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Self-Introduction of is an online pharmacy that I can assume it is from USA only by checking its domain address name, however I am going to check if this is true using various methods. From as much as it seems, this online store is focused in selling generic medications but even though they are selling generic drugs, absolutely all drugs sold here, claim to be FDA approved as they all undergone quality tests – therefore they are safe, effective and high quality. There are icons suggesting that the pharmacy is active on social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, however the icons were not clickable so we are not very sure how to find them. Unfortunately, on their website we did not find a mention about the pharmacy’s location so we can’t be sure that this is US based pharmacy, but there are other methods to find out the pharmacy’s location. At least, I did found out information suggesting that their online store took the start back in 2000 and they are specialized in the sale of generics and thanks to their approaches, they claim to have success with their customers, with this being said, this means that it is a 18 years old pharmacy and that’s quite a lot. The pharmacy is claiming that they are offering the ability to their customers to get the best medicines for the lowest price. As a summary to their About page, the pharmacy claims to offer: top quality medications; bargain prices; secure ordering; worldwide shipping; 24/7/365 customer support and lastly – every customer should get 100% satisfaction guarantee. At least that’s all what I could see on their about page. In addition to that, the pharmacy is claiming to have special offers that I am going to pay more attention later. I am going to analyze it all in details.

Assortment Diversity

As I earlier mentioned, this online pharmacy is mostly oriented in selling generic medications, however the pharmacy is still offering brand drugs as well. From as much as it seems, the pharmacy does not sell any other types of drugs other than those for ED treating drugs. As much as it seems, the pharmacy is mostly offering most famous ED drugs such as: sildenafil citrate; tadalafil; vardenafil; avanafil as well as some blister packs. Or at least that’s what you can see as soon as you enter their main page:

Nevertheless, it seems that you can find all the drugs at this pharmacy here. Here is the list of brand name drugs you can find at this pharmacy:

Here is the list of the generic drugs that you can find at this online pharmacy:

Although the pharmacy claim to mostly offer generic drugs, as much as we can see analyzing the 2 lists – they offer more branded drugs than generics. These seem to be absolutely all the available drugs that customers can find at this pharmacy. Other way to find the needed medications include the search box function that you can see on their main page which looks like this:

On their main page you can also find the method to search for the medications by browsing by the first letter of the drugs and there is also the best sold medications. Not a big surprise – the first best selling medications are generic Viagra, generic Cialis and generic Levitra and you can also see the prices for them.

All in all, I think that the selection of ED drugs it fairly good, but I did have seen other pharmacies with better selection of ED drugs and pharmacies with other types of medications. For these reasons I am going to level down the assortment diversity unit with 2 points and as a conclusion, receives 3 stars.

Prices Affordability

As I earlier mentioned, this online pharmacy is claiming that they are offering the lowest prices for the best quality medications. In order to find out if this claim is true, I have to check the prices for medications myself and to determine this statement validity. If you want to purchase Viagra generic 50 mg and 90 pills then the price per pill is 1.10 USD. Other pharmacies offer it for slightly less than 1 USD.

I also checked the price for brand Viagra which turns out to have a price of 6.78 USD if you get 60 pills. Other pharmacies offer the same drug quantity/ dosage for a price of less than 4 USD per pill.

Then I wanted to check the price for brand Levitra which has a price of 9.86 USD per pill if you get 60 pills. Again, other pharmacies offer better prices.

Generic Cialis 20 mg 90 pills is priced with 1.54 USD per pill but then again, other pharmacies offer slightly better prices.

I cannot say that the prices at this online pharmacy are overestimated. Customers can indeed save money compared to prices for same meds at their local pharmacies. They can even save some money compared to prices at other online pharmacies. These are fairly attractive prices. Nevertheless, there are still other pharmacies with more attractive/ lower prices for medications and for this reason, I can rate them with 4 stars.

Shipping Options Available

I have found information on their website suggesting that is offering world wide shipping – something I already mentioned but I think that this is very good as everyone around the world are able to order here. There is information which suggests that they are offering 2 shipping options – standard international airmail that unfortunately has no tracking online, a shipping fee of 10 USD and delivery timeframe of 10 to 21 days. The second shipping option is Express International Mail that does offer tracking online and a faster delivery timeframe of 5 to 9 days. But it is having a higher shipping fee of 30 USD. They claim that delivery to Canada or some European countries do not have tracking online. They claim that the pharmacy is not responsible for the delivery delay that might be happening due to customs, holidays or natural disasters.

