Menu Close it is a mail order pharmacy and fulfillment company that has been established more than 20 years ago in 1994 and claimable their facility is being located in Elk Grove Village, IL or at least that’s all the information I could find on their own website. According to the information on the same page that I could find DrugSource it is one of only 35 pharmacies with VIPPS accreditation and they have got this accreditations since February 2005. They also claim to have DMEPOS accreditation through the NABP. In terms of security then website claims to be certified by HITRUST. Another interesting thing I found is that DrugSource, Inc. Mail Order Pharmacy claims to offer the leading OTC member benefit program to health insurers. In regards to the website itself I can mention the fact that it supports Spanish language for those who need it, plus to that you can create an account and login. It features understandable design and it seems to be pretty friendly user with good features for their customers. So this is all very good and we have to find out more about the pharmacy’s services, which, for example, patients can login to their accounts here on the website and transfer their prescriptions.

Selection of medications and prices on

As soon as you enter the website, on the left side of the page you can see *Products* list with categories like: Over the counter (non prescription) with a lot of products found there for different needs, adult undergarments (DME items), diabetic supplies, ostomy, patient home care, vitamins, wound care (DME Items), Compression Hosiery and lastly DME products. As much as it seems, these are all the products you can find on this online pharmacy. So there are a lot of different types of products in that category, however there is no erectile dysfunction products like Viagra. That’s why to simply give you an example of price I can say that a diabetic product called * NAPROXEN SODIUM 220MG TABLETS 100CT* costs nearly 10 USD. Not sure if that’s a good/ high price for it. Those medications that require a prescription, requires their customers to show a valid prescription for getting them.

Shipping and payment methods

There are 4 different shipping methods with the standard shipping that has no cost for you but there’s no info on delivery times. The second option is UPS ground with 15 USD extra charge with a delivery of 2 to 4 business days. The third option is UPS 2 day air with extra charge of 25 USD. Last and fastest (as well as most expensive) method is UPS next day air with 40 extra charge. They are shipping only within US states. As I said, the pharmacy is accepting insurances, but you can pay via credit cards. Since there’s little information on payment methods I can’t say very much in regards to this.

Customer Care Department on

You can go on Contact page that you can find right on their website and there you’re going to see that you’re able to fill up the contact form and by doing that you’re going to get an response back in your email or by telephone both of which are mandatory to write down. You can also contact them via the old fashioned way via mail by their PO Box or go right to their office in Elk Grove Village, IL as they provided an exact physical address. There is also fax phone (I guess for sending prescriptions) and phone number which you can contact them in service hours. Unfortunately, no other methods to talk with them as there is no live chat function or something in this matter.

Coupon codes

The only thing that I have noticed this pharmacy has to offer is free delivery at your doorstep without overpaying unless you want a fast delivery which you are extra charged for this service. There are no discounts and there are no coupon codes which you can use to get some money savings. Instead, the online drugstore claims that some of their products are the best that you can ever find such products as: vitamin D supplements, One Touch Ultra 2 monitor for diabetic patients, and some antifungal foot cream. In fact, one last thing that I have noticed is that the iCare members are able to save some money on purchases.

Customer Reviews about

Finding customer reviews about is a lot much harder than I thought it would be since I was thinking there would be lots of customer reviews about this online drugstore, but yet, there aren’t a lot of customer reviews. Since this is not a very well known online drugstore it doesn’t really have lots of customer reviews. The only reviews I found were on birdeye site where a person named Yadira seemingly had a very bad experience since she rated 1 out of 5 without commenting. However there’s another person named Emma who said that she had the smoothest medicine refill ever saying that she’s very happy she found this website and rated it with 5 out of 5. 2 other people rated 5 out of 5 without commenting but Gary said that the only thing they can tell you is *it’s in transit* and so he’s upset with their services rating it with 2 out of 5. According to it is a legitimate internet pharmacy and according to it has been around for 20 years with high trust rating.


The fact that it has happy customers and high trust rating from scam warning websites, plus it is a legitimate internet pharmacy it is extremely good for the pharmacy. It doesn’t have coupon codes but it seems to offer some good prices for medications and free delivery. Final verdict which makes me rate it with 4 out of 5 is the fact that nearly everything looks fine except for some negative customer reviews and no coupon codes. Reviews

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