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Self-Introduction of is an online pharmacy which is offering their customers the opportunity to purchase Kamagra (Sildenafil Citrate) online. According to the information on their site, they claim to be a company which is offering on their website information, therefore I can assume they are an informational service company which is offering their customers links on their site where it is possible to purchase Kamagra products at the best prices and best quality for medications. Although I’ve been searching for such information, I could not find anything on their website suggesting the possible location of the company and there’s also no information about this company’s owner. I also tried to search for possible phone numbers or any other ways to get in touch with this company in order to reach the customer care department but unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything either. Generally, searching for a few minutes on their website, it seems that there is a lot of lack of information on the website and this is why, I am not very sure how I would be able to estimate the company but I’m going to try all my best in the following review. As said earlier, this seems to be like an informational website and so, there is a lot of information about Kamagra, such information as: what is Kamagra, ingredients in Kamagra, where to buy Kamagra and other. According to the information on the site, this site is not associated with any manufacturer of medications and they are only advertising products. Also, on the copyright they claim the site has been opened in 2014, but there’s 2014 – 2017 so I hope 2017 doesn’t mean they have stopped their activity a year ago. All in all, I am not sure if there’s anything else I could say about this company and that’s quite a big drawback.

Assortment Diversity

According to the information on their website, Kamagra Online seem to offer only 2 types of medications to customers: both with Kamagra, obviously. They are offering customers to purchase only Kamagra 100 mg and Kamagra Oral Jelly. As said earlier, the site is only used as an informational site which offers a link to customers where they are able to purchase the ED medication named Kamagra online.

Unfortunately, I do think that the assortment of medications is very limited. I cannot rate the assortment of medications highly as only 2 Kamagra products are being displayed on their site. This means that only those people (men, as women cannot take this product) who are searching specifically for this ED medication for their treatment can find what they need. While I do know that the site is specifically designed to sell Kamagra, I used to think that there might be other ED types of medications, or at least other Sildenafil Citrate, or at very least, other Kamagra forms as there are a multitude of other Kamagra types such as: Kamagra 50 mg, Kamagra Super, Kamagra Soft, Kamagra Effervescent and there might be others.

Since this company is specialized in selling Kamagra but they are selling only 2 types of it, the assortment of medications is super limited and that’s why the assortment of medications receive 1 point. Such an assortment of medications by far can’t meet all the customers’ requirements. There are online pharmacies with a much higher assortment diversity and I would opt for a pharmacy with a bigger assortment of drugs.

Prices Affordability

Unfortunately, there is no very much information about the prices either. I clicked on both medications and the only thing that I noticed is the price of 1.50 USD which I can assume that it is the price per pill. This price is for both Kamagra Oral Jelly and Kamagra 100 mg, or that’s what it seems. Also, it seems that regardless what Kamagra type you get, you should get 180 pills.

With such a price I made the total meaning that you should pay 270 USD for a total of 180 pills. however, if you click on *go to shop* you’re redirected to the other website where other prices are displayed for 100 mg and 180 pills, and the other dosage of 50 mg is available too plus other quantities of pills are displayed too.

With this being said, I definitely can’t highly rate this company’s price policy. First of all, the price of 1.50 USD per pill when getting 180 pills is by far not the best price. Plus to that, the price policy is different if clicking on *go to shop* and getting redirected to the other pharmacy. In the end, the price policy gets a rating of 2 stars because we can’t understand very well the price policy plus the price of 1.50 USD, as said, for 180 pills, is quite a high price.

Shipping Options

Either because they are only redirecting to the other online pharmacy site, or because of other reasons, the company is offering absolutely no information about the possible shipping options on their site. With this being said, we don’t know anything about the shipping the company is offering. There are chances it is delivery medications world wide, or they might delivery to only a single country. They might offer really fast shipping or really slow shipping. They might have high shipping fees or it might be free of charge. We don’t know and we simply cannot find any information about this. I do understand the fact that this is an informational website, and yet, I am quite sure that they should provide at least some information about the shipping policies available as long as they are advertising a product that is intended to be sold out. You can only get shipping information on the site you’re redirected to. For this reason I am going to rate them with 1 point.

