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The online pharmacy I am going to review can be found at the domain address name, an online pharmacy which, at the first sight by analyzing their main page, looks really good. besides the fact that they seem to have a very user friendly interfaced website, the site is also having some very good options such as changing the language and the currency on the website, which is very helpful, and to register on the website and login to your account. The pharmacy claims to have medications for both men and women and they are also claiming to work only with trusted manufacturers. The reasons why this pharmacy claims to be worth using are: safe payments, courier shipments as well as guaranteed delivery. The pharmacy claims that people can follow the pharmacy’s activity on social media pages such as Facebook, twitter or google plus where I saw that the Facebook had a broken link while the very few posts on twitter on google plus where from 2017. Also, according to the copyright information, there is 2013-2017 so if they mean that the pharmacy has been opened in 2013 then what does 2017 stands for? Have they stopped working a year ago? Not sure how to get a response to this question, however the information I managed to find on the site suggests their online pharmacy is a leading pharmacy that is offering a wide choice of popular generic and brand medications as well. They claim to concentrate on offering some enormous and reliable medications for everyone who are suffering from health issues in their day to day life. As they claim, their main target it is to provide customers with the best products and the best service. unfortunately, no exact address of their headquarters is given on the site, I can only assume this is an European pharmacy because their pre selected currency on site has been EUR and from the pharmacy name: *farmacie*. Selection of medications and what are the prices for them

The information on their own website is suggesting that this pharmacy is offering a wide selection of medications and that’s really good if true, they claim to offer a lot of medications, both generics and branded names, both for men and women and they also have a lot of medications for different health conditions. By checking their medications *catalog* I have found out that the pharmacy is indeed, seems, to have a wide selection of medications as there are drugs for allergy, asthma, hepatitis c, hair care, diabetes, premature ejaculation, migraines and many more. With all of this being said then I can assume that indeed the selection of medications is pretty wide here. in order to determine what kind of prices the pharmacy is offering I searched for ED drugs and if all the prices for medications are the same then I can say they are pretty good. That’s because generic Viagra is priced with 1.15 USD per pill or you can get 4% discount or 8% discount on it by purchasing 120, or 200 pills correspondingly. Compared to the prices at other online pharmacies, that’s a pretty good price as much as I know. There’s not a single mention about prescription requirements so this makes me think they don’t require one. Shipping and Payment methods

There’s information on the pharmacy’s FAQ page that this pharmacy is accepting orders all over the world to every country so everybody is free to order medications at this pharmacy. They have regular and EMS shipping options with delivery up to 30 days max for regular and up to 10 days max for EMS. Delivery fees depends on the country where you ship. Tracking number is available but not to all countries. This pharmacy is accepting payments via credit cards; VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and its derivatives; through bank transfer and through WU. Customer Support Service

As I have said earlier, the pharmacy has Facebook, twitter and google plus pages (or at least twitter and google plus since Facebook link is broken) so I can assume you can get in touch with them through these pages. But they also claim to have live chat but it is only available if you login to your account on their website. Other than the live chat, I couldn’t find anything else on their website. Coupon Codes

Unfortunately, I could not find any coupon codes being offered by this online pharmacy to their customers. All that I could find is the fact that this online pharmacy, as I said earlier, gives discounts of 4 % or 8 % if the customer is purchasing 120 pills or 200 pills at once. Other than this discount, I couldn’t find anything else like free shipping, free bonus pills or anything in this matter. Reviews

By searching for customer reviews I could not find absolutely any reviews except for one on, and the problem – the review was also written in 2017. As much as we can see, nearly anything that we can see was lastly updated about this pharmacy in 2017, lastly. It seems, as much as we can see from, the site is not safe to use. That’s because it has 0% trust rate because of a number of reasons. It is a rogue internet pharmacy considered by legitscript, a malware report has been detected for the site and the website is from a high risk country: Russia. When the pharmacy has no trust from scam warning engines, it is rogue internet pharmacy the chances that using this pharmacy will end up bad are pretty high.


A single customer review is not enough to prove the pharmacy is safe to use. Especially when all last updates where in 2017 including the copyright information on the site. it has a number of reasons why to stay away from the site and that’s all making me think that ordering here can be too risky. For this reason I simply won’t recommend this online pharmacy and I rate it with 2 out of 5 stars. Reviews

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