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Harmons Neighborhood Grocer or simply Harmons is a supermarket chain that is being located within the state of Utah, United States, with a total of 17 stores that are all throughout the Wasatch Front and in the St. George area with its headquarters being located in West Valley City, Utah, Unites States. This supermarket company has been founded in 1932 and this is a private type of business according to Wikipedia. Being a supermarket chain in USA, it is obvious they are also having social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, so people wishing can follow them on these pages and see the company’s activity. is the official website of this company and people can go online create an account here and login to it. They are also able to download the Harmons application as well which is available for iOS and Android devices. For those wondering why would I write a pharmacy review about the – the reason is because this Grocery company is also having the pharmacy department so it is worth knowing whether purchasing medications here would be worth it or not. I’ve checked the website of this pharmacy and as expected I found a user friendly interfaced site with good options and a lot of different pages which you can easily access. But due to the fact that I am not interested in Harmons as a whole but only in Harmons Pharmacy department, I have quickly clicked on the pharmacy in order to find out more information about their pharmacy’s services. They claim that their friendly and knowledgeable pharmacists will provide you with instructions, share information and tips and answer any questions that you have. While online you’re also able to search for their pharmacies stores. You can also search for specialty care programs according to your needs such as: psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis and others. While you’re online you can also transfer Rx, you’re able to refill by Rx number and lastly, by having an account on their website, you could login to it and check all your current and past prescriptions. Pharmacy Overview

Unfortunately, there are some very important points about a pharmacy that we (at least me) would really like to know but I couldn’t find out any details about them throughout their website. I was not able to find information about what’s the selection of drugs here, what are the prices for those drugs and I also was not able to find out information about shipping details and what are the payment methods accepted by Harmons Grocery. Nevertheless, there are a few things that I can assume (can’t say with certitude though) about each of them. Like for example I can assume that the selection of medications here should be really wide with medications for all needs and all types. I can also assume, in terms of prices, that the prices for medications are quite expensive, at least I can say with a big chance of it being true – the prices here are much more expensive compared to online pharmacies. In terms of shipping details I can assume that they do not ship anywhere else outside the USA territory and in terms of payment methods I can assume they accept cash by picking up your medications at one of their 17 stores or paying credit cards I can assume is also possible. Pharmacy Customer Support Service

In order to get in touch with this company’s customer support service for asking questions and finding out details for the points I mentioned earlier, you’re able to use their phone or fax numbers which you can find on their website. Each of their store individually also have their own phone number. But you could also use the mail address if you wish to. Going to one of their stores yourself and asking questions is obviously another idea. Asking questions via their social media pages might be another. Plus to all of this, you’re able to use the contact form available on their website as well. Pharmacy Coupon Codes

Regardless of how much I was searching for at least anything that would point to the customers saving money by purchasing medications at Harmons Grocery company, unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything. As much as I could see, the company does not offer any discounts, any coupons, any free shipping and generally nothing that I can mention here. usually I am searching for anything that can make people save money, anything that’s making you save money like discounts or anything that offered for free. Sad, but nothing I can mention here. Pharmacy Reviews

I was not able to find a lot of customer reviews, in fact, I have found reviews about this company only on Facebook and yelp while I was expecting to get a lot of reviews on different websites. Seemingly I was wrong. I did have found a lot of other reviewing websites, but those were employee reviews written by people describing what is their experience while working for this company. the good news is that the average rate according to those 130 on yelp and 106 reviewers is 4 out of 5 and this means that most of the reviews are positive with some negative reviews. And yet, another problem is that nearly all those reviews are addressed to the Harmons Grocery Stores and not pharmacy stores. With this being said, I am not sure that I could say that the *quite positive* reviews are given to the pharmacy and that’s why I barely can say whether the pharmacy is worth it or not.


Taking in consideration that there are no customer reviews it is hard to make a conclusion about this company. Nevertheless, as I said earlier, the prices here should be a lot much higher compared to online pharmacies and plus to that, there are no coupons or discounts offered. Due to the prices, lack of customer reviews, and lack of offers I can rate Harmons with a maximum rate of 3 out of 5. Reviews

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