Customers can check the tracking information right on their website according to the information on their website. Just click on a banner on their website which looks like this:

In the end, the pharmacy doesn’t offer overnight delivery option, not even to people living near them, no free delivery option, high shipping fee for tracked option and no responsibility taken if your parcel doesn’t arrive to you. My mark for this unit is 2 stars.

Payment Options

I was searching for information about what payment methods this online pharmacy is accepting and while searching for them, I have found out that the pharmacy is accepting only credit cards. At least, that’s the information shared on their website. Unfortunately, that’s the only information I could find – not even information about what credit cards they accept. I checked their checkout page to see it. It seems they offer Visa, Master Card, JCB and Bitcoin.

My rate for this unit is 2 stars because the information about payment methods misses so I had to check it out on the checkout page which might be inconvenient for people and no info was given about Bitcoin either.

Technical Data

Google Page Speed Loading Statistics

If the pharmacy intends to become popular among customers, they, obviously, should have a really good technically arranged website. One of the most important point when talking about technical data is the page loading speed which we can measure and test it using the google page speed insights test. Here’s the result I got:

As much as we can see in the screens above, the website has absolutely no issues with their data loading on the site. Both indicators are green which means the page speed is fast, but according to the scores of 99 and 100 for mobile and desktop version (accordingly) the page speed is perfect. Customers can arrange orders on this website really fast without waiting for the website to respond and load. Doubtlessly, this unit receives 5 stars out of 5.

Mobile Version

Another extremely important point to talk about here is the mobile version. That’s because a huge number of modern customers are arrange orders online from their mobile devices – smartphones, tablets etc. There is another google test which I can run to find it out. However, you can see in the screen below the google couldn’t determine if they do offer a mobile version of the site or not either because the page is not available (but we do know it is available) or because of robots.txt (which is the most probable reason why we couldn’t get a result).

I tried to access the website from my own smartphone and they do seem to offer a mobile device, but I still level down my mark with 1 point because of the google’s test problem. However, when trying to arrange the order online from my smartphone it turned out to be very hard due to their checkout page which is not having a mobile version. This makes the ordering procedure much harder. I level down the mark with another point so as a result they receive 3 stars for this unit.

Secure Connection on

The website is not secured. The green lock misses and searching for more information confirmed the website does not uses a secure connection. This puts your credit card information at risk. The only secure page is the checkout/billing page. That’s not enough. Plus to that, no ownership information is given and they are using a low security level of 128 bit SSL encryption.

So, a single page is secured, with a low security level and without owner information. I doubt they deserve more than 2 points for this unit.

Antivirus On-Site

According to one icon present on their website, the pharmacy is Secured by GeoTrust which is a company offering SSL encryption but they are also secured by McAfee Secure which is an antivirus program. That’s really good, however there’s still a huge problem – the icon is not clickable and having only an icon is not enough as they need to prove this. I may be wrong but I doubt they have an antivirus. My rate is 2 points.

How to Make an Order on

You can find a page on their website named *how to order*. Clicking on it you are redirected to the FAQ page where they guide customers how to order the products. There is information suggesting the ordering procedure consists in 6 steps.

As much as you can see, they claim not to accept orders by phone or emails. So for starting to order here you need to search for your needed drugs using one of the methods I mentioned. As you can see in the screen above, click on the buy now when you decided what you want to order. Click on *add to cart* next to the amount and dosage of pills you want to order. You should see your virtual shopping cart something like this:

Select your shipping option, buy more if you need, update the cart or checkout. Clicking on the checkout you are redirected on your last page: checkout.

Enter all the necessary information about payment and shipment and click on *submit transaction*. An email should be sent to you to confirm your order was submitted. That’s it. I really think that the ordering procedure is very fast, effortless and not consuming too much time since the registration is not mandatory at this pharmacy, unlike other pharmacies. I find the registration be useless, time and energy consuming. My rate for ordering convenience is 5 stars.

Is Secure and Legit? about

Before actually purchasing from any online pharmacy, regardless of how low their prices are, regardless of how good their offers are etc. customers should check the pharmacy’s legitimacy and security level. It is not advisable to purchase from a pharmacy with low security and legitimate level. One method to find it all out is to run the website on test and that’s what I have done.

As much as we can see, according to, this online pharmacy is not legitimate and not trustworthy. It has low trust rating meaning the site may not be safe to use. Although they seem to be a USA pharmacy according to their domain address name, the site seem to be Switzerland based according to Overall, it got 0% of trust indicating a high risk and it doesn’t seem to be a popular pharmacy. couldn’t determine the domain age and there is absolutely no information about owner, country, legal address or organization.

