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Self-Introduction of is an online pharmacy which is promising to ship and preserve the current high quality of labor types the idea of their work philosophy, a declare endorsed by online pharmacy opinions. They claim to offer their shoppers a comfort and secured way to purchase medications from their website, medications that are of a high quality and cheap in price terms. They claim to *want to see our customers to stay life full of lengthy life and comforts* and assumingly, they can achieve it by doing business with this pharmacy. The pharmacy is offering prime quality medicine inexpensively and along this they are also offering hassle free providers to their valued prospects. This company is doing business only with the best and revered manufacturing firms, therefore ensuring a high quality of medications for discounted values.

They claim to offer medicines for a number of ailments and diseases at their pharmacy, something that I am going to check later. In addition to this, the pharmacy is promising 100%  satisfaction assure meaning that all customers should get inexpensive products at an secure online shopping environment. They are a team of professionals and so, they are offering the highest reliability. The pharmacy also claims to have a lot of positive customer reviews that their shoppers can read. The company offers online support 24 hours a day, shopping secured, money back guarantee policy as well as free shipping policy.

As much as it seems, the pharmacy does work exclusively with some well known manufacturers and yet, they are a professionally managed generic drug distributor. I am not sure if they do offer branded medications or not but the pharmacy is claiming that those medications can be obtained by patients all over the world. In the end, it all looks fairly good, however I would suggest to find out more details before actually ordering here.

Assortment Diversity

According to the information on their main page, the pharmacy is offering a wide selection of medications for different health conditions and health needs. By trying to find out what types of medications exactly they are offering, I noticed they have Mens Health, HIV and Herpes, Anti Cancer and then you can go on *all categories* where a big number of different health condition categories of drugs are displayed. Some of them include: acne, anti coagulants, Alzheimer’s, bladder prostate, diabetes, hepatitis, women’s health, weight loss and many others.

I am not very sure if this online pharmacy is mainly oriented in selling mens health, HIV and Herpes, and Anti Cancer medications or what’s the reason they are not placed among other medications. Anyway, they seem to offer many different drugs and they claim that all of them are of a high quality. I’ve tried to search for ED types of drugs and it seems that I was displayed a lot of different medications for this condition. Many different drugs such as sildenafil citrate, vardenafil and tadalafil. In total, there seem to be 253 drugs able to treat erectile dysfunction.

Nevertheless, as claimed, they do not seem to offer any branded medications. In fact, using the search function to search for Viagra showed no results at all.

In the end, I think that the assortment of medication deserves 4 stars out of 5 since they do seem to offer a lot of drugs for a lot of different health conditions meaning that customers are having high chances to find whatever they are looking for. However I don’t rate them perfectly here as there’s no chance for customers to find the branded medications in case that’s what they are looking for.

Prices Affordability

Remembering the pharmacy’s claim, except for claiming to offer high quality only on absolutely all drugs that you can find at this pharmacy, they have also claimed that customers can get them for inexpensive prices. I decided to check this myself as I can check it only searching for the ED medications. The lowest prices for most famous ED treating medications are as following: Fildena 50 mg for sildenafil citrate with a price per unit of 0.70 USD.

The next medication is tadalafil and its lowest price is if you’re going to get Pulmopres 20 mg. in this case, the lowest possible price for tadalafil 20 mg would be 1.27 USD per pill.

Lastly, another medication that I should give example of price is vardenafil, a medication which, if searching it in 20 mg you’re going to find a higher price than if you get 40 mg dosage of the pill. Only because of the manufacturer. So, if you buy vardenafil from Zhewitra 40 mg then the price per pill is 0.92 USD.

However, customers should not forget the fact that these are the lowest possible prices if you’re getting these medications from the manufacturers mentioned earlier. To be honest, the only manufacturer I was familiar with is Fildena, but this is the first time I hear about Pulmopres or Zhewitra. If you’re going to get from another manufacturer, or other dosages, or less quantity of pills, then the prices are going to get higher. But anyway, the prices for all the medications seem to be really good. Again, I am not sure in their quality since it is the first time I heard about these manufacturers, however the prices are very attractive. It is least attractive for tadalafil but it is still a very good price while the price for vardenafil is among the best prices I’ve ever seen.

Ultimately, my conclusion is that prices affordability are very good here as people can indeed save a lot of money purchasing pills here. Saving money is the main reason why we keep searching for online pharmacies and that’s really good. For this reason, my rate here is 5 stars out of 5.

