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There are a lot of online pharmacies that I am finding while I do my research for reliable online pharmacies with good prices for quality medications and all those pharmacies are different and selling different things, some of them are pharmacies for pets and today and I have found such a pharmacy which is selling pet supplies. The pharmacy is named which claims to be the best online store for you and your bets. I truly hope that this is true because to my opinion, when the pharmacy claims to be *the best* they mean that they are 100% reliable, they have cheap prices for medications and those are high quality meds as well. this pharmacy is vet owned and vet operated as much as I could find when I entered their front page. This seems to be a well done website, it is user friendly and everything seems to be easily understandable on the site. What’s strange is that I found information on the bottom of the website suggesting that this pharmacy has been operating since 1999(and there’s information confirming this) but there’s 1999 – 2014 so I am not sure what does 2014 means. Either that means that they stopped to operate in 2014 either that’s a simple technical issue. I have found out this pharmacy claiming to have over 400,000 satisfied customers and I hope that this is true. I have been trying to find out information where this pharmacy is being located, however I could not find such information on their website, although that’s not an extremely big problem, I still appreciate much more a pharmacy which does share such information. Anyway, I am going to continue doing my research about this pharmacy so I could say either purchasing here is a good idea or no. Selection of medications and prices

As much as I have noticed from other online pet pharmacies that I have reviewed so far, vet pharmacies tend to categorize the medications by: dogs, cats, other animals and so on and so forth. However this does not seem to be such a pharmacy. this online pharmacy is only offering categories of medications according to the health condition and as much as it seems there are only 4 different categories: flea and tick (and there’s also a number next to each category, which I can assume suggests how many drugs are found in each category) – 72, heartworm preventatives – 39; wormers – 4; ear products – 2. With this being said, there seem to be only 4 different categories of drugs and a total of around 100 drugs. I wouldn’t say that selection of medications is very big but I wouldn’t say that there are only a few drugs. I would call it *moderate*. I have taken a random product just to give example of prices so I can say that a flea and tick medication called Advantage for Cats under 9 lbs has a price of 75 USD for 12 tubes and 26 USD for 4 tubes. There’s not a single mention about prescriptions so I am not sure if this online pharmacy requires one or not (but I assume no). Shipping and payment methods

I could not find information suggesting where this online pharmacy is shipping (to which countries) however I assume that they offer world wide. They claim that they will contact you in case they won’t be able to send for whatever the reason your medications within 24 hours. There seem to be a single shipping option and it costs 4 USD per order and has a delivery time frame of 6 to 12 business days. They ship same day unless you place order on weekend which ships on Monday. But on checkout page there are 2 shipping options – trackable, costs 30 USD and usually arrives within 7 days. They seem to accept only credit cards as: VISA, Master Card, American Express, Delta, Discover, Diners Club. Customer Support Service

I got pretty disappointed when I have checked what are the methods available for their customers to get in touch with this pharmacy. that’s because this online pharmacy has not offered any phone numbers, live chat function or mailing addresses. You can only talk with them via contact form or email (both of which are pretty much the same method). Coupon Codes

I was searching for any methods available on this online pharmacy to make you, as their customers, saving money while purchasing any goods here. This may include free pills, free shipping, discounts by purchasing in bulk, discounts for returning customers or anything. I got even more disappointed to see that this online pharmacy, in fact, does not offer any of it. They do not have coupon codes or anything that I have mentioned earlier. This is all quite a problem to my opinion. Reviews

While searching for customer reviews about this pharmacy I have found only a total of 6 reviews about this pharmacy. although that’s not a lot that’s still fairly good. that’s especially when 5 out of 6 total reviews are positive. The only negative review on the website, suggested that the person got scammed by this company. however, what I have noticed is that those are reviews written in 2005 – 2012 with the last review written 3 years ago in 2015. To be honest, that’s not anything good when there are so old reviews as the pharmacy could have greatly changed since then. I have checked its information on where I found out that it has been reported as being untrustworthy and the business has been given a low reliability rating by other websites with being considered rogue by

Conclusion seems a strange site to me which doesn’t make me have trust in it. the pharmacy does not offer anything deals or has any special offers, it doesn’t offer any phone numbers or mailing addresses and although there are 5 positive reviews on independent websites, those were written 3+, 5+ and even 10+ years ago. With all of this said and with the information from I rate this pharmacy with 2 out of 5 and I think that it is not worth risking your money here. Reviews

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