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Self-Introduction of is an online pharmacy that claims to be a world famous pharmacy and a trust pharmacy that everyone can have and I guess that’s mostly because of their claim to have more than one million of happy customers since they offer quality, privacy and secure. I find it to be a huge claim to my opinion but hopefully that’s true as having so many customers is indeed a sign of trustworthiness and offering good services, prices etc. Another important factor to mention here is the fact that they claim to be a CIPA accredited member, a MIPA accredited member, a top rated stars by, claims to have only FDA approved medications, is a sign verified by VISA and verisign secured. Through this review we are going to find out if that’s all true or not. The pharmacy claims to be online since 2001 and it is a Canadian Pharmacy Ltd owned pharmacy as much as I found information on the copyright. Unfortunately, I found no information about where they are located as no exact address was given. They claim that the company’s primary target it is to supply professionally manufactured brand as well as generic medications at the lowest process you would never have come across in your local medical stores. Other information on the website is suggesting that they are offering low prices for medications, in fact, they claim to offer the best price on the web. In addition to that, they are claiming to offer fast delivery which is 100% guaranteed. All in all, their claims are obviously sounding really good, but there’s a lot of information that we need to check before actually making a conclusion. With this being said, I am going to start doing it in my review below.

Assortment Diversity

Their catalog of drugs include a wide variety of drugs for different needs and different health conditions such as diabetes, cholesterol, depression, hair loss, anxiety, allergies, asthma, heart disease, skincare, quit smoking, blood pressure and many other types of drugs which are seen on their left side of the page looking like this:

We can notice that the catalog of drugs are alphabetically arranged except for the Bestsellers which I have clicked and I have found out that most of the medications there are from ED category and the best sellers are looking like this:

In addition to that, we can notice that ED sample packs and erectile dysfunction drugs are also not in the alphabetical way arranged. With this being said, I can assume that this online pharmacy is mostly oriented in selling ED types of drugs. Customers are having several ways to search for their needed medications and except for the searching through the catalog of medications, you can use the search box function where you can search for the medications with the keywords, or you could use the searching method of the first letter of drug.

Anyway, in the end, it seems that the online pharmacy is having enough medications in their drugstores for a lot of different health conditions in order to satisfy the customers needs. Customers can choose between OTC and prescription medications all along with brand (more expensive) or generic (less expensive) drugs and that’s why I think that overall, the assortment of drugs is very wide at this pharmacy. Taking in consideration all these facts my rate is 5 stars for the pharmacy’s assortment of drugs.

Prices Affordability

As I said it earlier, this online pharmacy is having a claim that the company is offering some of the lowest prices for medications – lowest prices on the web. That’s a huge claim and I think that they need to prove it. 

It is obvious I had to check it myself and determine if the prices are indeed as low as they claim it so, by checking the medications that I am mostly familiar with and the medications that they are mostly oriented in selling of: Erectile Dysfunction. I have firstly started to search for brand versions of medications and the prices for brands for a single pill are: 2.56 USD for brand Viagra, 3.72 USD for brand Cialis and 3.71 USD for brand Levitra.

I have then done more research on generics so I discovered the following: the prices here are extremely good as cheapest prices for single pills of generic Viagra: 0.27 USD, generic Cialis: 0.68 USD and for generic Levitra 1.00 USD.

But remember that these are the lowest possible prices if you get the lowest dosage for each medication and the highest amount of drugs (which is usually 360 pills). But I also checked the prices for normal dosage/ quantity ratio and the price is still very and very attractive. Here the prices are indeed very good for both generic and branded medications. Customers can save a lot of money trying to order here. But the prices greatly vary depending on the dosage per pill but mostly on the quantity of pills you decide to purchase.

To be honest, I didn’t checked the prices for all other medications found in the ED category or in any other category but I really hope that all the prices for all other medications are in the same price range as the ED drugs are because the brands and the generics are indeed very affordable.. If that’s so then I can rate this online pharmacy with 5 stars as the prices here are indeed super attractive and much lower compared to local pharmacy prices.

Shipping Options

As I have already said, the pharmacy is claiming to offer fast delivery 100% guarantee and I surely hope that’s true. You can find this information on their main page:

Well, I still had to search for more information about shipping in order to determine if that’s true or not and so, I did found out the claim that the pharmacy is offering world wide shipping to everyone around the globe and there are 2 shipping methods that customers can choose from. The first shipping option is Airmail, it does not have tracking online and it takes longer to deliver – anywhere between 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. However it costs less than the other shipping option – 9.95 USD. The second shipping option, as I said, is more pricey – 19.95 USD and is called EMS courier delivery. However, it does have tracking online and is faster in delivery – anywhere between 3 to 8 business days. However since there are possible customs delays that they don’t guarantee it.

