I think this is a pharmacy that doesn’t deserve more than 1 point for this unit.

Technical Characteristics

Google Page Speed Insights Data

I am a firm believer of the fact that an online pharmacy with a poor technical data website has no chances to become popular. That’s because there are few customers, especially nowadays, who agrees to wait for a long time for each page of an online pharmacy or any other site to load. For this reason, it is so important to check the google page speed data. I have done it and I found out the following: the mobile version of this site has an average page speed. That’s because it is yellow marked and scored with 55 out of 100. The desktop version is a lot much better. it is green marked indicating a fast page speed load and scored with 99 out of 100 which I can call it – perfect score and fast page speed load.

These indicators suggest that customers shouldn’t be having any issues with desktop version loading and maybe some with mobile version loading. Taking all of this in consideration, I can rate this pharmacy’s page speed with 4 stars.

Mobile Version

Another google test that I can use to determine the technical characteristics of the site is the mobile friendly test which determines if the site has a mobile version. Luckily, they do have a user friendly mobile version and that’s really good as a lot of modern customers are purchasing medications using their mobile devices. There does not seem to be any issues to make orders from a mobile device as no drawbacks seem to be visible with their mobile version site. Text is easily readable, images are clearly displayed, clickable elements are reasonable placed on the site.

All in all, I do think that it is pretty convenient to order medications from this online pharmacy and that’s the reason why I can give my mark of 5 points for this unit.

Secure Connection at

According to the information that I managed to find while searching if this pharmacy uses a secure connection I discovered that all connections and transactions with are secured. That’s amazing. The certificate is being verified by Let’s Encrypt. But there are 2 problems to my opinion. The first one is the fact that there is no company owner information as this information is hidden. A full transparency is important to my opinion. Another problem is that they use a lower security level of 128 bit SSL encryption. A 256 bit SSL encryption is required to offer a full security level to customers. In the end, my rate is 3 stars for this unit.

Is There Antivirus on the Website?

An antivirus is also required because customers should feel safe their browsing through the website is not going to end up with catching viruses or other internet threats. Luckily, customers may feel safe when browsing through this site as they have an icon suggesting they are Norton Secured. This is an effective antivirus software protecting your devices. I clicked on that icon and the verification is valid.

Since they do use an antivirus system on the website, my rate is 5 stars as customers can feel safe.

How to Make an Order?

I huge problem that I discovered when browsing through the website is the fact that a registration is mandatory on this website from arranging orders online. The registration is including some questions about your personal data including address, email, general medical questions and other stuff.

All of that may be confidential information that not everyone might like to share with a pharmacy, especially before being able to order here. I find the registration process to be pretty time consuming but if you don’t register – you can’t order.

So, for ordering at you firstly need to choose what medication you need. You can use the category of drugs (prescription or OTC) to find it, browse by letter or search function. When you found the needed drug click on it. Choose the quantity of pills you need next to the dosages availabilities of that drug and after you’ve done it click on add to cart. Repeat this step until you add all the needed drugs. You can only review data on shopping cart and click on checkout.

That’s the step when you would be asked to register. After registering, fill up all the rest information and only after that you can submit the order.

I find it very inconvenient to order here. No option to change the language or the currency, no way to see what’s the price per pill or your savings, the registration is mandatory and a lot of information should be submitted about personal data for ordering here. You cannot see shipping options or payment methods until you checkout. My rate is 2 stars for this unit.

Is Legal and Secure? about Security Rate has always been extremely helpful in finding a lot of hidden information and necessary information about an online pharmacy that help us determine if a pharmacy is legitimate. Today it helped us again as according to the site is low trust rating and therefore this site may not be safe to use. The site is US based but it also may be from Barbados. They offered it 0% trust rate index meaning there’s a high risk and the site is not popular. Site owner tries to hide a lot of necessary information such as organization, owner, address, etc. and that’s too suspicious. Although they claim to be from Canada, found no relation between this site and Canada. Plus, they claimed to be online for 17 years but site was created 2 years ago. my rate is 1 star for this report.

