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An online pharmacy and drugstore that I have found and will review today is I have accessed the website and it seems a little bit strange to me. I mean, technically there’s something wrong as much as I can see and I say this because the page displays only in half of the browser, meaning that the right half of the page is absolutely empty (blank) and while I doubt that this affects the fact either the site is reliable or no, that’s still pretty strange. According to the information that I was able to find while searching for more details about this pharmacy I have found there are a few reasons the pharmacy claims to be among the best. They have online discount prescription; easy online ordering; low cost prescription drugs; cheap pet prescriptions; 3D Fiber Lash mascara and they claim to be a USA Licensed Pharmacy. although it is easy to access the pages that you need on the site and it seems that the information here is all well arranged so that people could easily read whatever they need, I still think the site is strange due to the half blank page and secondly, because according to their copyright information the pharmacy has been around since 1999 however it states *1999-2015* so this means they have stopped their activity in 2015? Or they simply forgot to update? Anyway, this USA based pharmacy claims to be licensed and claims to offer exclusively only FDA approved medications that were manufactured in USA only. While you’re online you can also search for some health and news info that this pharmacy is offering for those interested. selection of medications and prices

Even though there is not a list of medications and there is not anywhere on the site an exact number of how many drugs you can find in their drugstores, I can still assume that there’s quite a wide selection of medications. They did have categorized some medications in categories such as: personal care and bath; diabetic supplies; diet and nutrition; vitamins and supplements; natural products etc. however the prescription products does not seem to be categorized. Also the pharmacy claims to have pet medications either. The reason why I think they are still having a wide selection of medications is because the pharmacy claims to be exactly as a pharmacy near your location and usually such pharmacies are having wide selection of medications. Or at least I hope so. By searching Viagra Cialis and Levitra I did found them and that’s already very good. but I got much more interested in checking the prices for these medications. Even though they do not seem to sell generics (as they claimed, all medications they sell are all made in USA) the prices are extremely high. for example 50 mg Viagra (as I said, seems to be brand) costs 167 USD for 5 tablets and nearly 2,000 USD for 60 tablets. With this being said, there are online pharmacies with much better/ cheaper prices. this pharmacy does require their customers to show a valid prescription for ordering here. Shipping and payment methods

This pharmacy is USA based and US licensed pharmacy, they are not offering international shipping. Pharmacy can only ship to USA including Alaska and Hawaii. They are offering 3 different shipping methods with prices between 2 USD and 23 USD and with delivery times between 12 days to 3 days (depending on the shipping option and on prescription if it is refill or new etc.). except for not shipping internationally they also do not ship to military addresses. This online pharmacy claims to accept the payment only via credit cards as they are accepting only: Visa, Master Card, American Express, as well as Discover Cards. No other payment method seem to be available here. Customer Support Service

I was searching for ways to get in touch with this online pharmacy and I have seen there is a *contact us* page which I have accessed. While there I’ve seen this message: *Need Help? Click here: Contact Us* and clicking there nothing happens. With this being said it seems the pharmacy doesn’t have any phone numbers, no live chat function, no contact form and no emails. In short, I personally couldn’t find any method available to get in touch with them. Coupon Codes

I was searching for methods to save some money while purchasing from this online pharmacy, I was in search for coupon codes, any kind of discounts or anything at all. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything. There doesn’t seem to be any coupon codes offered, any discounts, free shipping or free bonus pills – nothing at all. With high prices and no discounts that’s definitely not a good pharmacy to try to save some money with. Reviews

Besides the fact that I couldn’t find any customer reviews at all about this online pharmacy, I have checked its credibility and reliability on where I saw that having trust in this pharmacy is not very worth it and that’s because, according to, this site has been thread listed; a malware report has been detected for this website and this pharmacy is considered unapproved by there are no customer reviews and scam warning websites do not have trust in the pharmacy. there’s no reason for me to have trust in this pharmacy as thinking about it as a reliable pharmacy. and that’s especially since, I mentioned earlier, the pharmacy has big prices for medications, no coupon codes, there’s absolutely no way to get in touch with them and simply technically, their website doesn’t seem to be fully functional.


The pharmacy claims to be an US licensed pharmacy, however I have no reasons to have trust in this and I do have reasons to think that ordering here is not worth it. in fact, I wouldn’t order here even if they would indeed be reliable, which I doubt, because of the reasons I earlier mentioned. All in all I rate it with 1 out of 5. Reviews

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