Shipping Options

Searching for shipping options I was not able to find absolutely anything until I have went on their checkout page where I only saw the list of countries that I can choose from where the medications can be shipped. This pharmacy does not seem to offer a shipping informational page or a FAQ page where I could be able to get more information about the shipping options. In fact, they do seem to have a FAQ page on their *contact us* page – that’s super inconvenient to find it and plus to that, it barely gives any results. Clicking a question on their site this is what is offering:

Seemingly, we are going to find limited information about shipping methods. As said, this pharmacy said to accept shipping to all countries and this means that everyone around the world, regardless where exactly they live, they can order here. Checking the list of countries on the checkout page, they indeed seem to offer world wide shipping to all countries. However, I have seen no method on their website to change the shipping option and that’s why I assume there are no multiple shipping options.

All that I have managed to find is that customers show allow 2 weeks for the delivery. No information about whether or not they do offer tracking. I honestly think that this online pharmacy does not deserve more than 2 points for shipping policy. I only found information on their site suggesting that we should allow up to 2 weeks for delivery and that they are offering world wide delivery to all countries and this seems to be confirmed by the list of countries on checkout page. what multiple shipping options, shipping fees and tracking – all of this information misses on the site.

Payment Options

Due the fact that their website is heavily slowed down and barely working with seemingly many technical errors that I have encountered so far, I had to find out the payment options that this pharmacy is offering directly from their checkout page where I have found out the following:

The pharmacy seem to accept Visa, Master card, American express and bank wire transfer including the PayPal. I think that these payment methods deserve a rate of 4 stars as they have enough payment methods to choose from, but a few others to be added would be welcome.

Technical Characteristics of

Loading Speed

As I already said, the site seem to have some heavy technical problems. First off, not all information is displayed and searching for a question displayed on their FAQ page, clicking on it, displayed that such information isn’t found on their site. Plus to that, the pharmacy is extremely slow in page loading speed. Each page that I tried to open was a pain, as I had to wait for no less than 30 seconds but maybe even more. But using the google page speed insights test, I will try to se eif this is confirmed and here is the screen how it looks like:

As it was expected, the technical characteristics are very and very low, as we can see. I can confirm this myself as navigation through this site was extremely slow, one of the slowest running sites I’ve ever accessed. With such a test result and with the experience I had myself, there’s no chance that this pharmacy gets a rate more than 1 point for this unit.

Mobile Friendly Test

A lot of nowadays customers are using their smartphones to purchase goods online and medications are not an exception. For this reason it is very important that to have a mobile friendly version of their website. Using the google mobile friendly test I saw the pharmacy should have a mobile friendly site as it should be adapted for small screens.

As we can see, there are page loading issues and I indeed got them myself when trying to access the site from my smartphone, that was expected. But the site does seem to be adapted for mobile version and that’s a big plus for the pharmacy. I am going to rate this mobile version with 5 stars as it does seem to be convenient for mobile users, except for their big problem – page loading speed.

Is the Connection Secure?

Yes it does seem that this online pharmacy is using a secure encryption meaning that the connection is secure with this online pharmacy. I’ve been searching for details about this security level and unfortunately, I have discovered that they are only using the 128 bit SSL encryption and this is the lower security level compared to the 256 bit SSL encryption technology. That’s still a good security meaning that your credit card information submitted there should be safe, but I do think that it would be even safer if the company would add more security.

My overall rate here is 3 stars for the lower security rating and because there is no information about the company owner and I think that this information should be added.

Antivirus Presence

I have found icons on their website suggesting that they are SSL secured and those icons are clickable suggesting that the site is indeed secured. The problems is that I have found no antivirus on their website. Although your personal data is protected, your device is not protected from getting viruses or malwares. This means that customers should install an antivirus on their own device before browsing this website, otherwise you have some high chances to get a virus inflicted into your device. For this, reason, I am going to rate this pharmacy with a rate of 1 star as an antivirus presence on their website is mandatory for any reliable online pharmacy.

How to Make an Order?

According to the information on their website, customers can create an account and sign in to their accounts. The best news is the fact that customers CAN do it but they do not NEED to do it meaning that the registration is not mandatory and that’s a big plus as this saves a lot of time and energy speeding up the ordering process. According to the information on their website, as soon as you find your needed medications and add it do your virtual cart, you are going to be 5 steps away from placing the order. You can search for the needed medication using the search box function or searching for meds using the categories of medications.

So as soon as you’re on your virtual cart with all the neded medications, click on checkout and the 5 steps will begin in the following order: Checkout method > Billing information > Medical History > Payment Information > Order Review.

What’s strange is that I have been able to *place an order* without sending information about my credit cards and generally no information at all about payment details at all.

This makes me greatly have doubts in the functionality of this online pharmacy. All in all, my rate is 4 stars as they ask for medical history and I couldn’t understand – what about the payment I should have made?

Is Legit?

The Rating from Scam Adviser

What was a shock for me is to see the fact that offered it a trust rate of 84%. That’s quite a lot for a website that claims I placed an order without paying. Plus to that, for a website that has so big technical issues and so low page loading speed. The site seems to be new without feedback and without popularity. According to the information on this site has been created a little bit more than a year ago. I can’t have trust in a newly opened pharmacy.

