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About is an online pharmacy which is located in American with their headquarters being established at 150 Spear Street, Suite 350, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA, however this company is also having different states across the country in the following states: Arkansas, Arizona, Colombia, California, Florida, Connecticut, Illinois, Georgia, Maryland, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Nevada, New York, Ontario, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Rhode Island,Virginia, Wisconsin as well as Washington. According to the information that I managed to find on the site, their main focus is to provide affordable and effective healthcare to people living in America. Also, from the information I managed to find, the pharmacy is being owned and run by ICEBREAKER HEALTH INC. and their services are being provided by LMND Medical Group, Inc. Among their services you can also find an online doctor consultation as well with a fee of 25 USD. LeminAid company claims that they can deliver medicines or people could pick their needed meds at a local pharmacy.

Which Treatment Services Does Lemonaid Health Offer?

According to the information I managed to find, the medications are being categorized by the treatment services and there seem to be 20 different categories including: birth control pills, birth control ring, birth control patch, erectile dysfunction, urinary tract infection (UTI), sinus infection, hair loss, cold sore, acid reflux, acne, stop smoking, flu, STD testing, cholesterol/statin treatment, cholesterol test, A1C blood sugar test, blood type test and they look like this:

By clicking on either one of the category you choose, you’re going to gain access to several medications that are in the corresponding category. Unfortunately, I cannot say that there is a very diverse assortment of medications and that’s because I have got interested in checking erectile dysfunction drugs and I have seen that they are offering exclusively only Sildenafil Citrate. Choosing another random category: cholesterol test I’ve seen 5 different medications. With this being said, I can easily suggest the number of all drugs isn’t too high and therefore, it seems there are quite good chances that most people might not find what they are searching for at this pharmacy and because of this, my rating for the pharmacy’s assortment is 2 points. They should add some more drugs to get a higher score.

Prices Affordability

As I have earlier mentioned, the only erectile dysfunction medication that I have seen there is Sildenafil Citrate available so it is obvious that this is the drug that I’m going to talk about. I have seen that the prices are going as following: For a single pill of 20 mg the price is 2 USD and that’s not the brand Viagra but a generic. They are selling this item in pack of 20 pills. To be honest, the price is not very attractive being a bit too high. I personally have seen pharmacies with much better prices.
In addition to that, they have other strength for this medication, the next one to mention here is sildenafil citrate 60 mg which costs 6 USD per pill with the package of 10 pills. That makes it a total of 60 USD for 10 pills and honestly, that’s one very big price compared to other online pharmacies prices for same drug.
Lastly, there is sildenafil citrate which comes in dosage of 100 mg per pill and again, the package comes with 10 pills and considering that the price per pill is 10 USD, you would pay 100 USD for 10 pills and that’s an extremely high price, not even brand Viagra costs that much. With such a price you can go for a brand Viagra and you will still save money. That’s a very big price! Generic Sildenafil Price

To be honest, after I’ve seen such prices for medications I start having doubts that this pharmacy is having customers and that’s because after seeing such prices, I think that most people would simply choose other pharmacies over this pharmacy. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing medications that are so overpriced. For this reason, my rate is 1 point!

Shipping Options

As I have earlier mentioned, this pharmacy is offering the opportunity to pick up your medications at a local pharmacy yourself but they are also having delivery and they are in 3 options: ED delivery, Hair Loss delivery and Birth Control delivery.
As much as it seems, this online pharmacy does not offer shipping outside the United States of America, therefore only people living in USA can order here. By searching for information I managed to find their claim suggesting that they are offering free delivery (hopefully without restrictions). However, I’m not sure if they are offering shipping in all states but you surely are not allowed to pick up meds in all states, the only states you can pick up your medications includes: AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, IL, KS, MD, MI, MO, NC, NJ, NV, NY, OH, OR, PA, RI, SC, VA, WA and WI. Searching for information about what’s the shipping options or shipping delivery time gave no results and therefore it is unknown when to expect your medications. They only state that the delivery can be done once per month.

Due to the fact that that there is little information about shipping options, no shipping delivery timeframes and they do not ship outside the USA I am going to rate this company’s shipping options with 2 out of 5 only thanks to free delivery.