Prescription Requirements

As I earlier mentioned, this online pharmacy is offering prescription and OTC medications. I guess they categorized them like that for a reason and it is very simply – medications in prescription drugs category cannot be obtained without showing a valid prescription first. With this being said, the pharmacy does seem to take the prescription policy very seriously and taking the customers’ health seriously. Such a serious approach of selling potentially dangerous medications make me rate them with a 5 stars rate. about Legitimacy

Except for the fact that had 0% trust in the pharmacy – suggests it is a rogue internet pharmacy. That’s all extremely alarming because it all indicates the pharmacy is not legitimate. Purchasing from a rogue internet pharmacy may result in receiving counterfeit medications or your package may have never been delivered to you. I doubt someone would wish to order from this type of pharmacy. My rate is 1 star.

Quality Certificates

As I earlier said, the pharmacy is suggesting to be CIPA and approved pharmacy. As promised, I checked if that’s true and I clicked on those icons which discovered that the icons are indeed valid as the pharmacy does seem to be approved by these authorities.

That’s really good, especially taking in consideration the previous legitimacy information we managed to find about this site. My mark – 5 stars.

Reviews about

Reviews on

The customer reviews is an extremely important factor when it comes to determine the legitimacy of an online pharmacy since they are giving us the opportunity to estimate the services and overall performance of the online pharmacy without actually ordering from them. I think that customers should be given the opportunity to read and write reviews but unfortunately, doesn’t offer it. There are no customer reviews or testimonials anywhere on their website and that’s a really big problem to my opinion. The only thing which you can find – the pharmacy is recommending customers to read customer reviews on a foreign source. Nevertheless, customer reviews on own website are important. My rate here is 1 point.

Foreign Reviews about

As I said, the site administrators recommend customers to read the reviews on another source named By accessing that site you can see that the average customers rate out of 2581 reviews is 4.7 stars out of 5. That’s pretty suspicious to be honest.

What’s even more suspicious is the fact that most of the customer reviews seem to be extremely short and not descriptive.

There are few other sources with few other reviews. Nevertheless, based on all the information and reviews that I have managed to find on foreign sources about this online pharmacy, I am going to rate this unit with 5 stars. Coupon Codes

I was searching for coupon codes but I couldn’t find anything. I have only found out that customers can use a coupon code AND like their Facebook page to get a discount of 5%. The information on their website is suggesting that you can join them on Facebook for discounts and special offers.

Getting on their Facebook page here’s what I discovered:

As much as you can see, that’s a one time use only. But except for this one time use code I couldn’t find anything. This makes me rate this unit with only one star.

Contact Information

“Contact Us” Section

Getting on their contact page I have found all the necessary information. The exact address located in Canada, the email, the phone and fax number – in short everything that’s needed. That’s a very good plus to my opinion, but there’s just one problem. The pharmacy is claiming to be from Canada but it doesn’t coincide with the information we got on that’s pretty suspicious and for this reason my rate is 4 stars here.

Getting in Touch

As you could see in the screen above, there is a type of live chat function on this website and it is obvious I wanted to get in touch with them using that option. However, this live chat function is without any immediate answer. I wanted to ask them about the shipping and payment methods. However, the pharmacy’s customer support service didn’t wanted to respond back to my email as much as it seems. I waited for their response for 24 hours and I got no response which is a big problem as I don’t like such an attitude when pharmacies refuse to answer customers questions. My rate is 1 star for this unit.

Conclusion: Rogue Pharmacy and 0% of Trust but CIPA Approved is an online pharmacy which has extremely strange approval and legitimacy statuses. According to CIPA – that’s an approved pharmacy which is safe to use. This is being confirmed by which claims that this is a verified pharmacy and they are top rated pharmacy. However, on the other hand we have which is considered to be a rogue internet pharmacy and we have which indicated the website has 0% of trust index. Plus, the site administrators claimed to be online for 17 years but suggests they are online for only 2 years. In addition to that, Canada address is offered on their website but found no relation between this site and Canada.

The website does require a valid prescription which is very important and they offer a good page speed with mobile version of site – security on connection and antivirus. However, the prices here for brands are overestimated, while the prices for generics are suspiciously low and they are too strange. Plus, extremely few information about shipping policy is given and no information at all about the payments accepted. Another minus – it is extremely inconvenient to order from this online pharmacy to my opinion. I’m not very sure if this online pharmacy is worth it. Reviews

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