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Self-Introduction of is an online pharmacy which claims to have been established in 1962 as a single story storefront “mom” and “pop” neighborhood pharmacy located in Singapore. According to the information on their site, they have expanded the privately owned company that is operating in 45+ pharmacies in South East Asian in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand as well as Vietnam, each branch owned and operated by a family member. According to the information on their website, they are having centers in 4 countries: Singapore, Thailand, the United Kingdom with their main shipping center in Mumbai, India. According to the information on their site JCM Pharmacy is having as aim mission to make high quality and affordable medication available to people all over the world through discreet, professional and courteous service. On the *About Us* page, they claim to be online since 1998. Plus to that, they claim to be having a really wide selection of drugs with more than 1,500 different medications of all drug categories.

The pharmacy is claiming that more than a decade later this company is having thousands of regular and repeat customers worldwide in more than 70 countries. They are claiming that they are offering a lot of high quality products through a lot of different countries for cheap prices and that’s what really matters. They also claim to be a 100% reliable pharmacy which has been operating for a long time.

I also need to pay attention to the fact that their website is really strange looking. I wouldn’t call such a website too user friendly as a lot of information is displayed in chaotically way making it hard to find the information that you’re actually searching for. But I will try to find out more details about this pharmacy trying to make a conclusion.

Assortment Diversity

As I earlier mentioned, this online pharmacy is claiming to offer more than 1,500 different medications and that’s a really big number. I checked their *product list* where I found out that company is offering medications for: birth control; special terms medications, erectile dysfunction medications and general medications list. There does not seem to be any other product categories but in a single category there seem to be many different medications for many different health conditions. As said earlier, they are strangely displayed on their website making it hard to understand what types of drugs they offer. This is the reason why I am not able to understand if they are offering medications to all sorts of health conditions and categories or to some limited categories. With this being said, I can see a long list of drugs, but I can’t say which ones are they and for which condition exactly.

My rate is going to be 3 stars for this unit as they seem to offer a long list of medications and seemingly for many different health conditions, but we don’t know which ones exactly and can’t determine what types of drugs exactly. This might be inconvenient for some people.

Prices Affordability

You can see that the prices at this online pharmacy seem to be super low, at least that’s what it seems by checking the prices for ED medications. For example, unbranded Sildenafil 50 mg - 100 tablets for 67.22 USD. If you want to get tadalis 20 mg - 96 tablets you would need to pay $ 109.16. Another example is Snovitra 20 mg which is generic Levitra - 100 tablets that would cost you $98.10. I honestly think that these are some really low prices, in fact, these are so low prices that I can hardly believe they are true.

All in all, I hope that those are real prices displayed out there because if that’s true, those are indeed extremely cheap prices that would make you save some money. But since the site is so strangely displayed and everything seem to be strange here I am not sure if those are real prices. My overall rate is going to be 5 stars, but that’s only in case those are real prices displayed on the site.

Shipping Options

According to the information on their website, the pharmacy is offering a world wide shipping which means that everyone all around the globe, regardless of what country you’re living in – you can order the needed medications from this site. according to the information on the site, the pharmacy is offering free shipping world wide via first class registered air mail that is included in all pricing. They also claim to offer EMS air mail shipping at the price of 25 USD per package. This is shipping option is required for all countries and all customers for the Etizolam medication.

According to the information on the site, the pharmacy does offer a tracking number which allows customers to track their parcels online, but only to the EMS option. They claim that the EMS option is the same lengthy as registered air mail with the only difference that it is a tracked option while registered is not.

According to the information on the site, after submitting your order, the pharmacy will ensure that they would send the order in 24 – 48 hours. I can assume that’s not less than 24 hours but no more than 48 hours. I still think that this is a lot since most pharmacies send it to less than 24 hours. They claim that orders are usually taking longer than 15 to 25 days to receive because of the customs delays in India.

Unfortunately, no information on their website is displayed if they offer a refund or return back in case something goes wrong with your medication and packages sent.

Payment Methods

From as much as it seems, this online pharmacy is accepting a lot of different payment methods. Here’s a list of what payment methods this pharmacy is accepting.

Going on their pre checkout page I have found out that there are indeed lots of different medications including Visa, Master Card, American Express, Google Checkout, OK Pay, PayPal, Zcash, bitcoin, Cash, Circle, Dash and a multitude of many other payment options.