My rate for this scam adviser review is 3 stars.

Do We Need a Prescription?

Customers can freely purchase rx drugs at this online pharmacy since a prescription is not required and that’s a big problem. This makes me think that is an illegal seller, otherwise I can’t explain how a pharmacy can sell prescription drugs without a Rx. They sell serious medical products that can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Some of the meds available in the catalog are sold only used a valid prescription in trusted pharmacies because they take care of their customers’ health however, it seems that Medy Pharma is not among those trusted pharmacies. My rating for prescription requirements is 1 star.

The Website’s Status at

Since this strange online pharmacy is allowing their customers to place an order without paying and they are not even asking for a prescription for dangerous medications sold only with a valid prescription, it was no wonder for me to see that legit script status about Medy Pharma wasn’t good.

Rogue status means that this online pharmacy is not meeting the criteria required to be an approved internet pharmacy meaning that they are most likely an illegal business pharmacy. So, an online pharmacy that is engaged in fraudulent or deceptive business practices receives 1 point. Reviews

Reviews on the Pharmacy’s Own Website

The customer reviews are extremely important because they can either warn other customers to stay away from the dangerous/ illegal pharmacy, or they can give a sense of reliability to other customers making them be assured that the pharmacy is legitimate, working and keeping their promises of sending high quality medications.

By searching for reviews on their site, I have seen there’s a *testimonials* page where seemingly, a lot of people wrote pretty short customer reviews. Those reviews are all positive and they seem to be unique. However there are some unexplained things about those strange testimonials. First of all, how can absolutely all customer reviews be 5 stars rated only? From as much as I know, there absolutely nothing that can be perfectly rated with only 5 stars. plus to that, the testimonials have no dates and that’s a problem as it means that they could be outdated. For example, reading through their reviews I found one suggesting this:

As we can see, it has bene back in 2007 and we are living in 2018. Another problem – how this user used it in 2007 when the site appeared a year ago? For the rather strange customer reviews I will rate them with 2 stars as it is too hard to have trust in them, even though they are unique and positive.

Reviews on Third-Party Websites

The customer reviews on third party website seem to be much more trustworthy and unlike many other pharmacies, I did managed to find customer reviews about this online pharmacy on different online pharmacies, on multiple websites. For example I found 14 reviews on trust pilot but there are other reviews on other sites as well about this pharmacy. luckily, most of the reviews that I managed to find are positive looking like the following:

However, although most of the reviews are positive, the pharmacy has also got negative reviews looking like the following:

In the end, this online pharmacy has got an average rate of 4 out of 5 stars on trust pilot based on all customer reviews. I guess that I don’t have the right to change this. Сoupon Сodes

There is information on their website, right before the checkout page, suggesting that the online pharmacy is having coupon codes.

But the problem is that I couldn’t find any coupon codes at all. It is not only the fact that I couldn’t find any coupon codes – I haven’t found anything at all on their website. I have only seen that the price per unit is getting lower if you purchase more quantities at once and that’s it. They claim to have *offer zone* but clicking on that I am only displayed 26 items and I can’t see anything in particular that I could mention here.

My rate for coupon codes and methods to save money – 1 star.

Customer Support

Contact information

Going on their contact information gives you no information at all. You’re only displayed the FAQ questions and that’s it. You can’t see any emails, phone numbers or physical addresses. Only on the bottom of their website I managed to find that this pharmacy is sharing their skype, their email and claimable, you can check their social media pages.

No phone numbers, no mailing addresses and most importantly – no physical address of the pharmacy. My rate for this contact information is 2 stars.

Trying to Get a Consultation

By trying to get a consultation I have noticed that they are also offering a live chat function except for the skype, email and social media pages. Of course, I have tried to contact them through the live chat function and in a matter of a few minutes after I said that I would like to talk with someone I have been answered with a *hello*. The problem is that after this *hello* I asked my question and I waited for more than 30 minutes without a response back.

Their customer support simply ignored me and my question and that’s definitely not a customer support I would highly rate. 1 point.

Conclusion: Slow Running Website with Ignorant Customer Support Service is an online pharmacy which has a really wide selection of generic medications and with very good prices for those medications. They are using a secure connection on the site and most of the customer reviews on their and foreign websites are positive. Nevertheless, that’s just not enough taking on consideration a few other factors.

The site is extremely slowly running. Each page takes an eternity to load and they have many other technical issues, especially with FAQ / Contact Us pages. The pharmacy claimed that I managed to place an order, but I never filled up payment details and that’s super strange. Plus to that, the pharmacy has no coupon codes and when I tried to get a consultation asking for those coupon codes, my question seemed to simply be ignored. I won’t recommend to anyone this company with such an attitude from an online pharmacy towards their clients. Reviews

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