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When I’m searching for reliable online pharmacies I’m searching for all sorts and types of pharmacies, often I find pharmacies offering many different types of medications and often I find pharmacies that are oriented in selling a single type of medication. I have been doing my research for reliable online pharmacies and I have found so I decided to write a review about it. As soon as I have entered their website I have realized that this is not an English website and Pharmacy and with the help of google translate, I have discovered all the information is Dutch on the site. I still decided to try to write a review about this pharmacy as I think that there might be Dutch people trying to order medications and I think that this could be helpful for them. But there’s one problem – I don’t speak Dutch so my review, as always, will be in English, hopefully it will help someone out there. So, with the help of google translate, I will try to find out more info about this pharmacy and what’s on the site. Without any additional help, I could determine that this pharmacy is mostly oriented in selling Kamagra medications and that’s something I could easily conclude from the pharmacy’s name. So, their pharmacy’s site seem to be well made, there seem to be a lot of information, the prices are in EUR as expected and unfortunately there’s no way to change the language on the site, that’s why it is so important when the pharmacy is offering options to change the language and the currency on the site. There seem to be a lot of information about Kamagra for those who needs it. Although that’s a Dutch website, I could not find any information on the website suggesting where this pharmacy is located and also there doesn’t seem to be any information suggesting for how long they were online. Selection of medications and prices

As it was expected, this online pharmacy has a limited number of medication on their website, you cannot find any other types of medications that ED medications and *orgasm retarders* as the google translated it. There’s also a number near both of these categories suggesting how much drugs are there, are in orgasm retarders there are 12 drugs but in Erection pills there are 124 and that’s why I can say that the selection of Erection pills is really wide but selection of medications in general is limited to ED drugs. I checked the prices and I have noticed that generic Viagra 100 mg is priced with 25 EUR and I couldn’t understand either is that for a pill or for 4 pills in the package shown in the image. But regardless even if that’s 25 EUR for 4 pills – that’s still one extremely high price for the pills. With this being said, the pharmacy is offering some very big prices for medications compared to other online pharmacies and I’m pretty sure it is not worth ordering anything here. There’s information on FAQ page suggesting that everyone here can order without a prescription and that’s a sign of illegal activity! Shipping and payment methods

In order to determine more information about these points I checked their FAQ page. There’s information suggesting that they are delivering medications world wide so everyone can order here. As they claim, the expected delivery time in Netherlands is between 5 to 12 working days, however there’s no information how much time is needed for other countries. They claim that orders come with a tracking online but as much as I found, there’s no information about either they offer multiple shipping options or not. So I can assume there’s only a single shipping method. On the FAQ page, the pharmacy claims that you can pay with major credit cards, with Bitcoin or with Money Gram. They also seem to accept Pay Pal as well. Customer Support Service

A good customer support is always required from a good pharmacy and I always think that a reliable online pharmacy needs to have a good customer support. I was checking for the methods available to get in touch with and to be honest, I got really disappointed. That’s because I could not find absolutely anything else other than just contact form on their website. With this being said, you cannot get live assist by any form. Coupon Codes

This online pharmacy is claiming that those people who are going to order more than 750 EUR will get a discount of 10%. In addition to that, before checking out the pharmacy asks if you have a coupon code to apply. Maybe this coupon code is given to people who previously ordered, or I’m not sure as I haven’t seen one anywhere on the site. One last thing the pharmacy offers to customers is: Larger order = less pay per item. Reviews

I was searching for customer reviews about this pharmacy on google and I couldn’t find any. I was searching until I reached sites that don’t have anything to do with kamagra at all. I found lots of sites with information about kamagra product, but I couldn’t find reviews about I was, obviously, expecting to get Dutch reviews but I didn’t got anything – no English, Dutch or any other language reviews about this pharmacy. Luckily, can help and it did helped in determining that this pharmacy is not very trustworthy. That’s because the site is new (less than one year) and even though this website is all in Dutch, the probable website origin is Czech Republic which is pretty strange to me.


I’m not able to recommend an online pharmacy that has appeared online less than a year ago as newly opened pharmacies has a tendency to disappear. In addition to that, the website seems to be from Czech Republic as I said instead of being in Netherlands as the language on the site is. Lastly, the pharmacy has no customer reviews and that’s not a good sign. In the end, receives a rate of 2 out of 5 stars. Reviews

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