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There’s an online pharmacy which, at the first sight, seem to be legit, either is that true or not I’m going to find out and share my observation in this review. The domain address is Global Pharmacy Plus and is claimed to be a Canadian online pharmacy that has been working for the last 13 years as it has started the online business back in 2004. The website claims that global pharmacy plus is giving their customers prescription drugs of top quality. They also claim that the medications you buy from the site are being manufactured by best pharmacies that are located in Europe, India as well as Singapore. There is also a claim that since it has started to work, there are more than 200,000 customers all around the world who have got their medications.

Global Pharmacy Plus Drug selection

The drugs are being listed by categories and you can find categories by the following: shop by name (from a to z, claimable – 651 medications), medical condition (depending on what’s the customer health condition – claimable 145 medications) and lastly pet medications (claimable 44 medications). Therefore we have a total number of around 800 medications for humans and 44 for pets which is quite a big variety. As usual, I’ve checked whether they have Viagra, Cialis and Levitra which they did. Each had its brand name and generic version and that’s fine. The pharmacy claims that each one of their drugs have been approved by the FDA.

Global Pharmacy Plus Drug prices

What I didn’t loved at all is their drug prices which, in my opinion, are very high. seemingly, all the medications in their drugstore seem to be offered at expensive prices. Like for example generic Viagra (sildenafil citrate) 25 mg, 20 pills is $ 45 and that’s a lot. For 100 mg, 40 pills, also generic Viagra, you would need to pay 130 USD and that’s still very much! Prices for Levitra and Cialis are also very expensive too. Won’t comment on other drug prices as I’m just not familiar with them, but I assume they are high too.

Does Global Pharmacy Plus require a prescription?

Yes Global Pharmacy Plus requires a prescription for those medications that needs one. You need to either email or send a fax with your valid prescription for the pharmacy to start processing your order.

Global Pharmacy Plus Customer support

I had some questions that I wanted to ask but the chat was offline. Either this means that the chat is always offline or they have live chat I don’t know. But I was able to leave them a message indicating my email and they would contact me back. You can also contact them by phone at toll free number 1 855 475 7782 or fax 1 855 475 7787. If you want to email them: [email protected]

Shipping details for Global Pharmacy Plus

They are providing an all around the world shipping, at least where the drugs are being legalized. Regardless of where the delivery is requested to be sent, a fee of $ 12 is required. It is being promised that a usual delivery time takes anywhere between 12 to 16 days. In addition to that, you are getting a tracking number. I wasn’t able to find whether do they have an express mail shipment or not.

Global Pharmacy Plus Payment methods

This online pharmacy doesn’t accept VISA card and that’s quite a shock as it is, I guess, first pharmacy that accepts cards but doesn’t accept VISA. They do accept Master Card instead. Another payment option is personal checks or you can also pay by International Money Order. No other payment options which is sad because I personally prefer to pay via Bitcoin, but there are many other online pharmacies that do not have Bitcoin as payment option so far.

Global Pharmacy Plus Discounts, special offers or maybe coupons?

No they don’t have any. Discounts and special offers are one of the most important things in attracting customers but seemingly this online pharmacy thinks to be too good to offer any of them. I really like coupons which is a nice way to save some money. But at least a free shipping policy would be good. Unfortunately, globalpharmacyplus doesn’t seem to think too much about their customers so they do not offer any privileges or anything (although they have really big prices in my opinion for their drugs). I honestly think that this pharmacy should seriously think about this problem as in my opinion that’s a big problem and the reason why customers would rather stay away from such a pharmacy, like for example – I would.

As I said in my beginning of review, this site seem to be legit and it doesn’t seem a ‘scammy’ site. But what’s the ‘scammy’ sites desire? To scam you, which is obvious. And if they want to scam you they want to make you believe they are not a scam. Therefore I say that their good looking esthetical site is by far not enough. I wouldn’t say that it is scam, but I definitely can’t say that it is legit what I want to say is that it is pretty much not a safe choice. What made me think about it I am going to explain below based on what I found on external sites.

Global Pharmacy Plus Reviews

I wanted to see what other people think about this online pharmacy as it is essential to know what do people with actual experience are saying. However I couldn’t find any. None at all. I mean, it is an online pharmacy that claims to be around since 2004 and no customer review? That’s really strange. no customer review, at least for me, means to stay away from such a site, that claims to be around for more than 10 years. No customer reviews is bad but I went further investigating what does scam advisor and other sites are saying about it. well, legit script and scam advisor are calling it a no trust worthy online pharmacy saying that it might be fraudulent and, as I said earlier, might not be a safe choice. When there are no people saying that it is indeed a good site and software programs and reviewing sites are showing a low trustworthiness that’s a good sign to stay away from such sites.

What is the conclusion?

Everything looks good with global pharmacy plus except for some very important factors: lack of real customer reviews, high prices and no discounts or coupons. This makes me say that this pharmacy doesn’t deserve more than 2 out of 5 rating which means that ordering here is a big risk and that’s why my recommendation would be to start searching for other better options than Reviews

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