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Self-Introduction of is an online pharmacy that seems to be mostly oriented in selling generic medications as much as we can assume from its domain address name. However, through this review you’re going to be able to find out if they are offering only generics or if they also have brand medications, plus you would be able to find out if the pharmacy is worth it at all. As soon as you enter their main page you can notice their claim suggesting they are offering Indian Drugs. I have also noticed the pharmacy is offering various ways to save money which I am going to talk about later. According to the information on their main page, this company is offering: top quality medications for bargain prices; they are offering a secure ordering environment on the website, they are offering world wide shipping meaning that everyone can order here, they have 24/7/365 customer support service and generally, customers will get 100% satisfaction guarantee. All of this sounds good, but we need to check it all in details. Although they claim to be offering Indian medications we weren’t able to find any information suggesting where this online pharmacy is located as no address is given. The only thing that I found out that’s worth mentioning here is their claim to be online for the last 11 years which is quite enough to have trust, but hopefully that’s true. I found out that this pharmacy is claiming to be very easy to use. As soon as you place an order at their site then you’re going to be enrolled in their discount program and start enjoying their savings with next orders. So far, we can’t say for sure this pharmacy is worth it and legitimate, but we would find it out.

Assortment Diversity

It is important to check the assortment diversity at an online pharmacy because there may be people who are searching for different medications so it is important when a pharmacy offers multiple types of drugs. according to the information on their FAQ page, all the medications that you can see in their product lists are generic and with this being said, I doubt that customers would be able to find any branded drugs here, something that was expected by reading their name. The customers can check the list of bestselling medications as this list is given right on their main page or you could click on *bestsellers* to see the list. First top selling medications seem to be Viagra, Cialis and Levitra (of course, generics – as every drug seem to be generic), but there are other types of drugs as well such as Addyi, Zithromax, Propecia, Clomid and others.

But if you need to search for a specific medication then you can use one of the multiple searching methods that you can find on their main page. The quick search functions can be seen on any of page of their website. The methods include: by keyword where you enter the drugs name or by tablets name.

But customers are also having the opportunity to search for the needed medications checking through the categories of drugs. Their categories list seem to be arranged alphabetically so people could easier find the category they are searching for and there seem to be many different categories for different health needs. They include: alcoholism drugs; alzheimer’s and parkinson’s; antibiotics;  asthma; cancer; birth control; cholesterol; diabetes; eye care; erectile dysfunction; HIV; men’s health and a lot of other different drugs. Click on the category you need and all the drugs in that category would be displayed.

For example, if you’re going to click on Erectile Dysfunction category, then the drugs are going to be displayed in the following way:

Many different medications seem to be displayed on that page all with the lowest possible price per pill displayed as well. But you can click on *more info* or *buy now* if you need more details about the specific drug. All in all, I think that the pharmacy is indeed offering a wide selection of generic medications. From its name we should realize that customers shouldn’t expect any branded drugs, but they do seem to offer many different generics able to save you some money.  I think they well deserve a 5 stars rate.

Prices Affordability

In order to determine if this online pharmacy is indeed offering really good low prices for the medications they display on the site, we need to carefully check them ourselves. In order to determine if the prices are indeed low I searched for more information about generic Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. The information on prices that I’ve got is not very good. That’s because I found out that generic Viagra 50 mg is priced anywhere between 3.69 USD to 1.10 USD per pill depending how much pills you get. 90 tablets would make it 1.58 USD per pill. Compared to other online pharmacies where you can get it for less than 1 USD per pill, that’s a bit overestimated price. But it is still allowing customers to save some money compared to local pharmacies prices.

The same thing applies to generic Cialis where 20 mg is priced with 4.49 USD to 1.40 USD per pill. 90 tablets would make it 2.22 USD per pill. Again, other pharmacies offer better prices.

The generic Levitra is not an exception where the price per pill of 20 mg is anywhere between 4.99 USD to 2.20 USD. 90 tablets make it 2.67 USD per pill. The exact same story as the previous 2 drugs I mentioned here.

All in all, customers can save money compared to the prices for same drug dosage and quantity of pills with prices at local pharmacy prices. Yet, other online pharmacies are offering better prices where you can save approximately 50% compared to the prices they offer here. For all these reasons, I am going to rate them with 3 stars.