These are not all the payment methods available on their website as the list goes on. To be honest, this is the online pharmacy with the most payment options that I have ever seen at any other online pharmacies. It is the first time when I see a pharmacy offering more than 5 different payments, but seemingly, they have more than 20 different payment methods accepted. To be honest, that seem unbelievable but anyway, for such a big assortment of payment methods I doubtlessly rate them with 5 stars.

Technical Characteristics

Google Page Speed about the Website Loading

The technical characteristics of the online pharmacy seem to be the lowest that I’ve ever seen so far. That’s really sad but that was not such a big surprise seeing the website structure. The technical characteristics are a really important factor to any online pharmacy website, however they are super low here as much as it seems. In fact, they are not available, but that’s an indicator that the technical characteristics are very low.

As much as we can see in the screenshots above, the pharmacy has unavailable information about the technical characteristics and that’s a big problem to my opinion as the customers might have page loading issues and they definitely will have optimization issues  as I did experienced them myself. Anyway, for such technical data characteristics, this online pharmacy receives 1 star.

Mobile Version JCM Rx

Using the mobile friendly test offered by google it was said that the page is mobile friendly making it easy to use on a mobile device. However, I definitely wouldn’t agree with this statement. I have tried to access the site from my smartphone and it was a horrible experience – both in the optimization of the site for a small screen and in the page loading speed that had big issues. Although google developers said that page is mobile friendly, using it from a smartphone was terrible and that’s why I still rate them with 1 star. Site administrators should pay attention to this.

Is the Connection Secure?

Checking if the connection is secure is very easy as you can check for a green lock near the address bar where you enter the domain address name. The green lock indicates that the connection is secure. You can also check for more details if there’s a green lock to determine if the connection is 128 bit or 258 bit Secure Socket Layer encrypted. The problem is that this pharmacy doesn’t have any type of security as the green lock misses. Using an online pharmacy without a secure connection means that your personal data is not secured. That’s not an serious attitude from the pharmacy’s owner. That’s the reason my rate is 1 point for this unit.

Is the Websites Protected by Antivirus?

Searching for more information on the website, the pharmacy is claiming that to be a TRUSTe Certified Privacy, VeriSign Trusted and also secured by Symantec Antivirus.

But unfortunately, these only seem to be fake promises and empty icons as clicking on them doesn’t give any result since they are non clickable. We need any type of prove that this site is antivirus secured, but until then I think that the site is no secured by an antivirus meaning that customers might catch viruses to their devices. This is the reason why my rate is 1 star.

How to Make an Order?

According to the information on the site, there are 3 steps which you should fulfill and your order is going to be in motion as they claim. Unlike most other online pharmacies out there that I have reviewed so far, the ordering procedure is very different. Like for example, you should not search for the needed medications, click on them, choose quantity and dosage, go on the cart and then checkout. Instead, you should write down what you need, your shipping address and choose the payment methods. Or at least that’s what it seems from their steps of ordering. Here’s how the first step looks like including the shipping address.

After you fill up the first step of shipping details, the ask customers to write down what they need. There are examples. What quantity of pills, the product and its dosage.

The third and the last step, as mentioned earlier, is payment method. As I said, there are lots of payment methods you can choose from as those in the screen below are not all of them but only a few.

As much as it seems, as soon as you have fulfilled all these 3 steps, your order is going to be sent to you. Therefore the ordering procedure seem to be very fast and super simplified to my opinion as it can’t be easier, as much as I assume. Obviously, since it is so convenient to order here my rate is 5 stars.

Is Safe and Legit? about the Website Security offered extremely important information for customers who were thinking to order here. information that might make you change your mind. rated this site with 0% trust rate saying that it is a high risk ordering here. It is a low trust rating and that’s why the site may not be safe to use. The site is rarely visited meaning it is not popular, and it is only 4 years old, instead of 20 years as they claimed since the moment they went online. discovered many other problems such as: registered, technical and administrative contact email addresses are free, website has been reported as being untrustworthy, low reliability rating by other websites and other issues.

Such big problems with 0% of trust index is a sign of unreliability and my rate here is 1 point.