Payment Methods Available

Exactly as with the shipping options, there is also absolutely no information about the payment methods either. There is nothing at all and that’s why, I can’t say what types of payment methods they accept. Maybe they accept credit cards such as VISA and Master Card, maybe they accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or maybe bank transfers or echecks or whatever. In the end, we have no  idea and we cannot confirm not a single payment option that this company is accepting. Obviously, the payment options unit is receiving a rating of 1 star.

Technical Characteristics

Google Page Speed about the Website Loading

The fact that this company is offering nearly no information about the most important aspects of an online pharmacy that’s really sad, but some good technical characteristics of their website is still mandatory as customers might not want to wait for the website to load for too much time. Using the Google Page Speed Insights test I discovered that the mobile version page speed is really good while the desktop version page speed seem to be perfect rated 100/ 100.

Since this website’s technical characteristics are so good both of them being green market meaning that it is all good and customers shouldn’t have any problems loading the pages of this site. with this being said, I am going to rate this unit with a rate of 5 stars since it is all near to perfect.

Mobile Version of

Using another Google test, I have discovered that this online pharmacy does have a mobile version and that’s really good and a big plus for this company as lately, there are more and more mobile user customers.

I have decided to check it all myself, and I have accessed the website from my smartphone. Indeed, the webpage seem to be optimized for the mobile version. The text and the images are not too small or too large and this means that you can easily read them, plus to that, the website does seem to offer the main information on the site and it does the main function of the site to *redirect* customers to the other online pharmacy. Since the mobile version is fairly good I can’t rate it with anything lower than 5 stars.

Is the Connection Secure?

In order to check if this online pharmacy is having a secure connection customers should access the site and check for a green lock that should be near the address bar where you enter the domain name of the site in your browser. Checking for that green lock when I accessed I found no green lock. I clicked on the (i) near the address bar where more information is displayed. I saw there red market: Connection is not secure. Since there is no SSL protection which is encrypting the customers’ personal data it means that this data is at risk when accessing the site. Such an ecommerce attitude is not safe and protected and I wouldn’t want to do business with an ecommerce site where my data is not protected as that’s something extremely important to me. For this reason, my mark is going to be 1 star.

The Antivirus Software

Except for the fact that there is no encryption on the website, there is no antivirus on the website either meaning that the risks browsing this website are doubled. Without an Antivirus software installed on the website, there’s an high risk that you are going to catch a virus or other online threats like malwares or spywares on your computer or whatever other gadget you’re using to browse the site. The internet threats and viruses are a real problem nowadays and this aspect should be taken very seriously. But since doesn’t take it as serious I can’t rate it more than 1 star.

How to Make an Order?

Seemingly, you can’t make an order on itself. Instead, customers are able to make an order on the other website they can be redirected from this site. Let me explain. you can’t create an personal account on this website and I find it to be a good news as creating a personal account is time and energy consuming. To order here seem to be easy as you only go on, click on either Kamagra Oral Jelly or Kamagra 100 mg and then you click on *go to the shop* you can see on the page. It looks like this:

After you are going to click on that, you will be redirected to the other site where you need to continue your ordering procedure. But this seems to be all the ordering procedure you should make on their website.

Another thing that I should mention here is the fact that this website is offering an option where customers are able to change the site’s language to different languages. The first language of the site is English, however customers can change it to either Deutsche, Spanish, French, or Italian.

In the end, the ordering procedure seem to be pretty easy and fast, however my rate is 4 points only because the order cannot be completed on the same website.

Is Safe and Legit? about the Website Security Rate has always helped us in determining the safeness and legitimacy of a website and today I am going to use the same service to find the same things about this site. But unfortunately, Scam Adviser test result showed that the site is not safe and reliable. They claim that there’s a high risk purchasing here since the overall trustworthiness index is 0% and therefore, this is a super low trust rating meaning that the site is not safe to use, as much as you can see in the screen below.

As much as it seems, the website mostly seems to be from Russian Federation – which is a high risk country. The owner and owner city as well as phone number also seem to be in Russia. Plus to that, the website seem to be related to other risky sites too. It has a slow website speed but it is online for more than 6 years. However, last refreshed was more than 2 years ago and that’s why I can’t guarantee this site is still active and functioning.

But there are also other problems, malware reports has been detected for the site, the email addresses used by this site are free and other issues – all of which are not in favor of this site. With such a review given by I can’t rate it highly because the risks does seem to be really high. My rating is 1 star.