Payment Options

As sad as it might sound, there is absolutely nothing I can say here and that’s because this online pharmacy does not share any information about the possible payment options available. Usually, there is at least a sign that they are accepting the most popular payment methods including Visa and Master Card and yet, here I cannot say whether they do accept it or not.

I do think that people should be given information about what payment methods are being allowed for deciding if they want to use the online shopping or not. Obviously, my rate is 1 point here.

Technical Characteristics

Google Page Speed about the Website Loading
I have checked this information and luckily, all the technical characteristics are available which is very good. As much as I have seen, surprisingly, the mobile version data seems to be much better comparing to the desktop version (usually, that’s the other way around). The mobile version has a good optimization which makes the mobile version to perform very good and that’s very good. But unfortunately, the data we have got about desktop version is a bit worse. The page speed is average and the optimization is low which make customers experience delays in trying to browse through the site.

Waiting for a while for getting the information/ page loading can be annoying. All in all, I think that it deserves a rate of 3 out of 5 only thanks to the good mobile version data.

Mobile Version
According to the information found, this online pharmacy does seem to have a mobile version making their site mobile friendly and by using the search engine you can find this site. As seems, the mobile version is providing the access to customers to the medications that are on the sale on this site. Generally, the page is very well displayed with all the information and the text on it very readable. The pages on this site seem to open quickly without any problems or delays.
In addition to this, the company really seems to try to please their mobile browsing customers. That’s because they are also offering a mobile application for this website which people can download in Play Market and AppStore and people are allowed to download them free of charge.

Getting a mobile application on the smartphone can really save you a lot of time and energy searching for what you are in need on the site. It is obvious that with such services, receives 5 points for this unit.

Is the Connection Secure?

By all means it does seems that the connection on this website is secure. This is being confirmed by the certification that is verified by Inc. which suggests that all the transactions and connections are secured by a 256-bit encryption key. Nevertheless, this online pharmacy doesn’t want to share the owner information and as they do not supply such info.
To be honest, I simply cannot understand what’s the reason doing that since I earlier mentioned that there is information on their main page that the company owner name is ICEBREAKER HEALTH INC. I think that the last step this company should do is to place the name into the address line for getting full customers’ trust as soon as they enter the website knowing that the connection is all secure.

Because of this reason and because of the hidden information I rate it with 4 points which is still good since the connection is secure.

Antivirus Presence

To be honest, I think that the Antivirus is exactly as important as the low prices for medications and that’s because when your internet browsing is not secure then information such as credit card details might be stolen. The Antivirus is protecting customers from viruses and possibility to get information stolen and that’s so important, especially nowadays, when there are daily of thousands and hundreds of people getting hacked.

But regardless of how much I was searching for such information, I couldn’t find anything and therefore it seems this company doesn’t really care about the Antivirus, which is really sad. With no Antivirus on the site, the company cannot get anything more than 1 point.

How to Make an Order?

By trying to make an order on this online pharmacy I haven’t been satisfied at all. There are pharmacies having a very simplified way of making an order, but LemonAid doesn’t seem to be among them. The reason why I’m not satisfied it is the fact that the registration is mandatory for ordering here. After trying to *Sign in* customers are being transferred to other page with another domain, a page that allows customers to create an account on the site.
As if the registration was not enough, you also need to fulfill a medical examination online as well. This might not be such a big problem but the fact that this procedure is charged meaning that you would need to pay a fee of 25 USD without even getting anything that’s really frustrating. So, you are paying for the mandatory doctor’s online consultation but you would still need to pay for the chosen medication. Also, no insurances are being accepted to pay for the doctor’s examination with this company. The only good thing is the fact that you are getting refunded back this fee in case they do not have proper medications to treat your condition.

To my opinion, it is very and very inconvenient to purchase anything with this online store demanding you to pay for getting a prescription. That’s why it receives 1 out of 5.

Is Legit and Safe? about the Website Security
I have accessed for determining more information about this site and they offered this site 100% security rate which is very good. Having such a high trust this means that customers may safely buy drugs online. As expected, but the company owner and domain location is in the United States of America with physical address in San Francisco and phone number in the same country with the owner of this online store being Paul Johnson.
The domain age is more than 3 years and the only negative fact is that there are 6 other sites on the same server.
All in it seems that they do not try to hide information and because of this, the mark it deserves here is 5 points.