The pharmacy is shipping medications through EMS and United States Postal Service. There is also a possibility to get free shipping on all orders that are above 200 USD which is a big plus to my opinion.

In the end, my rating here is 3 stars and that’s because there’s no overnight shipping options, not even to countries near their head office and to get free shipping you have to spend a lot of money – not everyone can afford it.

Payment Methods at i365 Pills

By searching for information about payment methods, I have found on their website 2 icons which are suggesting that they are accepting 2 credit cards: visa and master card. But unfortunately, that’s not enough.

Since that is not enough, I’ve done more research and on FAQ page I found out their claim that all the payment methods are available on the billing page. I went on the billing page and there I found that they indeed only accept Visa and Master Card. That’s good they accept these 2 major credit cards, but that still may be very inconvenient for a lot of people as there are lots of other credit cards and generally lots of other payment methods such as wire transfer, echeck or others. Taking all of this in consideration, I can’t rate them with more than 2 points. I think they should make some changes in regards of payment methods.

Technical Characteristics of

Google Page Speed Insights Test Data

The page speed information about a website is extremely important, especially nowadays when customers are paying a big attention to it since technically, most famous and legal websites are having a really good data page loading. I used the google page speed insights test in order to determine if the pharmacy website has a good page speed loading and it does seem so. They are classifying the page speed in 2 versions: mobile and desktop and luckily, both these versions seem to have a really good page speed data. The mobile version is scored with 98 out of 100 indicating a really good and fast page speed loading while desktop version is all round perfect scored with 100 out of 100.

Since both indicators showed a really good result where customers shouldn’t have delays loading the pharmacy’s web pages, I think they well deserve a rate of 5 stars.

Mobile Version

Another google service test that we can use in order to determine another very important technical characteristic of an online pharmacy is the mobile friendly test which discovered that the page is mobile friendly and therefore it is easy to use on a mobile device.

Having a user friendly interfaced website for mobile devices is extremely important because a lot of customers nowadays are preferring to browse websites, including ordering medications online, from their mobile devices. I accessed the site myself and I noticed no scrolling, text is properly displayed, images are perfectly fit and everything seem to be just good. I think that customers shouldn’t have any issues with mobile version. I have only noticed that the last page – billing page, is not mobile friendly and this is a bit inconvenient. All in all, this unit receives 4 points.

Is Connection Secure?

To check if a website has a secure connection you can check for a green lock near the domain address in your browser. Not sure if all browsers have it but I know that Mozilla Firefox has this option. I guess Chrome uses it as well. anyway, the green lock doesn’t seem to be near the in the address bar and this means no connection is secured. This means that your information may be stolen by third party users such as hackers.

I have then noticed that they are using a high security level of 256 bit SSL encryption on the billing page only. That’s good they use a high security level on billing page, but since they do not share any information about company owner and not all pages are secured, my rate is only 3 points.

Antivirus Presence on

An antivirus is extremely important to be installed on a website, every well known pharmacy that’s legit and famous uses an antivirus software on their page. That’s so important because customers should feel safe when ordering from an online pharmacy in terms of not getting a virus or other internet malwares into their devices. Unfortunately, I found absolutely nothing on this pharmacy’s website suggesting they are protected by an antivirus. This means that ordering from this online pharmacy can be quite risky since you may catch viruses or other internet threats. I recommend installing an antivirus on your own device before browsing this site.

How to Make an Order at

Due to the fact that the registration is not necessary to undergo before actually starting to order from, I think that ordering convenience from them can be highly rated. Especially since there are other very helpful options.. I honestly think this is very good when you can very easily find your needed medications and place the order without any problems.

So, for ordering here you need to firstly find your needed medication and to do so you can use the methods that I have earlier said in my review. After you find your needed drug click on the *buy now* butto. Doing so you’re going to be displayed all the information about that specific drug. Select the dosage of the pill you have chosen and then select the quantity of pills. After you’ve done it click on *add to cart*. This is going to redirect you on shopping cart. On the shopping cart you should review all your added items, select the free bonus, select the shipping option, apply a coupon code if you have one, check your order total sum and then click on checkout. The shopping cart looks like this:

This is going to redirect you on the only secured page but not mobile friendly - the billing page where you have few more steps until you finish the order. You need to enter billing address, payment information and such information and after doing so, you can submit your order. The billing page should look like this:

I honestly think that it is very convenient here to order as you can do it without additional problems and very fast. But there are extremely helpful options as well that by far not all pharmacies are offering. For example, customers can see what’s the price per pill, what’s the total price for full pack of pills and what are their savings. This saves you time. In addition to that, foreign customers are allowed to change currency and language on the site.