Shipping Options

I earlier mentioned the pharmacy’s claim: they are offering world wide shipping, everyone around the globe is able to order medications from this pharmacy if they wish to. Customers are having 2 shipping options that they can choose from and it includes: express international mail with a shipping rate of 20 USD, with a delivery of 5 to 9 business days after the dispatch and it comes with tracking. The second shipping option is standard international airmail which seem to be free of charge, delivery of 10 to 21 days after the dispatch and it doesn’t have tracking online, regretfully.

They do not seem to have a minimum order amount to offer free shipping. But there doesn’t seem to be anyway available to get free EMS shipping. Plus to that, no overnight shipping option is offered too. That’s very good they offering world wide shipping, along with free shipping with no minimum amount and 2 shipping options. I just do not like that customers can’t get their medications urgently, as nobody is offered overnight shipping option. For everything that I earlier mentioned, my rate is 4 points.

Payment Methods

The payment methods are displayed right on their main page on the bottom as there are 2 icons which are suggesting that they should accept any given bank card and bitcoin.

However, on the FAQ page there’s no information about the bitcoin. I had to go on checkout page to see exactly what they accept. On their checkout page I found out, they accept most famous credit cards as visa, master card, American express and JCB along with Bitcoin. That’s good, but I think customers should be offered other types of payment methods such as wire transfer, echeck and others. Some customers may find these options enough, but there are others who may not. To get a perfect score they need to add others, but so far they receive 3 stars.

Technical Characteristics

Google Page Speed about the Website Loading

The technical characteristics and especially the page speed data is extremely important to check about any given website that you plan doing business with. I think that’s so important because it can be very annoying doing business with a company that has a very slow running website. To check this we are going to use the information from Google Test named Page SpeedInsights. There I have found out that the website has pretty good speed data information. That’s because the mobile version is far from perfect as it got a score of 73 out of 100 indicating it has an average page speed data but the desktop version is perfect scored with 100 so it has a fast page speed load.

Customers may get a bit of page issues when browsing the site from their mobile devices, but there shouldn’t be absolutely any issues with the desktop version when browsing site from a PC. Since the website has got such a good data on desktop but a bit of issues on mobile issues, my rate is 4 stars for this unit.

Mobile Version of

Unfortunately, we can see in the screen that page results are unavailable and that’s because the page cannot be reached by google test bots. Google said that this could be because the page is unavailable or blocked by robots.txt. I accessed the site from my own mobile device and they do seem to offer a mobile version of their page and that’s really good to my opinion. The page loading does take a bit more compared to the desktop version, but it is not horrible. Because of this and because of the fact that google couldn’t reach the page, my rate is 3 stars as they do offer a mobile version.

Is the Connection Secure?

Luckily, it does seem that is using an SSL encryption indicating that the connection is secured. I have found it out by checking for the green lock near the domain address which indicates the connection is secure. The certification seem to be validated by GeoTrust.

I have been searching for more information on their secure connection and I found out they use a high security level of 256 bit SSL encryption which is very good. The only thing I didn’t love – they do not share any information about company owner. That’s not a huge problem but still it is preferable to be there. All in all – they deserve 4 stars.

Antivirus Presence

The antivirus presence on the website is mandatory because only this way customers can feel safe when browsing through the site. Without an antivirus, people browsing the site may catch unwanted viruses or other internet viruses. I checked for one on their site and I found an icon suggesting they are McAfee secured.

I clicked on that icon and I have got redirected to their internal, informational page with this information:

Unfortunately, that’s not a real prove that the site is secured by an antivirus. I may suppose that they do not use an antivirus as they have no real prove, but I also may be wrong. For these reasons my rate is 3 stars.

How to Order from

The ordering procedure seemed really fast and without any issues which is very good to my opinion. First of all, that’s thanks to the fact that the registration for ordering medications on the website is not mandatory. Customers can start ordering without any issues. In order to make the ordering convenience even better and easier customers are able to change to other languages and this way your currency is going to be selected according to the language as well. I find it to be a very helpful option.

In addition to that, you could see in my earlier screens that customers can see the full price pack and the price per pill which is a very good option.

Ordering is simple: add the needed items to your cart and then click on checkout. The shopping cart looks like this:

As soon as you got on their checkout page, you’re able to enter the billing/ shipping address, the payment info and that’s it. Just submit the order. I think that ordering convenience is very good, it can be done effortless and without any additional issues. All in all, my rate is 5 stars.

Is Online Generics For You Legit and Safe? about the Website Security Rate

In order to find the legitimacy and safeness of the pharmacy we can use various services and one of them is I checked it there and the information I got there is very disappointing. That’s because the site got a low trust rating of 0% which means there’s a high risk ordering here. the site is very rarely visited and due to low trust rate, the site may not be safe to use according to scam adviser.

