Menu Close is the website of a provider of revenue and payment cycle management and clinical information exchange solutions, which, according to Wikipedia information, they are connecting the payers, providers and the patients in the US healthcare system. According to the same source, the company is really big and that’s since it has a total number of employees of 15,000 people and it has its headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. Anyway, by typing in the URL you’re going to be redirected to another domain address named and so you can reach the company’s website by both these domain addresses. This is, presumably, the new domain for this company and therefore I can assume that the website has been modified/ upgraded lately. I have to remind here that since this is not an online pharmacy some parts of the review would be removed such as selection of medications and prices, shipping and payment methods etc. According to the information that I could find on their website, they are claiming to reshape the healthcare and bring innovations to the field. I’ve been searching for more information and I found out that they are providing healthcare plans as well as medical assistance and much more to their customers.

Overview of the

By checking the website of this company you would see that it is user friendly with good features which make it easier to understand and navigate through. By checking through its front page I found some interesting statistics/ numbers given by this website such as: 1 in 5 patient records touched by our clinical connectivity solutions, 1.7T US Dollars billed annually using their revenue cycle and pm solutions, 68 M diagnostic imaging studies managed, 92% of top US health plans are using Change Healthcare Inc. and lastly: 175 M covered lives, spanning 92% of top 25 US health plans. I’ve been searching for more information about this company and I have found that this is most likely one of the largest networks in the United States according to the information on their website and that’s because it has more than 800,000 physician, 130,000 dentists, 5500 hospitals, 600 laboratories and many, many other things like 12B transactions in FY16 etc. with all of these numbers I can safely say that this is surely not an scam/ fraud company but it still doesn’t mean that it is the best or perfect. The company claims to have more than 30 years on the market now and therefore they are one of the best in the modern health insurance in the USA. With the help of the user friendly interface of the website, as I said earlier, it is easy to navigate through the website, therefore each client can easily find and access everything they need. By analyzing the website and its information more I can also noticed that the payment and enrollment details are also there so you can easily find whatever you need on the website.

Customer Support Department on /

This company customer support team can be reached by their social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, but besides this you can find different other ways of getting in touch with them but you firstly need to decide what you actually need and then you’re going to be referred to the right phone number etc. They claim that their customer support team is available 24/7. I’ve tried to find if they have online live chat function but unfortunately I haven’t found it. / Coupon codes

Those companies who are offering coupon codes are the companies which demonstrates that they actually care about their customers because they are offering them methods to save some money, unfortunately is not among those companies as there are no coupon codes right now. In fact I haven’t seen anything to make you save some money. You may contact their customer support department to confirm this if you would like to confirm this. The only free stuff you can get is valuable information and newsletter that you can sign up for free. / Reviews

All those big numbers with the fact that this company has been around for so many years and they claim to have so many patients/ clinics/ hospitals and so on and so forth made me expect that there would be a lot of customer reviews which would judge the pharmacy at its real value. Luckily I was right and that’s because by searching online for customer reviews I found quite a lot of them. A bit of a problem consisted the fact that most of those reviews were coming from the employees of this company and not from actual customers which I was searching for. Due to the fact that this company has changed its domain address to I’ve tried to find customer reviews by searching in google for both these domain addresses. I’ve quickly analyzing the reviews from the employees and there are both good and negative reviews with people talking about the pros and the cons of this company. But I have been trying to find customer reviews and by doing some more research I did have found some. unfortunately those customer reviews weren’t so encouraging to use this company’s services. There is a person who said that he been using emdeon services for the last 6 years and yet recommends anybody avoid Emdeon. Lots of other people are saying that Emdeon is a terrible company which doesn’t keep their promises and another thing that I noticed is that there are A LOT of people complaining on their customer support team calling it *the worst*. Many other people who had experience with Emdeon says that they are going to switch to another company.


As I mentioned a bit earlier, the fact that this is not a scam/ fraud company that’s without any doubts, however it doesn’t mean that it is all perfect and the customer reviews about this company demonstrates this to be true. There are positive customer reviews, but it is easily seen that most of them are negative and when a company has more angry than happy customers that’s a bad sign. All in all, my rate is mostly based on the customer reviews and that’s why I think that it deserves anywhere between 2 and 3 out of 5 with a final rate with 3 out of 5 only because it is surely not a scamming company. Reviews

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