Menu Close is, as much as we can see from its name, an online drugstore supplier which seems to feature user friendly design of the website, seems to be very easy to use and understandable and easy to navigate through the website. You can also create an account and log in to this website. Trying to find out more about the pharmacy I have went on *about us* page where I found out that this is an American online pharmacy with their headquarters located in Fenton, MI. But I didn’t found any more information as when they have started their business or anything in this matter. All I noticed is that the website is GeoTrust Secured and PayPal Verified, or that is their claims. Also, as soon as I entered the website I have been offered to enter my email in order to receive a code that would make me save 5% off my order sum. So I went further in trying to find out more details about the website. Selection of medications and prices for those meds

As soon as you enter the website, on the left side you can see a list of medications and other products like for example: first aid OTC, pain and fever, stop smoking, wholesale, vitamins and minerals, diet supplements and many many other products. This online pharmacy seems to be a bit different in terms of what products they sell compared to other online pharmacies. I’ve used the search box in order to find out for Viagra and yet, here’s the message I was shown: *Oh no! Your search for viagra did not match any products.*from as much as I can see, this is because you can find only OTC medications on this website. So if you’re a person who searches for any prescription drugs then won’t actually be able to help you out. That’s why there are no erectile dysfunction medications. simply to give an example of prices: 10 tablets of aspirin regular strength costs 2.21 USD. While a stop smoking aid, 20 pieces, 2 mg each would cost you 6.28 USD. Since the online pharmacy (or OTC supplier) has exclusively only OTC products, of course, the pharmacy doesn’t have what for to require their customers to show a valid prescription.

Shipping options and payment details on

In regards to payments, this online pharmacy (or OTC supplier) accepts all major credit cards, Pay Pal, as well as checks or money orders. I think that’s really good when an online supplier has many forms of payment methods because their customers are able to choose their favorite one. As in regards to shipping, they are only shipping within USA, as they do not ship outside of USA. There are 3 shipping options: first class, priority and parcel posts. Delivery times takes anywhere between 2 to 9 days depending on your location (the further you are from Michigan, the longer it takes to arrive) and shipping option chosen. Some of those options have a tracking system. There’s no information about shipping fees though.

Customer Support on

If you want to get in touch with this pharmacy then you’re able to do so by writing a mail at their address, but if you want to get a faster response to your inquiry or question then you can do it by writing them an email or by sending them a form which is basically the same as using the email function. However for an even faster method to get in touch with them is to use the phone number listed on the website, or also, you can start a live chat conversation with their consultants and you’re going to be answered instantly. Emails and contact forms are going to be answered within 24 hours. coupon codes

As I said it earlier, as soon as I entered the website, I have been offered to be sent a code by my email and using that code I could get 5 % discount. In addition to that, I checked it online and this OTC supplier website seem to have lots of different coupons which makes you save some money. So you’re able to get the discounts for your medications by using those coupon codes. Except for coupon codes I don’t see this pharmacy offering any other types of discounts, free pills, free shipping or anything. But using those lots of coupon codes is still nice. Customer reviews

Unlike many other online pharmacies, this OTC drug supplier website doesn’t have testimonials on their own website and I appreciate their honesty. Instead, they are recommending their customers to read what people wrote about their pharmacy on and that’s what I have done. However, I got disappointed to see that there are only 3 customer reviews and what’s more important is that all 3 of them are negative. So this online OTC drug supplier is basically recommending people to read negative customer reviews. One of those reviewers said that he has got wrong products, the other one said: * not support* and the third said that he has tried to cancel the ordered products and said that his money were refunded but they were not and so he says that this seems to be more like a fake website than real one. I went online to check for more customer reviews and I did found other people’s reviews, I found a few others being negative, however I have also found a number of positive ones. On multiple other foreign websites there were positive reviews and plus has 100% trust, plus it suggests that it has a lot of visitors and domain age is more than 10 years!


This is a *drugsupplystore* but it doesn’t have prescription medications so that might not be a very good thing for lots of people, exactly as it is not the fact that it has a number of negative customer reviews. But the fact that there are positive customer reviews, 100% trust from and domain age is 10 years with lots of visitors of website that’s all good. And yet, I rate it with 3 out of 5 because of lack of medications and negative reviews which means that there are still some risks ordering here. Reviews

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