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I am trying to do all my best to determine whether an online pharmacy is worth using or not and I really hope that this facilitates the life of those people who are in a dilemma whether they should use the pharmacy or not. For those people wondering if is an online pharmacy that’s worth it or not, I am going to write this pharmacy review and I am going to try all my best so you could be sure that ordering here is 100% safe or ordering here is not recommended. As soon as you enter their front page you can see the pharmacy is offering SALE which is up to 70% off on their medications online. I really hope this is true. Also they claim to have 100% satisfaction guarantee as they are offering *fast shipping to anywhere you are* which I also hope to be true. Lastly, the pharmacy claims to offer: secure, discreet ordering and delivery as all of their orders are SSL secured. These are all claims made by the pharmacy which sound very good. The website of this pharmacy also looks very good to my opinion, it is user friendly, everything on the site seems to be well arranged so you could easily access the page/ information that you need. Although the domain address is it seems this online pharmacy’s actual name is Network Pills Store. Sadly I was not able to find any information suggesting where this online pharmacy’s headquarters is located and also for how long they have been online (unless the copyright information of *2016* suggests they were opened in 2016). Instead I found the pharmacy’s, so claimed, benefits which includes: no doctor visits, lowest price world wide, discreet packaging, no embarrassment, discounted weekly deals and lastly, buy in bulk and save. Selection of Medications and Prices for them

There is not an exact number of drugs that you can find on their drugstores shared on the site, however if you do a bit of math calculations you can determine it. that’s because according to the Product List (categories of medications) each category is having an number near it so this suggests how many drugs you can find in each category. They have lots of categories of medications for different needs, but there are not very much drugs in each category. For example: asthma 1, gastro health 1, allergies 1, anti fungal 1, women’s health 8, pain relief 5, hair loss 1 and so on and so forth. Most categories have only a drug, but the most are found in men’s health – 16 but no other category has so much drugs. Therefore I would say that selection of medications is *moderate*. I then checked their prices for medications and to be honest they seem to be very and very good. That’s because, for example, Cialis 20 mg generic would cost you 2.00 USD per pill if you buy 90 pills. To be honest, compared to other online pharmacies, that’s a really good price. The pharmacy has not mentioned anything about prescription requirements (they, in fact, said that *no doctor visits*) therefore I can assume they do not require a prescription from anyone. Shipping and Payment methods

This online pharmacy seem to offer medications internationally and therefore I can assume that they are offering medications to all countries around the world. People ordering from this pharmacy are having 2 different methods of shipping to choose from and as most pharmacies they offer: express mail service (EMS) and registered mail. The EMS would cost you 30 USD but it is fast – 9 to 14 days for delivery and you can also track it. the registered costs less – 15 USD, however it is slower – 2 to 3 weeks for delivery and not tracking. accepts only credit cards and only Visa or Master Card. Customer Support Service

It seems that there are 3 different methods of getting in touch with this online pharmacy and 2 of them are for live assist. That’s because there are 2 phone numbers people can call and get live assist or they can also use the live chat function available on the site (which they claim to be available 24 hours). For non urgent questions you might use the contact form on their site. Coupon Codes

Unfortunately, this online pharmacy does not seem to offer coupon codes, nevertheless, they still do seem to have some special offers and deals. Like for example, they claim to offer free 20 viagra pills with order for 100 D pills. Plus to this, the pharmacy is offering their customers free airmail delivery for orders that are more than 600 USD. Plus, those people who return back get a discount as well as they are getting 5% discount for their next order. ED packs (Levitra with Viagra and with fluoxetine) have a special price as well. Reviews

Having trust in the testimonials that you can see on an online pharmacy’s own website can be an extremely costly mistake and this online pharmacy proves that. There are testimonials on the website with people saying only amazingly good things about the pharmacy. but since I’ve learned my lesson I do not have trust in them so I continued doing my research to find customer reviews on independent sources. I couldn’t actually found lots of reviews – I found only one, but this review suggested the pharmacy is scam. Checking the information on only confirmed this. the site is considered rogue internet pharmacy by, the owner tries to hide their identity, a malware report has been detected for the site and a high number of suspicious sites are on this server. Therefore, has a 0% trust rate.


As much as we can see from the single customer review on independent sources and from the scam warning engines, having trust in this pharmacy would be a mistake as you would most likely get scammed and ripped off money. This is why it is so important to check the pharmacy carefully and not only their testimonials, prices and offers. gets a rate of 1 out of 5 for being scam. Reviews

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