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There’s an online pharmacy which claims to be the No 1 Online pharmacy and if that’s true then it means the pharmacy should, expectably, have some extremely good prices for medications and amazing offers. That’s why I truly hope that this is indeed No 1 Online Pharmacy but unfortunately, often, pharmacies are full of lies, that’s why pharmacy reviews are so important and that’s exactly what I will try to do right now. The website that I am talking about is an online pharmacy that, as much as we can see, is selling medications for men, but later I would find out if they have other types of drugs as well. First off, I have analyzed the website which seemed to be quite user friendly and everything seemed to be easy to understand on the website which is quite important to my opinion as you can easily navigate through the website. The website has shared the reasons why they claim to be the first and best pharmacy online and they include: secure shopping, they are shipping world wide, highest drug quality, free shipping, free pills and also 10% discount. All of this seems really good but as I said earlier, lots of pharmacies are lying. The website of this pharmacy is supporting different languages and different currencies if someone needs to change them for their comfort. I was trying to find out more information about pharmacy but I couldn’t, I was trying to find out more information about their location and for how long they have been in the business but unfortunately there isn’t such information shared. Selection of medications and prices

The medications on this website can be found either by the name (searching through the first letters of medications) either by using the search function on the website or by product list as there’s a list with all their medications. There indeed seems to be only medications for ED and other sex dysfunctions for men so there are no other types of medications like anxiety, depression meds or something in this matter. There are meds like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and lots of other types of ED drugs. So if talking about only ED meds then the selection of drugs is truly wide. They are selling brands and generics as well so people can choose whatever drugs they need here. in terms of prices, I have checked the prices for the most famous drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, their brands and generics so I can say that the prices here are quite high. I mean, they are much better compared to local pharmacies, but pretty higher compared to other online pharmacies. Here, generic Viagra 50 mg 90 pills would cost you 1.44 USD per pill while on other pharmacies I’ve seen it being sold with 1 USD. This online pharmacy claims not to require a valid prescription for getting any medications from their website, they only recommend to consult your doctor. This could be a sign of illegal activity of the pharmacy. Shipping and payment details

This online pharmacy is claiming that they are selling medications world wide to most countries. You need to contact their customer service to see if they can ship to your country. There are 2 shipping options available on the website and they include: airmail service that has a flat fee of 10 USD, doesn’t have online tracking and has a delivery time of up to 3 weeks. The trackable service obviously has a tracking option, it costs 30 USD but has a delivery time of maximum 9 days (but not all countries can choose this option). Payment methods accepted by the pharmacy include only credit cards (VISA, master card, American Express and ACH). Customer Support Service

People wishing to talk with customer support for whatever the reason (questions, enquiries, feedback or whatever else) can do it by calling them by either one of the 2 phone numbers listed on their website US toll free or UK phone. Except for this they also have contact form available on the contact page online and they also claim that you can contact them by Live Chat, however I couldn’t find the live chat on their website. Coupon codes

I was searching information on the website to find if the pharmacy is having coupon codes policy but I firstly saw that the pharmacy is offering 10% discount for all next orders to all reliable customers and plus to that, they are offering free standard airmail service for all orders with sum starting at 200 USD. They do seem to offer coupon codes as well, but it could be the fact that after your first order, you receive the code and you get the promised 10% discount for all next orders. Plus to that, ordering in bulk would give you discount as well and they also give you free bonus ED pills either. Reviews

Get mens meds seems to be an online pharmacy with fairly good prices and fairly good offers, but customer reviews would make us understand whether is this all worth it or the pharmacy would turn out to be a scam. So I was searching for customer reviews and I was able to find only one review on independent websites (except for the reviews on their website which have a high chance of being bogus reviews) and the sad news is that the reviewer said this pharmacy is a scam because he ordered and received no products and no refund. With such a review, when there’s no other reviews to suggests otherwise, I think that the conclusion is clear, especially when it has no trust from either.


This online pharmacy seems to be reliable only by reading information on their website, however according to scam warning websites and a single customer review on independent website, having trust in this pharmacy and sending your money would end up in getting scammed. That is why I think that people should not have trust and therefore I rate the pharmacy with 1 out of 5. Reviews

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