Prescription Requirements

Kamagra is a product that can be obtained only if customers are having a legit prescription and therefore this is a site offering a prescription product. Obviously, the pharmacy should ask for a prescription. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any requirements to send a prescription to this pharmacy before ordering that medication. Selling such a medication without asking for a valid prescription is against the law. Absolutely all the ED medications that are sold should be given only to people having a prescription, otherwise it is illegal to do so. Since there does not seem to be anything which might indicate that customers should ask for a prescription my rating can’t be higher than 1 point.

Is Legit?

In order to determine this, I am going to check the status on where I found the following:

As we can see, the company has got a rogue status on their website and that was not a big shock for me since the company doesn’t ask for a valid prescription. has given it a status of ROGUE meaning that it doesn’t meet any requirements to become a legal online pharmacy. Since the site is not legal, there are no guarantees that you would receive anything after sending your money or that the products you might get would be of a high quality and certified. Since you can lose your money or even worse – damage your health purchase from this site, obviously my rate is going to be 1 point.

Customer Reviews of

Reviews on

I earlier said that there’s extremely limited information on their website and the customer reviews on their website is among the *lack of information* I was talking about. There are absolutely no customer reviews anywhere online and either there are no customers that had the need to write a review on their website, either the website administrator didn’t make this option available. Whatever is the reason there are no customer reviews – that’s a big problem as I can’t confirm the site is either legit or should stay away from it. The testimonials are playing an important part in any pharmacy’s legitimacy and trustworthiness. Without customer reviews people can’t be sure that they are browsing a legit site and might not want to use the site’s services. For this reason, my mark here is 1 star.

Foreign Resources About

Pretty much as there are absolutely no customer reviews on their own website, there are absolutely no reviews on other foreign resources about this site, regardless how much I was hoping for it. There are absolutely no websites anywhere online with a single word about this site suggesting that it is either a reliable service or a company that should be avoided. Usually, services having at least some customers leave some reviews, but there are none about this company and this makes me wonder if they have any customers at all. Doubtlessly, overall customer reviews about this site receive a rate of 1 rate. Coupon Codes

There is absolutely no information anywhere online suggesting that customers may be able to get some bonuses or some discounts saving them money using this service. There is absolutely no information at all about any possibilities to save some money when ordering from them and that’s quite a big problem to my opinion. Usually, pharmacies either offer free sample pills, free shipping, discount / coupon codes or anything at all. But there’s absolutely nothing being mentioned on this website. No ways to save money results in my mark being 1 point.

Customer Support Service

“Contact Us” Section

The contact us section is unavailable on their website. Literally. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no information about in which ways customers are able to get in touch with the company’s customer support department. There is no *contact us* page or anything. We got no information about where this online pharmacy is located except for the information that we managed to find on, but that’s not enough. There is absolutely no way to talk with them as not a phone number is offered, no emails or at least no contact form on their website. People might need to ask questions if something goes wrong but there’s no way to do so. The lack of contact information obviously receives a rate of 1 point.

Customer Support Service

As said earlier, there is absolutely no way to get in touch with customer support service as no phone number, email, contact form or live chat function is offered. Nothing at all. Since the customer care department is non existent, this unit is receiving a rate of 1 point.

Conclusion: Intermediator Service Site without Customer Support or Legitimacy is an online intermediator service site which is selling only Kamagra in only 2 forms: kamagra 100 mg and oral jelly. They are offering information on the site about kamagra and the possibility to be redirected to another online pharmacy where you can get the promised medications. The site is heavily lacking information, as there are no shipping options offered, payment options or some customer reviews on their site. in fact, there’s no FAQ page or contact us page or ways how to purchase medications.

In addition to all these problems, the site is not having a secure connection and they do not feature an antivirus on their site. Except for the fact they do not offer reviews on their site, there are no reviews anywhere online. Plus to that, has a trust rate index of 0% and suggests this is a company based in Russia with its owner being from that country. also has no trust suggesting that it is a Rogue internet pharmacy. There doesn’t seem to be any pluses for this company and every unit suggests against the company – staying away from it. For all these reasons I am going to recommend the same – stay away from it, as it is better to find other much reliable pharmacies out there to get your needed drugs. Reviews

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