I have found an online pharmacy that claims to offer their customers generic medications, or at least according to the name of that’s what I could conclude. I have accessed their main page and I have seen a well arranged website and fairly user friendly, but it seems to be pretty cheaply made. I do know that this could be only my personal opinion, however it has a design as if the site has been created at least 10 years ago or so. Although that’s not a big problem, well done websites usually give a sense of reliability. At least the information on the site is very well arranged and plus to that, the pharmacy has good options on the site to change the currency and the language according to your needs. That’s a super helpful option including for myself as the preselected currency was EUR so I had to change it to USD. I have found information suggesting on the site that *before placing an order, please log in or sign up first* and with this being said, you cannot order drugs on the site without having an account on the site. The pharmacy also claims to have social media pages as well on Facebook, Twitter and Blog. You can follow the pharmacy’s activity there if you’re interested. I noticed this pharmacy is having special offers as well which I am going to talk about later. Unfortunately, there is no information on their website suggesting where this online pharmacy is established and for how long it has been operating. I do not really love when an online pharmacy is not sharing such information and then again, that’s because this is offering a sense of reliability. Anyway, at least the pharmacy claims to have good prices for high quality medications and that’s really good. Selection of medications and prices

As much as I have noticed, this is a pharmacy that mostly seem to offer ED medications but they also seem to offer a lot of other medications as well. There seem to be medications available for: asthma, indigestion, hair loss, influenza, allergy, blood pressure, herbal meds and many others. So I can assume that the selection of medications is wide which means that many people stand quite good chances to find their needed drugs as there are drugs for a lot of health conditions and needs. I’ve been interested in finding out the price for medications and so I have checked the price for ED medications (I found the pharmacy offers both brands and generic drugs despite the pharmacy’s name) and there I found that the price for generic Viagra 50 mg is 1.15 USD per pill, but you can get is for as low as 1.05 if you buy 180 pills or if you buy 300 pills you get a special price (unknown what price exactly). Compared to other online pharmacies, to be honest, that’s a really good price. I was searching for information whether or not this pharmacy is asking for a prescription but I did not found a single mention about prescription anywhere. Shipping and Payment methods

While I was searching for the information about the shipping details here’s the information I found on their FAQ page:* Orders are delivered in all countries of the world; only for the USA, Canada and some other countries it is requested payment by bank transfer or WU.* and to be honest, I’m not very sure what does this mean. As it was said – you cannot go on checkout page without registering here so all the information I can find is only from the FAQ page. they claim not to use couriers but postal service through Registered Airmail or EMS for shipments outside the EU. Tracking number is available. There’s no information about shipping fees or shipping delivery times. They claim that the payment methods accepted are: payment via credit cards VISA and its derivatives; bank transfer and WU. Customer Support Service

The customer support is very important for each pharmacy and that’s because it is very important for every customer as I assume that many customers might have questions to ask before ordering or also – after ordering. The methods to get in touch with this online pharmacy are only via contact form on their website or through the live chat function on their website. At least there’s a method to get live assist if you need it. No other ways seem to be available to talk with them. Coupon Codes

According to the information on their website, they have summer offers where some medications, as they claim, have special price. Except for this, those who pay with bank transfer (and order sum is over 150 EUR) they will get a blister pack for free. Plus to that, as I said, those who have bulk order of over 300 pills will get an discount by contacting their customer support service. Reviews

I was searching for customer reviews about this online drugstore and I did found some but the problem is that the reviews were very mixed. I found customer reviews suggesting that this website is totally safe to use and they are getting their medications from this pharmacy on a regular basis but I also found those who said that this site is not safe to use, they never got a response to their enquiries and never seen their money or product ordered. The reviews can be found on pharmacyreviewer and complaintsboard. With mixed reviews I checked where I found the site is not safe to use. 0 % trust rate, site is from a high risk country: Russia, and the site is listed as a rogue pharmacy on

Conclusion is an online pharmacy that seems to offer good prices for medications and some special offers as well. In addition to that, the pharmacy is having good customer reviews and that’s all very good. nevertheless, it has 0% trust rate offered by scam warning engines and it has negative customer reviews suggesting this is a scam pharmacy. I feel the risks are too high ordering here so I will rate it with 2 stars on a scale of 1 to 5. Reviews

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I will advice you do not order from this pharmacy, they are a total rip off!! I've purchased an order for $199. And after chasing them for 3-5 weeks, I still haven't received my order. They are a total rip off with the worst customer service ever. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM, they will only take your money and won't deliver nor refund it back.
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