In a matter of a few minutes, effortless, you can have your order placed. That’s why my mark is 5 stars.

Is Legit and Safe? Information About

I found multiple issues on report about this online pharmacy and that’s why I find it strange that they obtained 71% of trust rate index which is still not enough, but that’s much more I thought they would get after I read all the information. recommends to check summary which is: site is rarely visited, there may be a small chance of risk, site may be US based but the real location is hidden. Plus to that, a lot of extremely important information is hidden as well, information such as owner, organization etc. plus to that, domain age is only 2 years but we were promised they are online for at least 7 years.

I find it all too problematic. My rate is 2 stars only for 71 % of trust they got.

Prescription Request

I was just about to finalize my ordering procedure and I got no warning that I need to have a prescription before being able to order. Nothing stopped me. Then I found on their FAQ page information suggesting that a prescription is not required. Selling prescription drugs without a prescription requirement is against the law so it is obvious my rate is 1 point. about Legitimacy

We can see in the screen that legit script’s approval status is rogue internet pharmacy indicating that the website may be doing serious illegal activities because some issues would make legit script give them *unapproved* status. But rogue status is much worse than that and for this reason, I doubt they receive anything more than 1 point here. Customer Reviews Reviews On-Site

To check the reviews on their own website I have went on the testimonials page. on that page you’re about to read approximately 20 different testimonials – every one of them is positive. Although 20 different reviews and all positive I still recommend not to have trust in them. you may be asking me – why? So well, first of all – you should think about the method they appeared on the site – there’s nothing allowing me to write a review. Second, all of them are positive – that’s way too suspicious that only positive reviews appear on the site. Third, the reviews are not unique, you can find the exact same reviews on other internet pharmacies. last problem, there are no dates – we have no idea when they appeared on the website, this means that even if the reviews are somehow legit (which I seriously doubt) and trustworthy, they may be outdated.

I do not recommend anyone to have trust in such customer reviews and that’s why my mark for the unit is one star.

Customer Reviews on Foreign Resources

I have found customer reviews about online pharmacies with similar names to this online pharmacy but I haven’t succeeded to find a single customer review specifically about, unfortunately. There’s not a single customer review anywhere online and with this being said, does their statement of having one million of customers sounds to be true? I just can’t understand how nobody out of one million wrote anything about the site. That’s just not possible. In the end, I’ve just got fake reviews on their own site that can’t be trusted and no customer reviews on third party websites that can be trusted. This unit receives 1 star as well.

Coupon Codes

In the time that I have been searching for coupon codes I have noticed that this pharmacy has some special offers as: offering savings by order in bulk pills, as I said, the price per pill can get considerably lower if you buy more pills. Except for this offer they also seem to offer free shipping – 200 USD or more and you get free registered shipping or you spend 300 USD here and you get free EMS shipping. These are the things that I already mentioned earlier. But in addition to this, they are offering free bonus ED pills too.

The big problem is – in the screen we can see the *coupon codes* but I couldn’t find a coupon code anywhere online on their site or somewhere else. so we only got free pills, free shipping (for spending a lot) and savings for ordering in bulk. I doubt they receive anything more than 3 stars for this.

Customer Support Team

Customer Support Department

In order to get in touch with this online pharmacy you should go on the contact page and see that there’s only one method: contact form. I just know that people don’t usually prefer this method as it requires a while until you get a response back and that’s why you can use the phone numbers. There is an US and an UK phone number which you can dial and get in touch with their customer support department. Now another problem is that except for phone numbers and customer form on the website, there are no other ways to talk with them, unfortunately. They need to add the exact address of the pharmacy, emails, fax etc. That’s a big problem so my rate is 2 stars.

Getting in Touch

I have tried to get a consultation through the contact form since I’m not a talkative person to call them and there is no other way to get in touch with them. I wrote them a message asking about coupon codes as I noticed that customers can apply them, but there are none anywhere online and that’s quite strange. They claimed the response is going to arrive quickly as much as we can see in the screen above, however I guess 24 hours is not enough as I got no response back in my email after all this time. My rate is 1 point.

Conclusion: Fake Reviews, Certificates, no Address or Legitimacy is an online pharmacy that is trying to make their customers think they are trustworthy but if you do a bit more research or read my review you would understand why they shouldn’t be used. The company is most likely fake. They got worst possible status on, they do not ask for a prescription which is against the law and although rated them with 71% of trust, there are a lot of issues. Domain age is only 2 years but we were promised at least 7. Plus, they have fake reviews and fake certificates on their own site and we just couldn’t find an address of this pharmacy which is way too suspicious. I seriously recommend everyone to stay away from them. Reviews

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