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There’s an online pharmacy that I have found while doing my research for reliable online pharmacies which seems to be offering only a single medication: Phen Q and the name of the pharmacy is I have accessed their main page and I have seen a really user friendly interfaced website, a good design, information that’s well arranged on the site which is very good and generally, navigation through the site seem to be pretty easy and without any problems. According to the information on their website (that’s what I could see as soon as I entered their site) is that they are offering five powerful weight loss pills in one. As much as it seems, this is a dietary supplement product and it is a product that works for weight loss. I have noticed that their website, without being very good looking, has good options even for foreign customers including changing the currency and the language on the site for those who need this option. For those who are interested in this product and have questions to ask, the pharmacy has special pages including *how this product works* and what *ingredients* are in this product so people could read more about the product the pharmacy’s offering. According to the information on their website, they are having 190,000+ satisfied customers who cannot be wrong with their selection. The 6 main reasons why this pharmacy claims to be worth trying are: money back guarantee; huge multi buy savings; free shipping; easy to use formula; 60 pills per bottle and no prescription required. There’s a lot of information, data, statistics and other things on their website people can check if they’re interested. this pharmacy seem to be owned by WOLFSON BERG LIMITED according to the information on the site, and the company address is in Larnaca, Cyprus. There’s no information suggesting for how long they were operating though. Selection of products and prices

As much as it seems, this online pharmacy is not offering anything else than Phen Q, the product which is a dietary supplement, as I said earlier, for loss weight help. With this being said, no prescription is required (as it was earlier stated). But no other products are being offered by this pharmacy. as much as I have noticed, there’s only one other product that you can get named Advana Cleanse (not sure for what it is being used) but you can only get it for free if you’re going to purchase 3 bottles of Phen Q at once as you can purchase Advana Cleanse separately. Plus, by purchasing more bottles at once the pharmacy is offering a bonus of 10 training and nutrition guides (a book). The pharmacy claims that the retail price for one bottle is 80 USD, they offer it for 70 USD. If you buy 2 bottles at once you’re given one bottle for free (for 140 USD). But if you buy 3 bottles you get 3 bottles for free, the advana cleanse and the book – all for 190 USD. Shipping and payment methods

There’s information on their website (on FAQ page) suggesting that they are delivering Phen Q world wide. They claim to offer free shipping anywhere in the world on absolutely all orders. They claim to ship from their warehouses based in the US, UK and Germany. Unfortunately there is no information about the shipping delivery times on their website and there’s no information if this online pharmacy is offering tracking number or not. But at least we know that they’re offering free worldwide shipping. According to the information on their website they are accepting payment methods via Visa, Master Card and American Express as credit cards. Except for that, they are also accepting Skrill as payment method. Customer Support Service

As soon as I have entered their website, I was contacted through their live chat function by a consultant asking me if they can help me with anything. I have asked a few questions all of which were answered in a professional manner. Except for the live chat function, people are able to use the phone number to get in touch with their customer support service, or alternatively, people could use the WhatsApp as well. The pharmacy is also having the email listed on the site for those who want to get in touch with them via email and there’s also the contact form available on the site. Coupon Codes

This online pharmacy does not seem to offer coupon codes and generally, everything that this pharmacy offers seems to be displayed on their page. The fact that they are offering it with 70 USD instead of 80 USD. Plus the pharmacy offers 1 free bottle by purchasing 2 of them and 2 free bottles by purchasing 3 of them and one other product. In addition to that, as the pharmacy claimed, they are offering free shipping to everyone. Reviews

You can find customer reviews on their own website but I generally recommend people not to have trust in the testimonials on the pharmacy’s own site because there’s a chance that the reviews on the own website are fake as they can be easily manipulate – the bad reviews could be removed and the good reviews could be added by administrators. Nevertheless, I did found, seemingly, a lot of reviews online and among those reviews I found people who indeed got help by using this pharmacy’s product but there were those who said that this is only a scam as they didn’t get any help. According to, the site has a lot of customers and it has 100% trust rate meaning that it is safe to purchase here.


As much as it seems, purchasing from this online pharmacy indeed is safe and this is confirmed by all the customer reviews (as even the negative ones didn’t stated they never received anything – but the product is not working) and by the However recommending this product would be a mistake to my opinion as there are still negative reviews suggesting they never got help. I rate this pharmacy with 4 stars because of positive reviews and high trust rate by but it is still not perfect because we cannot ignore the negative reviews. Reviews

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