It is obvious that such a scam adviser report doesn’t deserve more than 1 point as it seems that ordering here is very risky.

Prescription Request

There is no clear information on their website or FAQ page suggesting if this pharmacy is asking for a valid prescription. They recommend to visit a doctor first and they claim that if your country demands that the medicines should be permitted by a doctor, send it to the representative of the customer support. I tried to order Viagra and no prescription mention was given. Plus, no point in *how to order* indicates you should send them a prescription. That’s all a huge problem indicating the pharmacy might be illegal. My rate – 1 star. about Status

One more way to determine if the online pharmacy is safe to use and if it’s an legitimate pharmacy is to check the report on legit script about the pharmacy which is a service that estimates the legitimacy of online pharmacies. unfortunately, the status it obtained on this site is rogue – it is the worst status an online pharmacy can obtain. The unapproved status is much better than rogue status because this means the pharmacy may be involved in illegal business activities. Therefore, there’s a risk that customers rights may be violated. Generally, violating the law is a huge problem and it is obvious that all of this gives me the right to rate them with 1 point for this unit.

Reviews about

Reviews on

In order to determine if the pharmacy is indeed keeping their promises and is offering indeed good services, the customers reviews is the best way to do it. For this reason, every online pharmacy needs to have customer reviews which could make us estimate the pharmacy’s services. There are reviews might be found on their own website and on foreign sources. I firstly decided to check the reviews on their own website but I couldn’t find any. No separates page to show testimonials or anywhere else on the site. The administrators of the website should make the opportunity available to customers to write and read reviews. Without them, I can’t determine how satisfied or unsatisfied the customers are. Since there are no customer reviews my rate is 1 point for this unit.

Reviews about on Foreign Recourses

Since I was not able to find any customer reviews on their own website, it is obvious that I wanted to check the customer reviews on foreign websites. But another big problem is – there are no customer reviews on foreign sources either. We have found no words about this pharmacy and since there’s nothing at all – it is impossible to estimate the overall online pharmacy’s performance. There are no reviews on their own website or on foreign sources either. It is obvious my mark is 1 point for this unit. Coupon Codes

Earlier in my review I did have mentioned that this online pharmacy is having some special offers and now I am going to talk about them. unfortunately, I have found no coupon codes and it seems this pharmacy doesn’t offer any. Instead, I have found out that this online is offering cumulative discount system which includes: 0% discount for first order; 5% discount for second order and 1% of discount is added with each next order until you reach the maximum of 8% discount.

Another way to save money is by purchasing their ED trial pack which they claim to offer an extremely good price. This is very good for those who don’t know what to purchase.

Last thing that I can mention here is free pills. Customers can get free bonus 4 pills of Viagra soft or 2 pills of Cialis Soft by purchasing more than 60 or exact pills except for the brands.

There are no coupon codes which is why I level down the unit with one point, but there are other ways to save money here and for this reason my rate is 4 stars here.

“Contact Us” Information

“Contact Us” Section

While I was searching for contact information I managed to find out that this online pharmacy is not offering any mailing or physical address of the pharmacy and that’s a huge problem to my opinion. There is the contact form on their contact page, UK phone number; toll free US number (for USA customers only) and their international phone number. There is also the email.

Unfortunately, without such important information as pharmacy’s address, we cannot highly estimate the contact information unit so my rate is 3 stars.

Getting a Consultation

I have also discovered that this online pharmacy is having a live chat function available on the website and that’s really good as it is my favorite method to get in touch with the pharmacy. I used the live chat function and I did got a fast response back.

As you can see in the screen, I asked about their location which I was said they are located in London, UK however I got no specific address which is a bit alarming. My rate is going to be 4 stars for fast response, but they didn’t offered a specific answer.

Conclusion: Extremely Suspicious Pharmacy with No Legitimacy and Reviews is an online pharmacy that I wouldn’t recommend to my readers. There are few positive points about this pharmacy but there are lots of negative points. The positives include: fairly good prices which are considered affordable along with some discounts. World wide shipping, fast page speed loading, mobile version, fast and easy ordering procedure and customer support that answers back to your questions really fast.

But there are a lot of negative points including: no overnight shipping option; high shipping rate, limited payment methods; no mobile version on checkout page, no SSL encryption, no antivirus on the website, 0% trust offered by and non prescription policy along with rogue internet pharmacy status on Plus to that, no customer reviews anywhere on their website or foreign websites. And their customer support claims the pharmacy is from UK, London, but pharmacy is named with *USA* and thinks they are from Switzerland. I don’t recommend this pharmacy. Reviews

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