Prescription Request

This online pharmacy is not requesting their customers to show a valid prescription but there is a good reason why – every customer must undergo a medical examination online with their doctor and only then you’re going to get any products from their site. But as said earlier, this online doctor consultation has a fee of 25 USD and only by paying here you would get a private prescription allowing you to use their products.
Honestly talking, I cannot say that this is the best service but I still cannot rate it low. They do require a prescription on one hand but they request a too expensive fee of 25 USD regardless. But what if you already have a prescription and you’re only searching for the drugs?

In the end, my rate is 3 points out of 5. about the Website Legitimacy

According to the information I managed to find on their main website, is legit and it is being certified by and this seal is clickable. There you’re redirected to Legit Script official website and this is being confirmed meaning that the site meets all the requirements for being a certified internet pharmacy. Every procedure and service here is legal and transparent which is very good.

Since this merchant has been determined that it meets all the standards for legality, safety and transparency I mark this unit with 5 out of 5 points.

Reviews on

Been searching for reviews on this website and to be honest, I do not have too much trust in them. first off, that’s because I found a lot of very good reviews, as it was expected, but what looks super suspicious is the fact that all those lots of reviews were written only in 4 days from August 28 to August 31 2018 with around 10 or so reviews in each day but no reviews earlier than August 28 or later than August 31.

My rate for such kind of reviews is 3 out of 5 and that’s only because there are a lot of them and they are unique, but they are too strange, to say the less.

Third Parties Reviews about

Searching for reviews on independent sources, I have found several few sites with reviews about this company. One of the review I found was written not so long ago on Facebook and there are several other reviews which are from customers that are happy using this company. I cannot say that there are lots of reviews, but there are still some of them.
As much as it seems, the reviews that we have found on several other different sources seems to be genuine, however I wouldn’t say that those reviews are too informative and to my opinion this needs to be taken in consideration as well!

All in all, there are some positive customer reviews and that’s really good but I hope that with time, there would be other reviews added and they would become more informative. All in all my rate goes with 3 points.

Discount And Coupon Code on

Discount codes are very important as you can greatly save some money but unfortunately, it seems that this online store does not offer any of them to the customers. In fact, it seems there are no ways that would make it possible for you to reduce your expenses.
As if the fact that you are not able to save some money is not enough, taking in consideration their high prices, you also need to pay an addition 25 USD fee for a doctor online consultation at once.

The only free thing is the delivery, but you pay 25 USD for consultation which is more than the delivery and that’s why, I think that this service is non affordable to most customers and that’s why my rate cannot be more than 1 star!

Customer Support Service

“Contact Us” Section
From as much as it seems, the only given contact information there is a phone number you can find on their page.
Nevertheless, except for the phone number, as I said, there is the main address of their main office which is at 150 Spear Street, Suite 350, San Francisco, California 94105, USA. They have also shared the working hours of the customer support service.

My rate for this unit goes with 3 points which is fairly good, but it can be increased with an email, multiple phone numbers and 24/7 customer support service.

Customer Support Service
From as much as it seems, the only way to get in touch with this online store is to call them. You can also write them a mail at the address given or visiting them in person, but I doubt someone would do so. I can only suppose that the customers will get a professional help when asked to as when trying to call, there were some errors.

My general rate here is 2 stars only, it can be increased if adding the live chat function and if it would be easier to reach their operators.

Our Final Thoughts About is an online pharmacy claiming to try to help Americans get the medications they deserve and trying to help them. They are an American company which doesn’t provide international deliveries and that’s why they offer free delivery shipping your monthly dosage. Nevertheless, you would need to pay for their mandatory examination online a fee of 25 USD to get a private prescription.
There is one very big plus for this pharmacy but one very big minus for this pharmacy:
All in all, this online store is absolutely all secure and it is safe to use. The connection is secure, the transactions are transparent and it is an all legal business, nevertheless not everybody can afford those big prices for medications with an additional mandatory fee. Plus, the ordering procedure is very inconvenient and the assortment diversity isn’t too high.
So people might safely order from this high priced online pharmacy upon their wish with a general rate of 2.5 stars! Reviews

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