But there are other big issues: no exact address is found on, the site may be from 3 different countries, no organization, or owner or other important info is given. Plus to that, domain age is 1 year. But we do remember the pharmacy’s claim that they are online for 11 years. That doesn’t seem to be true. This is all very disappointing so 1 star is given here.

Prescription Request

A valid prescription is mandatory because not asking for a valid prescription while selling such drugs in against the law and doing so indicates the pharmacy is illegal. According to the information on their website, they do claim some products available in their pharmacy require a valid prescription. The problem is that I was not stopped by any means after I was ready to place an order.

I may be wrong, but it seems that this is only a fake claim. Since I’m not sure, this unit receives 3 stars. Approval Status

The pharmacy that we’re currently talking about got a rogue approval status on legit script. For those who still don’t know – that’s the worst approval status that a pharmacy can get. This means that the site is not legal and is not even trying to become so. An internet pharmacy is rogue if it qualified as unapproved and it has other serious issues.

Such a status doesn’t deserve more than 1 star.

Customer Reviews about Online Generics For You

Reviews on Website

To check the customer reviews on their own website I have clicked on the “testimonials” where a full page is dedicated to customer reviews about this site. The reviews are important because they share valuable information about how pharmacy treats their customers and about the overall company’s performance. The testimonials look like this:

In the screenshot you can see absolutely all the available reviews. That’s all super strange. They have no dates, the reviews are extremely short and barely informative and there’s no way to write a review myself meaning that these reviews were chosen by administrator and placed on the site. I do not recommend having trust in customer reviews that are trying to misinform customers. That’s a huge problem and for this reason I am going to rate them with 1 point only.

Customer Reviews on Third Party Sites

Either because the website is online for only one year or whatever is the reason – but there are no customer reviews anywhere online about this site Only those testimonials are the only reviews, but I can’t have trust in them. I generally cannot have trust in the site with absolutely no customer reviews anywhere online. This makes me wonder about the performance of the pharmacy as there are no reviews at all. Without reviews, we can’t determine the pharmacy’s performance and we cannot give them a rate any more than 1 point.

Coupon Codes

In the time that I have been searching for coupon codes I have been able to find, on the checkout page, the question: have a coupon? And by clicking it you’re able to submit the coupon and get a discount. I can assume that this code is given only to people who reorder from this online pharmacy.

In addition to this, as I said earlier, the online pharmacy is offering discounts for pills if you’re purchasing pills in bulk. This is going to save you some money and that’s very good to my opinion. Plus to this, I have also mentioned that shipping is free and lastly they seem to have free bonus pills as well.

This is all really good but we didn’t found any coupon codes displayed on the site or on other sources. This is why – 4 points.

Customer Support Service Team Contact Information

I went on the contact page on their website where I have found a bit of information about getting in touch with them with mention they work 24/7/365 and a contact form. I have also seen they are offering a phone number, UK phone and Toll free (for US only) number too.

The problem is that this is not enough, by far not enough. There should be an email, a fax number, and most importantly – the exact address of the pharmacy. Since they all miss on their site, my rate is 2 stars.

Getting in Touch

I have tried to get in touch with this online pharmacy using the contact form since I didn’t wanted to call them. I asked them where the pharmacy is actually located and if they do offer coupon codes but it seems the customer support team (if existent at all) decided not to answer back as I waited for more than 24 hours and my email inbox is empty. I don’t like ignorant customer support team. My rate – 1 point.

Conclusion: Not a Trustworthy Source to get Medications is an online pharmacy which is having a wide selection of generic medications. They seem to offering many different generic medications for fairly good prices, but other pharmacies are offering better prices. in addition to this, the pharmacy seem to offer free shipping to everyone and coupon codes to those returning back to them. They have few other methods to save methods. Along with world wide shipping, most famous credit cards and bitcoin accepted here the site seem to be trustworthy. Especially since they claim to have many reviews and customer support working 24/7.

However, this is what looks like without research. By doing some research and analyzing every details, you can find out that the site is not very trustworthy. First of all, they do not seem to have customer support as I asked a question and it was not answered back in 24 hours. They have fake customer reviews on site and they lie about how much time they were operating (claimed – 11 years, reality – 1 year). In addition – has 0% trust indicating a few issues about this site and plus – approval status is rogue. Those are all factors indicating the site should be avoided. Reviews

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