Prescription Request

This online pharmacy requires no prescription and that’s a sign of illegal pharmaceutical business activity. This company sells many branded and generic medications that might be dangerous. Even generics are dispensed with a private prescription even if it is an online store. The dispense without a prescription is an illegal activity. It is a mandatory condition for all the customers to display a private prescription given by a legal medical facility and it is mandatory for all online pharmacies to require a prescription for selling Rx drugs. The rating for this unit is the lowest possible – only 1 point.

Is Legal According to Legit Script?

It doesn’t seem so. According to the information that I managed to find on, the approval status of this online pharmacy that claims to be in this business for so many years sending medications to so many customers is rogue.

A rogue internet pharmacy means that it is violating the laws or regulations where the drugs are being dispensed; it is not adhering to accepted standards of medical and pharmacy practice and it is also engaged in fraudulent or deceptive business practices.

Reviews of

Customer Reviews on

The customer reviews on this website, to my opinion, are way too strange to have trust in them. there are a lot of customer reviews every single days written, at least 4 reviews are written daily every single day. plus, you can read the comments for every year – from 2012 to 2018 as all other reviews prier 2012 were achieved. All the reviews are showing the dates, the name of the customer and the country. All the reviews are exclusively positive, exclusively from USA and extremely short and non descriptive.

I am going to rate them with a 3 stars rating for such comments. They are a lot, they do come with dates, but they are too short and they are generally very strange (as nearly anything on this pharmacy’s website) so I am not sure how trustworthy they are. Especially since some reviews are simply out of logic.

Foreign Resources about

The customer reviews on foreign sources seem to be a lot, but then again, all of them only on a single website named 156 customer reviews are there and the average rate of those reviews are 4 out of 5 stars. another thing that I found is that is found on and this doesn’t sound too good. anyway, on that reviewing website there are positive and negative reviews as well. there are positive reviews written by Mirafruity which said that has been with them for years or Royette said that this is an old and reliable Indian pharmacy which always delivers medications.

However there are also negative reviews too written by Pissed saying that the products was expiring soon and there are better options. Coupon Codes

Unfortunately, this online pharmacy does not offer any coupon codes. In fact, it seems that they are not offering anything else at all as they do not offer any coupon codes or any other forms of discounts or ways to save money. There are no free bonus pills, discounts or something in this matter. I said that these are one of the lowest priced medications at this online pharmacy and it seems the administrators thought that the prices are so low that there’s no need to add coupon codes or anything to attract customers. With this being said, although the prices are good, I am still going to rate this pharmacy with 1 star for no coupon codes or anything else.

Customer Support Service

“Contact Us” Section

There is a postal mail address that I have managed to find on their contact us page and the skype along with Line address. They also included the email addresses too. My rate for all this contact information is 3 stars. That’s because the physical address of this online pharmacy is not there and plus to that, there are no phone numbers which is very strange. I personally am not a very talkative person which don’t really like calling and talking by phone. However, I think that many other customers might want this option to be added as they might like calling and talking, getting immediate responses.

Then again, my rating for contact us section is 3 stars and it would be improved only if the pharmacy is going to add the physical address of their headquarters and the phone numbers.

Customer Support Service

Honestly talking, I did not wanted to share my skype or line address with this pharmacy and for this reason, the only other way left for me to get in touch with this pharmacy is using the email addresses as I obviously won’t get in touch with them via mail. I wrote them a message asking multiple questions, especially about coupon codes, however no response ever arrived. I wrote that email more than 24 hours ago but since I got no response back I make my conclusion that customer support department is unavailable and that’s why my rate here is 1 star.

Conclusion: Extremely Strange Pharmacy is an online pharmacy which claims to be online for a lot of years and claims to be in the pharmaceutical business for even longer. They claim to offer more than 1,500 different medications and as much as it seems, the prices for those medications are extremely low. They are so low that it is hard to believe they are real. Everything about this pharmacy is really strange – the site, prices, customer reviews on the site, information displayed, arrangement of elements on the site and many other things.

Technical characteristics and security level are both extremely low here, exactly as it is the legitimacy of this online pharmacy as found many problems going around this pharmacy making it rated with 0% trust. said this is a rogue internet pharmacy and they do not ask for a prescription which only proves that this is an business with illegal activity pharmacy. I do not approve online pharmacies with strange websites, no security levels, no legitimacy and trustworthiness. Reviews

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